First of all, may I welcome and very much thank you everyone for your comments, likes and shares. Today I have recreation place nearby and to please factory workers, like me.

I forget to mention that I work at Rayong ^ ^ Talking about eastern part, many of you may firstly think of the sea, right? Epsecially in summer, many people may want to swim ^O^

Now let's get to the point. Today I would like to introduce one recreational area in the east which is equally interesting as going to the sea. Some of you may guess easily. Yes, it is "Chonburi". A town of industry. A town that never sleeps. It is a province where holds lots of entertainment venues which is considered as top attraction of Thailand. Anyway, I will reduce degree a bit but I'm not going to the sea (Don't wanna get tan skin, haha). ^ ^ I have been there several times already. Better find somewhere cool and pleasant with green nature. Make it a worthwhile day combining eat, travel, make merit and buy souvenir. And also gotta be a modest trip according to my factory worker style. (Have little budget but want to travel)


Try imagining cool water among plentiful green nature. Some of you may already get the picture. It is a waterfall. There is a waterfall at Chonburi? Some thought it has only the sea (and foreign tourists, haha). Yes, there is and not far from my workplace. That waterfall is called "Chan Ta Than Waterfall". A popular location for butterfly photographers and bikers.

We depart after dawn, haha. (We wake up late, almost 7.00AM.) Actually we plan to wake up early to offer food to monk before going to Nongmon Market (a community of glutinous rice roasted in bamboo joints). We plan to do activity before morning light but it is not as expected. So, I change to Chan Ta Than Waterfall as first location. For this trip, I plan to visit around 3-4 sites within a day. Distance from where I am to Chan Ta Than Waterfall is approximately 62.1km which is not far. From Rayong, go along Highway no.36 and turn to AH7 road.

Chan Ta Than Waterfall is located inside Khao Khiao-Khao Chom Phu Wildlife Sanctuary at Tambon Bangphra, Amphoe Sriracha. The waterfall has 5 floors in total. They say the 4th one is the most beautiful (have to walk almost 1km) but my wife couldn't make it. She gives up since 2nd floor.

We park at the first point and walk further for 700m. Actually you can park at the second point but you gotta pay a fee of THB20 per vehicle. Since we are still young, we gotta be strong. Let's walk. LOL

Walk further 100-200m. #Let me take a photo ^ ^

Take a break. Now we start to think if we should go grab the car, haha.

Since it hardly rains recently, water level is quite low. Anyway, it's still enough to swim especially for the kids. Perfect match ^ ^ My wife ask for this scene. LOL

1st Floor Walk forward a little. (If you don't have trekking shoes, I recommend to walk barefoot.) Slippers or rubber shoes are not recommended. However, my wife is so strong wearing creepers, haha.

I can hear kids' laughing sounds. So, I join them. They are so naughty that they are not sacred of me. They rather ask so many questions and invite me to swim together. This trip I plan to be wet only up to my knee. ^ ^

Let's move. Hooray!

Next to 1st floor with the model.

After that, the way becomes more adventure but it's not too difficult comparing to our arrogant spirit. Yea!!

Pause to take a deep breath. There is a tiny waterfall during the way to 2nd floor.

2nd Floor My wife turns to me and tell me, in huff tone, to end at 2nd floor. She can't walk further. Foot pain , leg pain, tired, hungry, thirsty, dizzy !@! $^%^%$^*&^ Okay, second floor is enough! (Love her, don't offend her.)

We visit only 2 floors due to thousands of reasons. LOL While I'm walking, I hear my wife call to take a photo. At the moment I turn to her, fine sand on rocks can make me slip as well as moss. What would it be? I fall head over heels. My camera bounce off the other way, haha. My wife stares at me wondering if she should sympathize or laugh (What a wonderful wife). Fortunately my camera is fine but exchange with some wounds. Some say "Experts must contain wounds" but this is more likely clumsy. LOL

Coming to Chan Ta Than Waterfall gotta get a snapshot of butterfly and I have one ^ ^ (If there is a bike, I would be cycling by now, haha.)

This picture is taken while we go down ^ ^ At first I plan to photograph from the top to bottom but two floors are good enough.

Seeing others swimming makes me jealous. If I'm not holding camera, I would join them already.

There are around 3-4 restaurants available for tourists including meat ball, grilled chicken, papaya salad and many more.

Very special to the white Pickup which is white knight saving us. He let us take a ride to keeper's box but we were too hurry to ask his name. My wife and me herein would like to thank you ^ ^

Expense Summary

  1. Fee before entering THB20/person **Additional THB20 for car (Total of THB40 for 2 people)
  2. Food THB100
  3. Total expense THB140


Khao Mai Dang Temple is located at Tambon Bangphra, Amphoe Sriracha, Chonburi next to Motorway Route 7. You can easily observe on your lefthand side before reaching Chan Ta Than Waterfall's entrance.

It catches my eyes since first glance. We agree to definitely visit this temple during return trip. For experts, this temple is well known as Luang Por Yongyuth Dhamma Kosalo, famous monk. The monk is a practitioner with high mercy, solitude, strong power of mind and charm. His name therefore spread all over eastern part. Actually I don't know his story till I come back to search on Google for temple's history.

Khao Mai Dang Temple is located on high hill where allows you to see nearby district clearly. Overall landscape is mountain giving shallow, cool and peaceful atmosphere. Although it's afternoon, I still feel cool. To mention about attractive corner for photographing, the highlight is stairs with naga at ascent .

Apart from the stairs, hall of the temple is situated on top which is equally beautiful. You can drive to the top.

At first I thought we gotta park the car below and walk up. While I'm photographing, a lady says we can drive. I actually want to walk up the stairs but my legs don't agree with me. They lose all energy at the waterfall already. LOL

If you are looking for a clam place to mentally rest and escape from confusion, you can visit Khao Mai Dang Temple. You may find an answer for your life here.


The third site is Naja Saa Tai Chue Chinese Temple. I have been here once when I come to take photos of Fishing Bridge. The temple is located before the bridge. On that day I arrived at Ang Sila quite late and I was afraid the sunlight will be gone. So, I have to take photos at Bang Phra Reservoir first.

Naja Saa Tai Chue Chinese Temple or Thepsathit Phra Kiti Chalerm Chinese Shrine was built in March 1991 under management of professor Somchai Choesiri. This small shrine is equipped with an area of 200 square wa. According to virtue of Naja Saa Tai Chue, disciples, merchants and people who worship have a faith donate budget to build new shrine in July 18, 1995. Somchai Choesiri lay the foundation stone for the new building in order to finish it for the celebration of the 72th birthday of HM the King in 1999. It takes total period of over 4 years to build it on 4 rai space. On January 11, 1998 the Supreme Patriarch presided over a ceremony of casting 7 Buddha images and bestowed the name "Wihan Thep Sathit Phra Kitti Chaloem" to the temple.

Reference :ศาลเจ้า-หน่าจาซาไท้จื้อ-Najasaataichue-Chinese-temple

It is a very attractively decorated temple (Let me call it temple). Only drive pass I know inside must be super gorgeous. It is elegant in every way. However, I forget to worship the Quan Yin and Naja Saa Tai Chue. I wish I could come back again. Unfortunately they don't allow to take photos inside.

Journey Form Khao Mai Dang Temple, go along Highway no.3 and take exit Chonburi-Bangkok to Mitsampan Road. Then turn left to Highway no.3134. The temple will be on the left. If you like to make merit, release bird and fish, this is another place I recommend. If you have a chance to come to Chonburi, don't miss it.


Since we are very near the sea, skipping it would be a bit doubtful. We arrive at the market around 4.00PM. At first I didn't plan to buy souvenirs. I want to take snapshot of mariner livelihood and merchant but my wife can't resist to seafood price. Everything is inexpensive and attractive, haha. I guess all housewife get the feelings.

The price here with Rayong one are not much different. To know if it's worthy or not, I think we will know after we eat them. Then we can tell which one is good or not. Nothing ventured, nothing gained ^ ^

We walk for a while and leave before evening because people come at this time, especially on weekends. You can imagine canned fish to know how crowded it is, haha. Anyway, the peak is at entrance and exit only. If you go in forenoon, there might be less people. I haven't tries yet.

We can walk comfortably after a few minutes. And it will be crowded again at the exit, haha. Let's sum up! I give 8.5 out of 10. Is it worthwhile? (I'm not sure if the meaning of worthwhile and cheap are the same or not) For me, it's worth. ^ ^ We spend only THB170.

We get 3 bags of mussels for THB100, mantis shrimp THB50 and sauce THB20. So, it's THB170 in total. It is very much acceptable price. I can consume for 2 days. LOL

If you are coming to Chonburi or Ang Sila, don't forget to visit here for seafood or souvenir for your love ones. The market doesn't have only fresh food. You can also find dried food too.

Journey Fish market is very close to the shrine. Go little further. If you come from the shrine, it will be on your right side.


A super popular for everyone. It can be compares as huge lung for Chonburi locals. Also, bikers gotta know this place too.

Not only bikers who come here, it is also a top hit location among photographers for pre-wedding, commencement and many activities. It is used as meeting venue.

I arrive almost 6.00PM. It is still crowded plus bird chirping sounds. Though I didn't take a deep breath yet, I realize the light is running out. I grab camera together with personal model. We immediately go to the hill because lots of people take photos here, haha.

If you are coming here, the appropriate time is 3.00PM or 7.00AM. I personally prefer evening time because I wake up late, haha. During June to July, this place must be very beautiful since the Queen's flower would fully bloom. I have seen on Facebook from various photographers. Until I have enough time to come, that period has ended. Anyway, better late than never ^ ^ Actually I haven't walked the whole area as it is getting dark. Visibility decreases. There are a lot places I didn't visit yet. So, I leave them to you guys ^ ^

If you are looking for a pleasant location to exercise, take photos or do activities, I strongly recommend this place.

Here's the last part of our show. Oops, our trip. There might be less story and photos, wrong typo and misuse of language. I would like to apologize herewith. Also, thank you for reading. See you again next journey.

Thank you ^ ^

Whole Trip Expense Previous expense of THB310 plus gasoline THB400. So, THB710 in total. There is half of fuel left calculating from distance from Amphoe Pananikom, Rayong.

Equipment to help creating this memory

  • 1 wife (One is okay. Two can be trouble. LOL)
  • 1 car (TOYOTA YARIS 2014)
  • Nikon D90,D610,Fuji XE-1 Lens: Sigma10-20 f4/5.6 , Sigma70-200 , Kaxinda 28mm

Small addition
Should you have any inquiries, I am willing to help


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