'NAN' the series, presenting 'Tonight I am going to stay here'

When the accommodation is a motivation for me to travelling each time.

We might usually think of a picture of people lying to see the star in the middle of the valley.

Lying to listen the sound of the ocean waves or take a dip and look at the view at the dam's side

Many people recommend so many places but this place is cost only a hundred unit but the view you will see is cost a million unit.

I will talk about travelling to other places and having meal later.

Travelling to "Nan" this time is the same, just taking a picture of the white house in the middle of the green field which is far far away. This is enough to be my motivation to book the flight to Nan.

We determine the date and time and these are the accommodation of us that we choose for this trip ( All the trip i sponsor by myself.

1st night at Baan Tanong Homestay

The place where it leads this trip to be arranged. I look at the picture on the website for a month, I look at every corner , every room, every view, everything. The accommodation impresses me even it is only a picture on the website and when it comes to the real room. The picture posts on the website look the same as the real one in front of me. The room, pillow, striped sheet and view outside that look out from the room, I think it actually looks more beautiful. I see that they are building another house when I go there but he says the rooms are already full booked.


  • Beautiful scenery, mountain, meadow, sky
  • Clean room. There are additional mattress, personal bathroom, TV, towel, cloth hanger and air-conditioner
  • Public refrigerator on the upper floor
  • You can use the kitchen, there are full of equipment but you have to clean it up after use and put it back to the same place, rice cooker, gas stove, dining table.
  • There is a public area for lying and see the view. You can turn on the fan on both upstairs, downstairs
  • Wi-fi is provided for you to upload pictures on Facebook and make friends envy.


  • There is a bicycle for rent but 3 of it are damaged. It is safer to walk.
  • For those who drive own personally car. You can walk to that and see the view along the way. We walk to market and ask the way to get there from a kindness auntie. She picks me up to her car to the market and on the way back, if you are not hurry, you can have a walk and it will take not more than 20 minutes.
  • No breakfast provided, If you want, you can order it or you can go and have breakfast at the market.

Travelling program
We get on a tour bus, we pass through Pua district and take a motorcycle for 70 Baht to the front of the house.

The accommodation price is 500 Baht / room / night. 2 people per room and additional bed for 1 people.


2nd night at Srinual Lodge

The price is normal. The atmosphere is nice, the size is medium with many style of room decoration which is suitable for friend or family to stay.

There is a wide public area with a Chic corner to take a hipster and cool picture.

Receptionist is so nice for both day time and night time shift.

It is located near Satee Sri Nan school, near temple, food zone and near Nan river.

There is a chill out bar or you just ordering the food.

A fractious cat names Laew Tae is sitting with her no name friend.


  • Near attraction place, can walk to that place or take a minute to get there
  • Kitchen room is fulled of seasoning and kitchen equipment
  • A free seasoning of banana
  • An inserting coin washing machine with a clothe hanger
  • A public refrigerator, you can put anything you want but you have to write your name on it
  • No disturbing sound from the beside room to make you upset
  • There is a shower gel and shampoo that are made from coffee. It gives my whole body and hair a scent and it also provided with a normal size of bottle too.
  • A water is provided in both bottle and machine
  • A laundry service, 10 Baht/ piece with a sweet smell
  • Giving a durable, strong, colorful temporary bag for us to carry it to the market.


  • A rental bike is provided but 50 Baht is a rental fee
  • No breakfast but it is not hard to find something to eat
  • The price is normal ( but I firstly think that it is should be a like bit cheaper) but I prefer a nice atmosphere. convenient and it is okay to come together.
  • Pillow and bed are a little bit damp but no bad smell to upset you

Inside the room

Atmosphere around that area


The room rate is 560 Baht/ room/ night/ for 2 people without additional bed request

3rd night at The One House Ban Suan Hom

I find this accommodation from Booking website. The price looks interesting, not expecting anything but I get more than I expected. I think the owner do everything by herself. I see she is cleaning up the room when I go there. I check in before time but she doesn't refuse it but on the other hand, she also upgrades to a big room which the price is 600 Baht. Provide us a free bicycle, recommend a suitable travelling place and give us a map too.


  • The price is very cheap but it is 50 Baht cheaper to book the room with the owner
  • I got a free room upgrade to a big room
  • The room is fulled of facilities; towels, TV, refrigerator, fan, wardrobe, coat hangers, table, sofa, coffee, tea, Ovaltine, water
  • Indoor parking lot under the roof
  • Kitchen which you can use the plate there but you have to clean it up properly
  • Calm because it is in the alley, no sound of car.
  • Free bike
  • There is a small store in front of the hotel which you can stock a snacks


  • Suitable for people who has a car or motorcycle because it is located in the alley but there is a free bike provided
  • I lose 50 Baht because I book from website
  • The price is 450 Baht/room/night/ 2 people can share in 1 room but no additional bed.

But we unexpectedly got upgraded by the owner so the price is 600 Baht and 3 people can sleep together.

08 5698 8802

There are many accommodations in "Nan" province that is very interesting and waiting for us to try.

If this coming winter, you have no idea where you are going to. Let Nan be one of your interesting choice.

Lee Leelawadee

 Wednesday, November 9, 2016 3:47 PM