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Today, the admin will take everyone to sleep on a raft in the middle of the water at the Srinakarin Dam. Complete with a water park and exciting water rides at Lake Heaven Resort & Park (Lake Heaven Resort & Park) Kanchanaburi Province Updated in 2022.

Lake Heaven Resort & Park, a floating raft resort in Kanchanaburi, is designed to give you the feeling of being in the Maldives. The highlight of this place is the large Water Park in the middle of the water, perfect for water activities. As for accommodation, Lake Heaven Resort offers both on-land options with a swimming pool and air-conditioned floating rafts, all with a great atmosphere. And most recently, they have opened a new zone: a transparent dome tent zone on land for those who love tent camping.

Right now, the "Rao Tiew Duay Kan" program is super worth it! You can stay overnight on a floating raft starting at only 780 baht per person. Plus, you get free meals for all 3 meals. The accommodation is beautiful, there are plenty of activities, and the price is incredibly affordable!!!

Coordinates Lake Heaven Resort & Park

Moo 5, 241, Tha Kradan Subdistrict, Si Sawat District, Kanchanaburi Province, 71250

Website: https://lakeheaven.com/home

Lake Heaven Resort & Park is about 1 hour away from downtown Kanchanaburi. Upon arrival, there is parking available and staff to assist with luggage at the lobby downstairs. The overall atmosphere is really nice. It might be a bit hot during midday, but mornings and evenings are very comfortable. Some mornings there is a light mist.

Water Park and Water Activities at Lake Heaven Resort

The highlight of this place is the Adventure water park and water activities, which features a giant slide. To be honest, no matter how many times I play it, I still get scared every time. hahaha

The player has a wide variety of options. It's fully loaded!

For those who don't enjoy playing machines, there are also beautiful and relaxing kayaks available.

Or you can go pedal boating around the resort for another chill experience. It costs 350 baht per hour.

Another highlight here is the wet raft activity, which is available every day from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. The staff will pull the raft to the middle of the dam, which is a lot of fun.

For those who love fun and speed, we recommend jet skiing. The price is 3000 baht per hour and 1500 baht for 30 minutes.

Other activities can be found at https://lakeheaven.com/home/activities

Lake Heaven Resort offers a total of 217 rooms, divided into 2 zones: the land zone and the water zone.

Water Zone, Pada La, can accommodate 2 people, with an extra bed for 1 person. Amenities include air conditioning, TV, bathroom, water heater, glasses, kettle, 3-in-1 coffee, wardrobe, and umbrella.

Zone Water, Pa Kaeo Chaojom, 2-story raft with 10 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, sleeps 20 people, can accommodate 10 more people


  • Air conditioning
  • TV
  • Bathroom
  • Water heater
  • Glass
  • Hot water kettle
  • 3-in-1 coffee
  • Wardrobe
  • Umbrella

Lake Heaven Resort Restaurant If we book accommodation directly with the resort, it will include 3 meals a day. It is convenient and has enough food to eat. You don't have to go anywhere.

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✅Air-conditioned room
✅3 meals
✅Water Park
✅Wet raft

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"Lake Heaven Resort" starts at only 780 baht/person/night
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✅Rooms (Air-conditioned)
✅3 meals
✅Water Park
Floating raft
⭐️Mon-Thu 780 baht/person/night
(From the normal price of 1,300 baht/person/night)
⭐️Friday 960 baht/person/night
(From the normal price of 1,600 baht/person/night)
Accommodation on the shore
⭐️Friday 900 baht/person/night
(From the normal price of 1,500 baht/person/night)
⭐️Saturday 960 baht/person/night
(From the normal price of 1,600 baht/person/night)
**Minimum payment of 2 persons/room**
🔻Book at least 7 days in advance before your stay 🔻
⌛️Expiration date of stay on May 31, 2022
Lake Heaven Resort
⛳Srinakarin Dam, Kanchanaburi Province
Safe with SHA Plus+ standards
Safety and hygiene standards for the tourism industry
For more information
Tel: 084-387-6758 , 084-387-6796 , 084-387-6763 ,087-026-1144 , 081-733-3602 ,084-387-6742 ,092-253-6870 , 065-509-4682 , 084-387-6764
Line : @lakeheaven

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