What could be better than sleeping in the mist during the rainy season, surrounded by mountains with stunning views? Wherever you look, you'll see lush greenery... So, this season, a trip to the mountains is a must, complete with a visit to some beautiful waterfalls to cool off and refresh your soul. <3 We'll recommend some accommodations first, and then we'll list nearby attractions to see what's interesting.

This trip is perfect for those who want to relax in their room and watch the mist from their bed, then sip coffee with a beautiful view, visit a cool waterfall, and take beautiful photos at the bamboo tunnel. Is that enough? For Saturday and Sunday (if not, take more leave, we work and can only travel for 2 days, that's enough for the schedule already 555+)

This trip, I would like to recommend a resort in Khao Kho that is considered a must-visit! Samanthita Resort Khao Kho (about 380 km drive from Bangkok) Price around 2xxx depending on the period of stay

We actually planned to visit many places, but because the resort had beautiful viewpoints and offered food delivery, we changed our plans. We saw the view and felt too lazy to go anywhere... Ever felt that way? Like, "Sometimes I don't want to do anything, just sit and relax, and that's enough."

There were only two tables, but no one was there, so I took the whole floor by myself. Like, I closed the dinner zone (that's a bit exaggerated, haha).

This is not a tie-in for Crystal, but the focus is on the candles... As for the water bottle, it's just to block the wind > The cost of this meal is about 300 baht, but the view is beyond words. It feels like a happy heart.

I rushed back to my room, took a shower, and went to bed early, especially because I was afraid I wouldn't see the fog in the morning.

Each point is a distance from the accommodation, for example, the first

1. Khao Kho Post Office, it is recommended to come in the early morning, otherwise you will not be in time for the fog (it is a viewpoint).

2. Than Rak Sea of Mist (another viewpoint) 1.4 km from the resort. Next to Khao Kho Post Office

A place to stop for a meal, coffee + enjoy beautiful views

3. Sri Dit Waterfall, drive out from the accommodation. When you reach the main road, turn left and go straight for 6.6 km.

4. Tharn Thipp Waterfall is 26 km from the accommodation.

The entrance fee for adults is 20 baht per person and 20 baht for a car. - Personally, I prefer Sri Dit Waterfall. It might be because the water wasn't too high when we went, so it lacked a bit of beauty. But the **view from the bridge is amazing! *If you're short on time, just stop by Sri Dit Waterfall.**

The water level is a bit low, but if you're looking for a quiet place to take photos without encountering many people, this is a good option. Sri Dit Waterfall tends to be crowded.

5. BN Farm is 17 km from the accommodation.

It is an agricultural tourist attraction with vegetables, fruits, and homemade ice cream for sale.

If you want to go anywhere, try to arrange your time. See what kind of travel you like. But I recommend not going out too late. The road is not well lit. Some parts are steep... Finally, have a good trip. : ) After studying and working, take a break. Don't think too much. Relax.

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 Thursday, May 23, 2024 1:21 PM