I met this restaurant by chance when I went to Chiang Mai because I had joined an International Horticulture Exposition at Hang Dong District on that day. Then I drove straight to visit Wat Pha That Doi Kham or Pha Jao Tan Jai . After that I went to find something to eat so from the temple I drove a little bit more and found this place.

This restaurant has a few tables inside but most of people prefer to sit outside because it's very shady, cover with big trees, wind blows for the whole day and it still feels comfortable even on the hot day. I went there in January so the weather is really good. There is also a small playground there too.

I order Crepe Cake (80 baht). It's a rainbow soft cake (with lots of cream). The cake is not quite big. This restaurant focuses on a cream rather on the layer of the cake. For me, I personally focus on the layer and the softy of the cake. The more it softer, the more it delicious.

Beverage is Hot Green Tea (55 Baht), it's a layer of milk and bubble milk and concentrated green tea in between.Very smooth taste and I really like it.

Another one is Honey Milk Shake (75 Baht), the milk and honey are so fragrance, it's a good blending. I totally order 3 menus and sit for 3 hours, so chill here.

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 Tuesday, May 19, 2015 5:58 PM