Greeting to all! We would like to welcome to the moment of long holiday period for all officers like us. Since this is my first review, if there are some mistakes, I must apologize at this stage.

Let's discover our wonderful trip.

We would like to share you about our amazing trip during long holiday period. Before finalizing the trip, the first that pop up in our heads is to find some place to chill out and take the photos. The purpose of this idea is to present those photos to all of our friends that we also go to travel in some places during the long holiday. Actually, one of our gang has already planned for the trip. Well, it will be the sea absolutely because we are quite close to the sea. We forgot to tell that our workplace is in Rayong province.

The precise place which we plan to visit is...

Koh Kham, as we mentioned earlier that it is not far from where we stay. Koh Kham is in Sattahip District, Chon Buri Province. We have been to Koh Samaesarn previously, it was quite an impressive trip. Koh Samaesarn is under the supervision of royal navy, they have well managed in various aspects such as environmental management etc. And it is the same for Koh Kham, this island is also under the supervision of royal navy as well.

For those who have ever visited Koh Samaesarn, they would absolutely know that Koh Kham is close to Koh Samaesarn. But, we need to buy the boat ticket to Koh Kham, the ticket counter is next to the security counter. If we can remember correctly, the ticket fee to Koh Samaesarn @ THB 300 ( round trip ) an to Koh Kham @ THB 200 ( round trip)

We start our trip in early morning because we are afraid of the traffic jam. And our assumption is correct, we have faced with traffic jam. In this meantime, we have picked up our favorite camera to take some photos. Once we arrive at the pier, we need to wait for the shuttle bus which will escort us to the boat. Since, it is low sea level, the actual boat could not anchor. Hence, we are escorted to the island by the alternative boat. We arrive at the island in late morning.

The sea water is crystal clear, it is so beautiful. Koh Kham is smaller than Koh Samaesarn.The small hut becomes the highlight of this island, it is also used as the scene in drama. It can be also said that it is the landmark of this island. Furthermore, there is another highlight of this island which is the bridge. Teenagers like to do selfie or snorkeling. They are actually the popular activities on this island.

We are lulled by the serenity of the sea and children's laugh.

It is time for eating after we enjoy exploring the island. We have prepared something to eat. If you do not prepare some food with you, there is also the shop where you could find something to eat. Kindly be noted that alcohol is not allowed to bring here.

It is time to say goodbye for this trip after having such amazing day at Koh Kham. It is time to go back and take responsibility towards our duties.

Thank you very much for your attention to this review. See you soon with our next review.

To conclude all expense for this trip

Petrol @ THB 300

Boat ticket 200/ person, THB 1,000 in total

Food and etc 100/ person, THB 500 in total

Total expense @ THB 1,800

We have also left some food of this trip for our dinner too.

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 Thursday, September 8, 2016 10:29 AM