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From Bierten I am heading to Sighisoara which takes about 30 minutes. John drops me off in front of the Citadel. He said that they do not allow any cars to go in accept the car of the citizen only. So I have to carry my luggage up the hill.

Sighisoara separates into 2 parts which are the hill that is known as Citadel (where I am here now) and the area of Tarva River (where I am going on the next day)

I am so tired of walking up here but when I see the view all my pain has been release ^^.

John directs us to Burg Hostel before leaving to Bucharest.

This is the room atmosphere at 30 USD/room. It is quite old and does not keep noise especially my room is next to the restaurant so I can here people are talking. For WiFi, there is signal but cannot use.

After leave everything in the room, it is time to discover the place>>>>

Sighisoara is one of seven fortress cities as well as Sibiu. There is an old town here but smaller than in Sibiu. However, there are still many interesting places.

During 14-15 century, Sighisoara is an important city for business. There are many things built during this period such as fortress and the 14 towers which now there are only 9 towers left.

The Clock Tower is very beautiful and valuable as it has been here for over 600 years and it is a symbol of Sighisoara. So do not be curious if the picture of The Clock Tower will be on most of the souvenirs.

As I arrive quite late, it is already close so we cannot go up there. But do not worry, we still have one more day here.

Sighisoara is also a city of history of Prince Vlad Dracul since 1431. He was born in a house close to The Clock Tower before moved to another town. Nowadays, that house opens as a restaurant and allows tourists to visit the room that the prince was born with the entrance fee of 5 LEI. And it is the yellow house as in the picture.

This evening we do not have to hurry as we still have plenty of time here. For dinner, I have pizza at Pizzeria San Gennaro which located at Piata Cetatii.

I choose to sit out side so that I can absorb the atmosphere of this city as much as possible.

2 pizzas and pasta for 4 people at 70 LEI...

After that we go out for promenade and go back to the hostel later.

This white building in Transiolvernian style is decorated with a deer head and draws a picture to make it more 3D. People call it as The Deer House (The Stag House). The building becomes a small hotel and restaurant where Prince Charles used to come.

As we travel in summer, we get more time to travel because it get dark quite late.

In the morning, we come to the viewpoint behind The Clock Tower as it is the place where we can see the city view of Sighisoara at Tarva River Area.

Down there is Sighisoara at Tarva River Area that we are going to discover now>>>

Next to The Clock Tower is The Church of the Dominican Monastery

Nest to The Church of the Dominican Monastery, there is a monument of Prince Vlad Dracul. Even the price become a Dracula that people are afraid of but for Romanians he is a hero who flight for this country with his brave.

Sighisoara City Hall is also located near by and I think this is the biggest building in Citadel.

We walk around the city and enjoy taking photos so much as all houses are quite old, different color even it is next to each other and have some damages. I think this the unique and charming of this city.

The Shoemakers Tower is located near the hostel that we stay.

Let's continue to another part of the city>>>

Orthodox Cathedral is located beside Tarva River.

Inside the church... I would say that it is so amazing because it is really beautiful with all paints especially when the sun is shining. It makes the church look more powerful.

After that we come back to Citadel area. On the most left is Church on the hill and next is The Clock Tower, The Church of the Dominican Monastery and Sighisoara City Hall. It is another great viewpoint that you should not miss.

Houses and shops seem to be newer than in Citadel are. One thing that they are the same is the colorful of houses.

Alright... it is time for LUNCH>>>>At Gourmet Lunch

Mainly, the food is Kebab... restaurant decorated in blue and it is located near The Clock Tower.

There are both chicken and beef.

Big Kebab looks so delicious ...^^...

2 Kebabs, beef curry and deep fried pork and French fries at 64 LEI.

After that we go back to Burg Hostel to pack our bags and move to new hotel "Pensiunea Bastion" which is located in front of The Pupils Staircase.

Public area in the front where you can sit and relax

Over all, this hotel is nicer than the previous one. It is more private, peaceful and clean.

It seems like Homestay.

I get a room on the second floor which seems like the room under the roof.

Bathroom is clean and separated dry and wet area.

Room rate is 40 EUR/Room...

Satisfaction rate..Very Okay for me

After leave everything in the room, we are continue to other places where we start at Church on the hill because the staircase to go up is right in front of the hotel.

We have to walk up on The Pupils Staircase 176 steps. It was built in 1660-1662 and renovated in 1842. This staircase was built for students who have to walk to study up on the mountain.

Church on the hill is located on the top of Citadel area. This church has a design of Gothic architecture and it is the most important church of the city. There is an entrance fee for go inside.

Shady graveyard

I think it is might be something important but I do not know what is it...?_?

There is a viewpoint up here but those trees might block it.

After visit The Church on the hill we continue to The Clock Tower. It opens for go up at 09.00-16.00 hrs. Open everyday but close on Monday. There is an entrance fee of 14 LEI. If you would like to take a photo, there is also a fee for that as well.

I thought that I might be similar to The Clock Tower at Sibiu but there is only a staircase and has museum in each floor of the tower. (I did not buy a ticket for take a photo so I do not have any photo inside)

View from the rooftop of The Clock Tower. It is the viewpoint that you can see the whole city.

Next is The Tin Makers' Tower located inside the fence so can only see from the outside.

A little cute one is sleeping comfortably

After checking the price of all souvenir shops in Citadel area, I think the shop at Piata Cetatii the far left shop in the picture) is selling the cheapest price and have good quality of product.

We can take only 1-2 hours to discover Citadel area as it is not that big. We keep coming back to this point but it is cloudy all day. However, I get a photo of Romanian teenagers with their national cloth instead.

That evening those teenagers have a shower at Piata Cetatii. These teenager are very nice.

For dinner...At Grill Café RALUCA... it is not that far from Kebab restaurant.

Good atmosphere

Having a glass of wine and waiting the sky to get change^^.

Fried chicken sweet and sour serve with toddy palm cake and topping with cheese.

Fried chicken with mushroom serve with toddy palm cake.. taste quite good.

Romanian Sausages (quite salty and the same in every restaurant)

Ending with soup

The restaurant owner provides us a traditional alcohol drink that has cherry as an ingredient.

All of these at 112 LEI...

This is what we are waiting for....the sky is turn dark....our mission is complete.

In my opinion, most of tourist attraction places of Sighisoara are in Citadel area which can take us only about 3-4 hours to complete. So I would suggest that you arrive here in the afternoon or evening and stay here for one night, I think it is enough and go visit other city for the rest of the time.

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