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Twenty-Seven Bites Brasserie

Sunday Brunch

Hi there!

Every Sunday lunch at an international restaurant, Twenty-Seven Bites Brasserie, of Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok is arranged as special buffet called Sunday Brunch. The restaurant is located on the 2nd floor of the hotel. It is equipped with generous space, high ceiling and bright light suitable for all ages. It is also beautifully decorated in modern western style. Nice and tidy. Seating are well arranged facilitating to walk around easily. In addition, there are multiple seating corners including private zone. Adding with live music playing along the whole meal. Let's try together.

Food is placed around the restaurant properly. Customers can walk easily.

'Cold Seafood'
Oyster : High quality imported oyster comes in standard size with freshness and sweet taste. No smell at all. Recommend.

River Prawn : Standard size and good meat. Good standard.
Prawn : Proper size and nice texture. Meet standard.
Alaska Crab : The shell has been cracked already. Easy to eat. Nice meat. Recommend.
Horse Crab : Standard size and good meat. Good standard.
Scallop : Proper size and tight meat. Meet standard.
New Zealand Mussels : Appropriate size. Not too chewy or hard. Well cook.
Spotted Babylon : Plain size and crunchy. Well cook.

'Japanese Food'
Sashimi includes tuna, salmon, octopus tentacle and high quality imitation crabmeat. Mainly serve various rolls and Maki which come in large bite and look appetizing.

'Cold Dish'
There are salad and other cold dishes which are well cooked and using quality ingredients. Tasty. My special recommendation goes to ham, cold cut, tuna with avocado and salmon roe.

'Bread and Cheese'
There are variety of cheese available with side dishes and bread. Recommend.

'Hot Dish'
It is considered as highlight of the meal. The cuisine offers different menus with good look and more importantly nice taste including river prawn, mantis shrimp and crab with tight meat. Recommend. Lamb is soft and scented. Cannot notice its unique smell at all. Recommend. Imported oyster roasted with cheese. Savoury and chewy. Fully stuffed Takoyaki. Tender beef steak is also delicious. Recommend. Plus other menus.

Follow by other hot dishes like Creammy Red Curry with Turkey, Braised Pork Spare Ribs, Stir-fried Seabass Filet with Thai Herbs, Stir-fried Vegetables, Fried Rice, Tom Yum, and end with Green Curry served with Thai Rice Noodle.

'Foie Gras' is also included in this section which you need to order. The overall size is large and thick. Perfectly cook giving soft and moist texture combined with rich sauce. Good job. Recommend.

'Carving Station'
I have tried tender moist beef with mellow sauce. Delicious. Recommend. Also, ripen lamb leg has very little smell. Good standard. Apart from this, there is grilled pork served with side dishes.

'Chinese Food'
Soft and tasty roasted duck, recommend. / Crispy pork with mild meat, cook well. / Scented and full-flavoured roasted red pork, recommend. / Deep-fried dumpling with tasty stuff, cook well. There are additional menus and Dim Sum but a must dish is Abalone Mushroom in red gravy. Chewy and savoury plus intensely mellow red gravy. Such a perfect combination. Recommend.

'Indian Food'
Savor and taste are clear, but not too much. Eatable scent and mellow taste. Recommend. It is another recommended highlight menu.


'Kid Zone'
Kid zone is provided at front area equipped with games and activities. Plus easy menu avilable nearby.

Standard buffet includes water, tea, coffee, juice and soft drink.

Or add THB600++ to get free-flow local beer, red wine, white wine, rose wine, sparkling wine and selected cocktai. Consider as worthy choice for drinkers.

The restaurant is beautiful, vast, bright and plain surface making it suitable for everyone, especially for family day. In terms of food, there are variety of menus available. Hot dishes are quite outstanding with fresh ingredients and hygiene. Overall taste is pretty well. This price already includes beverages or you can pay extra in case you are a drinker. It is a good option since this restaurant certainly serve unlimited. Special promotion is often launched. So, I suggest to check before coming. For example, now they are having promotion pay 2 for 3 people. If you get this promotion price, it is so worthwhile.

Thank you.

Restaurant details;
International cuisine Twenty-Seven Bites Brasserie, 2nd Floor
Open hours 06:00-10:30AM / 12:00-2:30PM (Mon-Fri) / 12:00–3:00PM (Sat) / 12:00-3:30PM (Sun) / 6:00-10:30PM (Mon-Sat)
Pay 2 for 3 buffet lunch on Sunday 12:00-3:30PM + non-alcohol drinks is THB1890++ (Net THB2225)
– Extra free-flow alcohol drinks (local beer, red wine, white wine, rose wine, sparkling wine and selected cocktail) is THB600++ (Net THB707)
– 50% discount for kids aged 6-12 years
– Free for kids under 6 years

Hotel information;
Radisson Blu Plaza Bangkok
489 Sukhumvit Rd., Khlongtoey Nuea, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Thailand
Tel : 0-2302-3333
Website :

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