Let me preface this by saying that I don't usually review restaurants, I just include them in my travel reviews. However, this restaurant deserves a special mention. **I really want you to try it because the food is delicious and the price is more than reasonable! Plus, the chef used to work at the famous 6-star hotel in Phuket, "Sri Panwa". You have to try it!!!**

The restaurant is called 333 Cafe and it's located in Phuket.

The shop is a cute, modern-style triangle shape. It is located near the entrance of the Land & House village. Open from 12.00 - 22.30.

The food is varied, with a focus on Italian cuisine. There are also Thai dishes on the menu (but we didn't try them). The desserts are plentiful! The price is just over a hundred baht.

Let's take a look at the atmosphere of the restaurant.

Let's take a look at the atmosphere and then take a look at the food that we would like to recommend. So you can decide whether it looks delicious or not. Is it worth trying it out? : )

Starting with the first menu: Grilled salmon salad, priced at 230 baht

This is a fresh vegetable salad + grilled salmon steak. At first, I was going to send it as an appetizer, but it's really big. Look at the picture below, it's in a bowl, not a flat plate with a few pieces of vegetables.

Menu 2: Parma Ham + Melon Price 160 Baht

Parma ham, slightly salty + sweet melon flavor, try it if you like :) The ham is big and full of flavor, not small pieces of ham.

Menu 3: Pizza (Hawaiian Half Diavola) Price 240 Baht *Recommended

We recommend ordering a tray if you come to this restaurant. We think that most of the pizzas here are delicious, with a thin and crispy crust. You can order any topping you like!

This menu we ordered as Half, Hawaiian and Diavola (this page will also have Italian sausage and salami).

It's a thin-crust pizza, very crispy and delicious. There are 8 slices in total. I actually wanted to try more flavors, but I was afraid I wouldn't be able to finish everything, so I only ordered one tray (which was quite a lot). They have over 10 flavors to choose from, with prices ranging from 190-240 baht.

Menu 4: ***Black Spaghetti (Highly recommended!) Price 240 Baht

We love this menu The taste is just right. The noodles are black because they use squid ink as an ingredient (it will be a bit messy when you eat it, so I won't post a picture of myself eating it, it will be too scary 555+ But it can be wiped off). Guaranteed, it's really delicious!

Don't worry, it's not just noodles. There are also pieces of squid, but because it's all black, you can't see it. : )

Menu 5:*** Spaghetti with Bacon and Dried Chili (Recommended) Price 180 Baht

We also like this menu (or maybe we just like spaghetti). But this restaurant's noodles are delicious. They are just right. When they are stir-fried, they smell so good. Speaking of which, the smell of bacon is faintly wafting over.

But if you don't like it, you don't have to order it. This dish is a bit oily because it has both bacon and olive oil when stir-fried. But if you don't care about being fat, I recommend you eat it!!! : )

Menu 6: Pork chop + Garlic fried rice 260 baht

A large pork chop with garlic fried rice. Honestly, if you eat just one plate, you'll be full. : ) (The pork tastes good, but the garlic fried rice is even better, it's so fragrant!)

Savory dishes are done, let's move on to desserts ... Actually, I'm afraid of getting fat, but they say, "Eat savory, don't eat sweet, the nature of the common people." Actually, it's nothing, it's just that my mouth wants it, so I have to eat it. 555+ The rest is an excuse.

Menu 7: *** Honey Toast Price 150 Baht (Recommended)

I asked them about this, and they said that the reason they make it in sticks instead of big chunks like other places is so that you can hold it and eat it easily. It's crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and I have to say, it's definitely worth the price. You have to try it!

Menu 8: Chocolate Lava 150 Baht

Looks delicious, right? Hot chocolate lava + vanilla ice cream

Actually, it should have flowed more. It's probably because we were busy taking pictures, the lava secretly solidified 555+

Menu 8: *** Panna Cotta Mixed Berries Price 120 Baht

I like this one too. Actually, I really like it. It's smooth on the tongue and goes well together. It's sweet and sour. If you ask for my personal opinion, I like it even more than Chocolate Lava. (But when it comes to eating, it depends on what you like. I don't want to promote anything in particular. It's just that people's preferences are different. You have to try it yourself. : )

If you want a discount, just say that you saw the review from our page (Review Pa Pai). The shop will give you a 10% discount.

They also have a Thai menu, but we didn't get to try it, so I don't know how it tastes. We only tried the Italian food (which was really good).

Menu only (no more space in my stomach 555+) All menus are 150 baht

The food is served in a cute tiffin box with one layer of rice and two layers of dishes.

Let's take a look at the menu and prices of the food in the restaurant.

For those who want to see what's on the menu and how much it costs (are the prices really worth trying?), let's take a look.

You'll be hooked after just one try. <3

This is Chef Save, the owner of the restaurant (he used to be a chef at Sri Panwa, by the way, from what I heard 555+ I'm just curious)

If you are interested or are visiting Phuket, try stopping by to eat.

Call 093 623 6669

Or check out other menus at https://www.facebook.com/333phuket333cafe their shop page.


 Thursday, May 23, 2024 1:31 PM