Do you want to go to Ayutthaya this Saturday?

I am thinking this is going to be another make merit is ok just go.


This time we stay at Kantary Ayutthaya.

Kantary Ayutthaya is quite a big hotel with 2 buildings. The lobby is at the building inside which we can drive there.

At the lobby!!!

Hurry up to check in and go to our room^^

Today we stay at One Bed Room Type which is located on the 10th floor. It is a corner room so we can see an amazing view. After opened the door, I am really amazing with the room that is very big and have such a good view. If anyone would like to come, I recommend you to request for a corner room.

Living room...nice corner!!!

There is dinning table at the glass window so we can see the view out size while eating.

All facilities are provided such as all kitchen equipment and washing machine.

In the bedroom, there are only dressing table, TV and closet.

Conecting Bathroom which we can use the bathroom from both outside and from the bedroom.

Today we are having dinner at the hotel, California Restaurant which is an all day dinning restaurant located near the lobby.

There are 3 seating zones which are window seat zone, middle zone and inside which is quite privacy.

There are both Thai and Italian food. Famous menus are Pizza and Steak.

For me, we are now in Ayutthaya, we must order river prawn so Tom Yum Goong is the best choice.

We also try recommended menu of the restaurant; steak with thai style spicy sauce.

Salmon steak with spinach and mashed potatoes... very tasty^^

The pool is on the 16th floor with a very good view (if I am not wrong).


Next to the pool is fitness center

For Kantary Ayutthaya, I would guarantee that they have a really good view.

Next is Executive Lounge where all guests can come for relaxing, reading a book and chit chatting. I really like it at all Kantary hotels chain because it is special than other hotel.

In the morning, we plan to go out so we come down for breakfast early. There are varieties of breakfast especially Japanese food.

Our making merit trip starting at Wat YaiChaiMongKhol which is located near the hotel and we can see this temple from our room.

Wat YaiChaiMongKhol was named Wat Pa Kaew or Wat ChaoPhraYaThai.

There are so many people as it is a holiday.

After praying to Buddha we are going the next temple.

There are so many temples in Ayutthaya and they are very close to each other, you can visit 9 temples within a day.

Next is Wat MaHaThat, it is well known temple about the Buddha head at the tree root and it is over hundred years old.

There are many interesting things such as stupa and octagonal pagoda.

The temple opens everyday from 8.30am. - 4.30pm. and 20 THB for the entrance fee.

Due to the temperature is rising up during the day, we are going to somewhere cooler.

Million Toy Museum Krirk Yoonpun. The meseum opens every Tuesday to Sunday from 9.00am. - 4.00pm. (Close every Monday). The entrance fee is adult 50 THB, child 20 THB and foreigner 100 THB.

The museum is a blue white house with many toys from the past which really make me so exciting.

Captain America is waiting for us at the entrance.

Here is very excited for me especially toys moreover there are antiques as well.

We have noodle soup for lunch then heading back to the hotel because it is very hot outside.

After taking a nap, let's go discover other room types of the hotel. There are 3 room types which are Studio / One Bed Room / Two Bed Room.

We have seen One Bed Room Type at the beginning, next is Studio Room Type. It is a standard room that provides luxury facility such as sofa, TV and kitchen equipment.

Then Two Bed Room

This room is very big with 2 bedrooms, living room and kitchen.

If we come with family, it would be fun.

This is a small bedroom

After that we go to sit and chill out at Cafe Kantary which is located in front of the hotel.

Inside atmosphere

There are varieties of menus

We order so many menus and cannot remember the name.

This one is very delicious and taste similar to moose.

Banana pie ...umm yummy!!! ^^

Pancake is also very tasty with strawberry sauce and cookies topping.

This is for Crape Cake lover with sour sauce.

Dessert lover should not miss it I would say^^.

This is short trip in Ayutthaya where we can go during the weekend. If you go during a long holiday, there will be a lot of people. Do not forget your relaxing time, go out to travel to recharge your energy.


A short clip for inspiration


Hotel Info.

Kantary Hotel and Serviced Apartments, Ayutthaya

168 Moo1, Rojana Road, Tambol Tanu, Aumphur U-Thai, Ayutthaya, Thailand.
Tel: +66 35 33 7177, +66 35 22 9955
Fax: +66 35 33 7178
e-mail: [email protected]


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