Heaven Bay Resort Review: Relaxing on a Raft House in the Middle of Srinakarin Dam, Kanchanaburi (Updated 2022)

Hello everyone, today the admin would like to take everyone to relax at Heaven Bay Resort Kanchanaburi, located in the middle of Srinakarin Dam, surrounded by mountains and nature that anyone who stays will love. Heaven Bay Resort is a hotel in the Lake Heaven Resort group, which is famous. Not far from each other, but Heaven Bay Resort will be in the middle of the water, not on the shore, located in the middle of Srinakarin Dam. The back is next to the mountain. The atmosphere is good, really chilling in the middle of the water. The admin has had the opportunity to stay for the 2nd round. So I would like to update the resort atmosphere in 2022 for everyone to see.

If you are staying here, you must park your car at Lake Heaven Resort's parking lot and take the resort's boat for approximately 10 minutes. The boat schedule is as follows:

Boat schedule from Lake Heaven to Heaven Bay Resort

Heaven Bay Resort has a total of 63 rooms, 91 of which are fan rooms. However, it's not hot because the air circulation is very good. At night, it's even a bit cool, so you can sleep without turning on the fan.

If you stay here, the room rate includes three meals a day.

All rafts are divided into
Sri Chong Ko S raft can accommodate 2 people
Sri Chong Ko L raft can accommodate 4 people

Let's take a look at the first raft together. Sri Chong Ko S raft can accommodate 2 people
With amenities including private bathroom, water heater, fan, glasses, TV, wardrobe

Next is Pa Sri Chong Ko L, which can accommodate 4 people.

With amenities including an en-suite bathroom, water heater, fan, glasses, TV, and wardrobe.

Activities in the resort

Previously, there was a water park in the middle of the resort, but during this COVID period, all customers will go to play at the water park at Lake Haven Resort instead. However, Heaven Bay Resort will also have pedal boats and floating beds for you to play with.

From 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM, we can enjoy the resort's free wet raft ride. We need to board at the Lake Heaven Resort side. This is a highlight activity if you stay here. We will be dragged by the raft to the middle of the river with loud music and then stop for us to play in the water in the middle of the dam. It's a lot of fun if you come with family or friends.

There are many other activities available. See the resort's activities here Heaven Bay Resort Activities

The accommodation price normally includes 3 meals (lunch/dinner/breakfast). Lunch and dinner will be set menus that everyone will eat the same, except for breakfast, which will be a buffet.

In the evening, the resort will prepare dinner for you. The taste is good and the portion size is just right.

The night falls, sleep on the raft, chill, watch the stars, listen to the waves hit the raft with the cool air. In the morning, I woke up to see the fog and the sun. It's perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle to relax like this.

The mornings are very pleasant, with cool evenings. If you come during the winter, you will also encounter fog.

Breakfast will be a buffet, so you can choose what you want to eat.

If you're planning a trip to Kanchanaburi, Heaven Bay Resort is a great option to consider. They currently have amazing promotions!

We're back again with the We Travel Together Phase 4 campaign at Heaven Bay Resort, a floating accommodation in the middle of the water. Island-style, super chill atmosphere, not crowded. Come here and your body will be fully rested.

Book early, get more value 👇 👇 👇
🎉Government pays 40%, you pay 60%🎉
✅Fan room
✅3 meals
✅Water Park (Lake Heaven Resort)
**Minimum booking 2 persons/room**
⭐️Mon-Thu 720 Baht/person/night
(From the normal price of 1,200 Baht/person/night)
⭐️Friday only 780 Baht/person/night
(From the normal price of 1,300 Baht/person/night)
⭐️Saturday only 840 Baht/person/night
(From the normal price of 1,400 Baht/person/night)
🔻Book 7 days in advance before check-in 🔻
⌛️Expiration date of stay on May 31, 2022
Heaven Bay Resort
⛳Srinakarin Dam, Kanchanaburi
For more information
📞081-933-7738 📞084-770-8338
📞085-484-4190 📞084-387-6771
Line : @heavenbayresort
or : https://lin.ee/Aj0Y8tw
IG : heavenbayresort

Website: https://heavenbay.net/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/Heave...

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