"We do not need a plan for travel just one good companion that enough. The only one thing that we have to plan is a place to stay."

The easiest way to travel is to get on the public van from Victory Monument which provide vans to many destination.

Actually, Koh Sichange is that far but I have not been there. It might be to close so I only heard the name.

As it is not that far, so we do not have a plan...just get the bag and go>>>

From Koh Loi Pier, we get on the boat which provides every hour since 8.00am-8.00pm. The boat ticket is about 50 THB per person. There are both boat with air condition and open-air boat. Luckily, we got the boat with an air condition.

I will leave everything behind and going to be on the island for a night.

Due to the hotel that we booked, they also provide motorcycle rental for 300 THB per day. So the hotel staff will bring us the motorcycle at the pier and we have to ride it to the hotel for check-in. You can just leave the key and motorcycle at the pier and get on the boat when you leave the island. Which I think it is quite a convenience service.

After check-in and cleanup ourselves, it is time to discover the island.

The hotel also provide us map but it is not necessary because there is only one main road so we are riding in circle.

Khao Pang Cave Beach

It is a very beautiful and clean beach. Seawater is very clear...When we look at it, it is so attractive us to jump in. Here is the only one beach that you can swim because the rest is caves.

Riding to the end of the road, we see a fisherman sit there so we stop by^^

The view is very fabulous but there are many broken glasses in this area. You must be careful when walk up here

It is quite different from other sea view because there are many stones and caves.


It was built in Rama V Era for a Summer Palace

Autsathang Bridge

Which is the landmark of Koh Sichange

Everyone has to take a photo with the bridge

Hope that these two kids do not get cut by a broken glass like me

Chong Khao Kat

It is the most beautiful sunset viewpoint of Koh Sichang with the cape protruded to the sea.

Jao Por Khao Yai Shrine

Which is the holy shrine that all villages are very respect and believe in.

Koh Sichang

Cargo ship port

Koh Sichang is a very peacful place for relaxing, there are not many resorts and bungalow as in Koh Lan. People are very nice and always welcome tourists.

We can take a boat for 45 minutes and get to the place that you can really chill out and relax.

If you still do not know where to go during this weekend, Koh Sichang is another recommended choice for you.

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 Wednesday, August 17, 2016 9:48 AM