A relaxing flight from Chiangmai to Surat Thani (Samui - 500 Rai Floating Resort Khao Sok) written by แบกเป้เท่ทั่วโลก

[Tummeng Travel#43] This trip I will take northern people to the south by taking a flight from Chiangmai - Surat Thani ( Samui - 500 Rai Floating Resort Khao Sok) Hi everyone, meet you again, you might have read a lot of my review now because it's a tourist season now. I am Tummeng, tod

A relaxing flight from Chiangmai to Surat Thani (Samui - 500 Rai Floating Resort Khao Sok)

A relaxing flight from Chiangmai to Surat Thani (Samui - 500 Rai Floating Resort Khao Sok)

[Tummeng Travel#43] This trip I will take northern people to the south by taking a flight from Chiangmai - Surat Thani ( Samui - 500 Rai Floating Resort Khao Sok)

Hi everyone, meet you again, you might have read a lot of my review now because it's a tourist season now.

I am Tummeng, today I will take everybody to the first flight of the first route Chiangmai-Surat Thani. For this trip I was invited to join the board of the media from the North to be a witness of launching a new route.

This trip Air Asia Airline supports the direct flight from Chiangmai to Surat Thani and then take a boat to Samui before going back to stay at 500 Rai Floating Resort Khao Sok for 4 days 3 nights.

Let see the review of this trip

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SR = Air Asias Airline sponsors for all travelling,food and accommodation cost.


I get the invitation from Air Asia Airline to join the trip and firstly inquire about the place we are going to visit before travelling.

The answers are Samui and Ratchaprapha Dam so I accept the invitation because I never go to Kao Sok before but for Samui I have been there so many times. I travel by a green public bus from Chiangrai with the most earliest time which is 7.45 am. (actually there is other earlier time but for VIP only). I arrive Chiangmai at 11.00 am.and hurry to check in the flight. I reach at the Gate around 12.30 pm. The flight takes around 2 hours to reach Surat Thani Airport. It was a terrible windstorm greeting us that day.

But after the plane landed down, the rain stop so we reach there safely and take the first commemorative picture for this flight.

We are welcomed by the key persons of Surat Thani with Manora dance.

We are in hurried to get off from Surat Thani Airport to Donsak pier in order to catch the boat at 5 o'clock. It takes 45 minutes. You can also buy a boat ticket at the airport and travel by the bus of Pantip Company if you want to travel by yourself too.

It takes around 1 hour on the boat to reach Koh Samui but we don't take any picture since we arrive here in the evening.

Our group go to have dinner at Chaweng Beach before we go to the hotel.

I was so exhausted from the travelling so I did not have a chance to take many pictures. The hotel is hard to find and it's raining all night. I try to wake up before sun rises in the morning but it's raining when I wake up at 3.00 am. so I just continue sleeping and waking up again at 7.00 am.

The beach in front of the hotel named Al's Resort Chaweng Beach, there are beach chairs next to the beach to sit and enjoy beautiful view.

The pile of sand is there for 3 days that I have stayed there.

We are going to go diving for a half day of today's trip at Koh Taen and have lunch at Koh Madsum that is located not far away from Koh Samui.

Actually I also want to go climbing to see the scenic view at Koh Ang Thong like I used to visit in the past.

A small pier to Madsum and Thong Krut Pier.

Just sailing for 14 mins we can reach to the first diving area which is Koh Taen. Water is quite clear but the coral is not quite beautiful when compare to Andaman.

Koh Ang Thong is over there.

You can wait and sit on the boat and look at the scenery or playing on FB, good signal here ( I use True moveH) if you don't want to dive at the first area.

It's time to go to Koh Mad Sum after diving for a while. There is a lot of luxury hotels located here which we will also having lunch here too.

Koh Madsum is a private island that has no local people living on it, just the guard, land and the island's owner.

We will have lunch here,The Treasure Koh Madsum.

I get a chance to take some pictures of the hotel. I recommend this place for visitors who like peace, shady and away from chaos.

Due to heavy rainfall, we waste a lot of time to cross to Koh Samui and other islands.

So, we go and pay to a big Buddha at the temple for fortune and best luck.

It's still raining so we get back to the hotel and take a picture at the scenic point in the evening.

We have BBQ party for this evening in front of the hotel.Here is the pictures of the atmosphere during the night time at Chaweng Beach.

Same pile of sand is still there.

We buy floating lantern after dinner.

Morning of the last day at Koh Samui. I wake up 5.00 am. for taking a photo of the atmosphere when the sun rises at Chaweng Beach.

Chaweng Beach in the dawn morning, It is energetic here, people are having exercise, jogging, swimming and some foreigners chasing and kicking around in front of the beach,maybe they have not sleep yet.( but I don't take any pics of them because I am afraid that it would be ruin to many men here).

Waiting for long hour for sun rises.

Swimming in the morning gives different feeling and atmosphere, so happy to swim and see the sun rises at the same time.

The sunrise view is better to watch with someone than watching it alone.

Going out from Samui in the late morning and going to pay respect at city pillar shrine.

Having a lunch at southern foods tent near the city.

Before driving a van to Ratchaprapha Dam ( Kao Sok) which takes around more than a hour from the city.

PS. Let me have lunch for a while and continuous talking about it later.

It's a heavy rain when we arrived at Kao Sok so we can not float a raft to Float Rafting 500 acres.

Taking a rest at the dam for 1 hour and then listen to the orientation of 500 Rai Floating Resort Khao Sok from Khun Ple, partner of 500 Rai Floating Resort Khao Sok. There is no phone signal and television in the room, we have to live a simple life with nature. So, everyone send a message to their friend and family before go rafting.

Here is some picture of the dam.

It's the time to go to 500 Rai Floating Resort Khao Sok after the rain stop by a long tail boat of local people there which is the regulation of 500 Rai Floating Resort Khao Sok.

Ratchaprapha Dam or Kao Sok is named as a Guilin of Thailand because there are many beautiful mountains and limestone appears in the middle of the water for visitors to see a wonderful scenery.

The rain stops and falls down while sailing through the dam, it's a normal thing that happens to local people here, so you have to bring a raincoat and cloth to cover your back with you too.

Sailing for about half an hour you will reach Khao Sam Kler, it's a limestone mountain which is called Guilin of Thailand. Three beautiful mountains are located next to each other. It's a bad luck for me that it's not a bright day so it looks a bit murky.

After sit and watch the view, mountains, mist and water for a while, passing through few accommodations before reaching 500 Rai Floating Resort Khao Sok which is located at the place, very far away.

Finally I now reach 500 Rai Floating Resort Khao Sok, here is the highlight of this trip because I never come to this place before. The hotel welcomed us with a banana in coconut milk and bread with pork.

I don't know whether I am tried or hungry but I eat 3 of hot bananas in coconut milk. It's good to refresh yourself from a tried travelling.

Before we split into the room, each of us have to choose 1 activity that is provided by the hotel.

A popular activity is paddling the boat to see the nature. You will see many wild animals such as elephant, bull or hornbill if you are lucky enough or you can jump into the water in front of your room and sip a cool beer in the warm water.

And this is the correct way to wear a lifeguard for sipping a beer in the water.

After dinning, everyone all fall a sleep, not over 21.00-22.00 pm., because of a peaceful atmosphere + exhausted.

In the morning some people are paddling the boat to see the nature, some are sipping a coffee and watch at the foggy mountain and beautiful of the high hill.

The beautiful of this place needs to be seen by your own eyes not by pictures. Just look at the picture you can not feel the real beautiful atmosphere. If anyone asks me to come here again, I would definitely say yes for visiting this place again.

This morning we have a meeting to go out for sailing to see the nature and wild animals around the area.
Thank You this boat driver for taking us to see the nature closely and stops a boat for us to take a deep look and point out what hornbill looks like.

A Hawk

A Hornbill

A Langur

Go back to the room in the late afternoon.

It always a bright and sunny day on the day we're going to get back.

We can also see the beautiful scenic view with a sunlight along the way we are going back from the hotel in the afternoon.

It's a bad luck for us again that we have to be in hurried to catch the flight at 14.40 pm. so we did not take a lot of pictues from many scenic view points.

Lastly before going back to the airport, we have taken some pictures.

It comes to an end of this review, a trip from Chiangmai - Surat Thani.

Thank You Air Asia Airline for being a sponsor of this trip.

Thank You fellow travelers and northern reporters.

It's end for today, please read my next review. Bye Bye.

Thank You so much,