The color tone of this photo has been edited in according to our emotion.
It represents our emotion at that moment.

We are going to grab your attention to discover our wonderful trip.

Why do we choose to go to Vietnam ? Below are the conversation among trip joiners who have discussed with each other prior to make the decision to Vietnam.

Tong: I would like to visit oversea where is friendly with our budget.
Tar: I have seen the photos of Vietnam in facebook, I really want to go to this place.
Fon: I want to travel too, would like to have some experience of travelling abroad.

Luckily, we have got senior who has advised us about Couchsurfing, it is the website for backpacker. We are not reluctant to join this website. Here, we have known one friend who stay in Da Lat, we have asked whether it is possible to be our tour guide and he says yes as well as recommend us the hostel with cheap price. Later, we have also found other local friend who stays in Ho Chi Minh, he has volunteered to be our guide. Absolutely, we have accepted his offer.

Fortunately, we have come across to see our 2 seniors who come for the internship at Ho Chi Minh as well.

Once we arrive at Ho Chi Minh, we have exchanged some money and buy local sim card (Viettel), we are really satisfied because the internet signal is very fast.

We take the bus number 152 from the airport to Pham Ngo Lao. Actually, it is not far from where we stay but it is our first trip in Vietnam, we are a bit afraid that we will get lost.

- Ho Chi Minh -

According to the reviews that we have read on the internet, it is necessary that we need to be careful about our handbags. At first, we are a bit afraid about this point, we start wandering around and do not pay attention much on the attractions where we have been recommended on the internet. We continue walking and keep smiling to other people. Our perception about Vietnam has been changed within 1 hour after we wander around the city.

This is H Chi Minh city, this city has been developed along with the conservative concept. Some buildings look old but the interior is decorated as hipster style. There are plenty of big trees along the road. There are various infrastructures and undergrounds but all of them are designed to not impact on daily life of local people.

We would like to say thank you to Ho Chi Minh city where has taught us in various perspective of Vietnam.

Jenny, our local friend whom we have known on Couchsurfing website, she has come with other Vietnamese friend named Zen. We go to the café in the antique building. We have received warm welcoming from both Jenny and Zen. We really want to thank to Couchsurfing which make us meet very good friends.

At first, we thought that we just want to travel only, we do not expect to have such good frineds like now. because our English skill is not that good. However, once we use Couchsurfing application, it has lead us to know nice local people who has become our guide. We are so lucky. It really impresses us since the first step that we arrive in Vietnam.

- Da Lat -
We feel so cold once we arrive at Da Lat

The atmosdphere of this city is so great, it is just like one scene in Korean series and it really contrasts from what we have imagined. We will surely come back here again if we have some budget.

-Da Lat Lucky D's Hostel-

We choose to stay in lovely hostel and cheap price, it is just 3$ per night. Importantly, the owner is very friendly, his name is Lucky. He helps us to find the motorbike for rent and refill the fuel for free.

In the evening, we are served with the nice dinner, it is so delicious. For those who are planning to come to Da Lat, we highly recommend you to stay here.

- To ride a motorbike in Da Lat-

We have an appointment with Min and Vietnamese friend in Da Lat. In the meantime, we are awaiting for them, we are riding motorbikes around the city.

We ride in various places, you should try to ride a motorbike. It is freedom.

There are variously lovely corner of this city. Since it is has very unique geography which make us see the beautiful infrastructures built in according to its geography. It is so interesting.

At 14.00 hrs, we finally meet with Min, she is very friendly girl who can speak English very well. Min takes us around the city. Then, we go to one lovely café, we really like the atmosphere of this café.

Furthermore, Min also takes us to the night market.

In addition you are able to find plenty of coffee café in Ho Chi Minh and Da Lat. For those who like to go to the café, please do not be worried about this point.

-Mui Ne-
บาง We have taken the public bus to Mui Ne city, the passengers on this bus are from various nationality. On the way to this city is very challenging because the road is not flat. Suddenly, the bus has some problem about the engine and it needs to stop in order to figure out.

Even though, the weather is extremely hot but it could not influence on us much because we are familiar with this weather. Meanwhile, we have seen other passengers are impacted by this.

Later, there is the new bus comes to pick us up. This has given us the chance to sit with other passengers who has different nationalities. We start some conversation with them. Even though, it is very noisy on the bus but we are really relaxed.

Ps. it is the first trip that we travel by not being afraid of strangers.

We have passed first 2 villages, there are many ferries and fisherman village, we are not quite interesting on this as our houses in Thailand area close to the sea.

However, once we arrive at the desert,the view of desert in Mui Ne has impressed us a lot. Unfortunately, it rains all day and night

We have bought half day trip to Da Lat, we have joined this packet with other tourists. This trip has consists of 7 people (3 Thai and 4 American). Fairy stream is the first place where we go, the 2nd place is Fisherman village and ending up the trip by visiting desert

-Fairly Stream-

-Fisheran Village-

-White desert-

-Red desert -

Thank you to myself who dare to explore the new experience

Thank you to my professor who has inspired us to travel

Thank you to Khun Tar and Khun Fon who are my trip joiner


I do not know why I am extremely happy with this trip. I am so lucky to have such the nice trip joiners and I also have the chance to see the new friends. It is our impressive Vietnamese trip.

It can be said that this trip has inspired us for the future trip.


It is so amazing that Ho Chi Minh city has been preserved like it is used to be. I really fall in love with this city. I can feel the warm welcoming in every steps, I smile all time.


It is the fourth day that we have come back from our trip. For being alone at house, it makes us have sometimes to realize of what we have done in the past year. We have found out that our inspiration has been decreased and we are not so excited to do such thing.

But, it is not the case now, we are so excited it is because we took some trip and saw new things. We are ready to fight for our dream.

Thank you to all readers and viewers. Please do not forget to discover your happiness by taking some trip. Let's have a vacation.

Oh we forgot to share that we have found 2 groups of Thai tourists on the way to Pham Ngo Lao. We are so happy to see the tourist with the same nationality with us at that time. We have got the chance to travel in the same schedule from the beginning till coming back to Thailand.

How to get to get to each destination and the summary of expense

At the airport

The first thing is to exchange the money

The second thing is to buy sim card, we use Viettel, it costs 260,000 VND or about THB 400, it is a bit expensive but the internet quality is very good

To go from Airport to Pham Ngo Lao to Da Lat at night time

We take the yellow bus number 109, ticket price is 20,000 VND, this bus will take us to Pham Ngo Lao

After we get off the bus, we then need to turn right, we will see Vietsea Tour Agent. It is the small tour agent where is located near the message and spa.

We are not reluctant to reserve for the bus to Da Lat, this bus will depart at 23.00 hrs., it costs 250,000 VND or around 375 THB.

To reserve the bus from Da Lat - Mui Ne (the 3rd day trip), it will depart from Da Lat at 08.00 hrs . it costs 175,000 VND or around 263 THB.

To reserve for the bus from Mui Ne to Ho Chi Minh (the 4th day trip), it will depart from Mui Ne at 08.00 hrs. It costs 175,000 VND or around 263 THB.

We have reserved all of those at the same time in order to ease us to calculate the expense.

After left the luggage at the hotel, we wander around the city.

It is time for the appointment, we have changed our clothes and get ready for the next destination (the accommodation costs 3$ around 100 THB per room per person)

The 2nd day trip, once we reach Da Lat and rent a motorbike to ride around the city (renting motorbike costs 100,000 VND or 150 THB)

For those who could not ride the motorbike, there is the package tour available at Vietsea as well.

The 3rd day trip, we are picked up to go to the next destination, once we arrive at Mui Ne, we then buy the other tour over there.

At Mui Ne, we walk and search for the accommodation, we have got the accommodation @ 100,000 VND or around 150 THB per room per night.

The 4th day trip, there is a bus to pick us up from Mui Ne to Ho Chi Minh since the morning. We arrive at Ho Chi Minh at Noon. We have bought some souvenir.

At 18.00 hrs., it is time to go back to the airport.

We would like to clarify all expense as per below ;

Air ticket (Thai Air Asia) @ 2975 THB, the food and beverage is around 3200 - 4000 THB per person.

The transportation fee from airport + bus to 3 cities + accommodation 2 nights + sim card, it costs 1600 THB in total.

How to calculate VND currency vs. THB, we have removed last 3 zero and take the rest + half amount of the rest

For example: 50,000 VND, remove the last 3 zero, then we will get 50 + 25 = 75 THB

For drinking water, we highly recommend to buy in the minimart, it is much cheaper.

If you have further question, please feel free to send to our inbox.


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