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Koh Sichang...where we have heard about for so long and the landmark is Autsatang Bridge. I never have chance to visit but this time I do not miss it. This is going to be a fun trip. We stay at a new opening hotel "Some Where Koh Sichang"


Normally we have to go to Koh Lou Pier to take the boat but it is under construction which will take around 2 years. So we have to take the boat from Charin Pier instead. For anyone who stay at Some Where Hotel and drive from Bangkok, we suggest you to park your car at Kantary Sriracha Hotel and inform the front desk staff. The hotel provides a free shuttle to the pier and you do not have to worry about car.

Ferry ticket to Kho Sichange is 50 THB and it takes about 45 minutes. There is a boat departure every hour.

There are Tuk Tuk and Motorcycle Taxi service all the time.

It is time to get on the boat>>>

There are less people during a weekday which is easy to travel and hotel price is cheaper than during weekend.

Once we arrive to the island, there are 2 choices for you to choose how do you want to travel on the island.

- Sky Lab guild 250 - 300 THB per day

- Motorcycle rental 250 - 300 THB per day (24 hrs.)

This trip we have used both services.

Sky Lab to the hotel 60 THB on the first day

On the next day, we inform the hotel that we would like to rent a motorcycle, the hotel also can manage for us at the rental fee of 300 THB per day.

Here is the hotel such a very cute one...Let's check-in first^^

It is not a big hotel but very cute and did not have that many rooms.

Welcome drinks

A very cute path way to our room

There is only one building with two floors. I am not quite sure if there are 8 rooms on each floor.

Our room is on the second floor.

The hotel is very cute give a feeling like we are at the beach.

Here we are, our room tonight.

The room is not too big or too small with a balcony at the back.

Main color of the room is still in White and Blue.

It is cuter with the bed sheet design and the bed head which has different design in each room. The rest of decoration is quite similar in every room.

The hotel also provides standard facilities for guest's convenience.

Even it is a small hotel, they also provide a swimming pool.

As we design to stay at the hotel for the first day so let's swimming in the pool.

Tomorrow we will be riding all day.

This is the restaurant which is located near the lobby. We have the dinner here as we have not have a motorcycle and very lazy to walk.

Small bar for some drinks

The restaurant is still under White and Blue concept and beach design with coconut tree pattern on the chairs.

There are varieties of menu both Thai and fusion food as well as fast food.

Spagetthi with tomato sauce

Chicken Cesar Salad

Pork chop black pepper steak

Let's walk around the hotel after dinner...

It is also beautiful at night.

End of the day

This morning, we are going to discover Koh Sichang. The most important thing is "Do not forget your sunblock lotion"

From the balcony we can see the sun rise in the morning

In every trip, we still have to wake up early because we are excited of a long journey.

As we inform the hotel about motorcycle rental, they deliver the motorcycle at the hotel.

Before leaving, we need to have some breakfast which we can order from the a la cart or buffet line.

The hotel is located in the middle of all tourist attraction places. So we start with Pang Cave Beach which both side of the road are very beautiful.

Pang Cave Beach is a beach with white sand where people are coming to swim.

This is our vehicle today "Zoomer X", it seems small for both of us.

Near by is Autsatang Bay which is more beautiful than in the picture. Personally, I really stone bay because it makes me feel strong, beautiful, scare and challenge.

Continue riding...

That is pagoda of Wat Autsatangnimitr

Next is Phrachutharatchatan which the most famous tourist attraction place on Koh Sichang. This full name may not be recognized but when we talk about Autsatang Bridge every one know it.

Phrachutharatchatan is a summer palace where King Rama IV, V and VI stayed for relaxing. Nowadays, it becomes museum and tourist attraction place for ordinary people to visit.

The highlight is the white bridge that everyone will come to take photos here.

We walk around to the classic green house where is selling drinks and snacks.

This is inside

We can sit and relax at every corner.

This is Manthatrattanaroj Palace which only the base of the building remained.

How beautiful is it going to be in the past???

Then we walk to Ruen Wattana but we do not go inside because they are preparing something.

Moreover, there are many interesting places here where you must walk around to visit.

The heat is increasing during the day, let's go to a cute cafe for chill out for a while.

This cafe is easy to find, located near by the main road.

The atmosphere inside

Just take a cup of drink and go back to have lunch at Some Where Hotel

We come back to have lunch at the hotel because outside is very hot at noon so we can get some rest.

This is our lunch Fried Shrimp with Basil on Rice and Fried minced Beef with Basil on Rice.

And follow by Stir-fried noodle with shrimp and broccoli

Ending with Honey toast which is very delicious

This restaurant is also recommended for food and drinks if you are tired of riding during the day.

Continue our journey in the afternoon to Chao Por Khao Yai Shrine

It is located on "Kayasiri Mountain" where people believe in praying for a good job and good business.

There are also other Chinese Gods such as Goddess of Mercy, Katyayana and so on for you to pray for luckiness.

After that we are heading to Buddha foot print where is a good viewpoint for sunrise and where you cab see a panorama view of Koh Sichang.

Going to see the sunset at Khao Kad or Chong Itsariyaporn which is charming on itself with the path way that we have to walk along the coastal and the white bridge.

Or take the path way along the beach

The sunset atmosphere is very beautiful but a little bit cloudy.

It is a very fun and happy trip which we can enjoy the nature around us.

The nature is also attracting us for relaxing moment^^.

Come back to the hotel and take a nap zZzZ

After that go to pool before going for dinner

We order the same menu with additional pizza.

We wake up very early in the morning so we can see the first light of the day at Autsatang Bridge.

We did not want anything just want to be together and take care of each other.

Goodbye Koh Sichang

I believe that every journey that we go, there is a story for us to remember. And it can be a new experience for us which we cannot find it from anywhere, if we do not face it ourselves.

Just hold a hand of a person next to you and start your journey^^

A short clip for you idea

Some where Koh Sichang

A journey at Koh Sichang

Hotel Info.

Some Where Koh Sichang

194, 194/1 Moo 3 Tha Taewawong Road, T. Tha Taewawong, Koh Sichang District, Chonburi Province 20120

Tel. : +66 (0) 3810 9400

E-mail: [email protected]


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