Hello my friend. For this Friday, Saturday, Sunday holiday, I believe that many of you want to take a rest, freedom soaking feet in water, sip a cool beer and live your life without work, turn off the phone signal, away from boss and relax with life for 2 days 1 night.

I also feel the same. I work in a office, feeling so bored. I have to wake up early, hurry to Clock in, if I make a little bit late, I will be complaint and if I often go to work late, I will be kick off. But anyway what ever will be will be, life has to goes slowly and calmly. Battery can be running off, our body can be dilapidated, especially our mental health, haha.

I try to search a ticket from Traveloka and Jetradar and find out that ticket to Phuket is only 2,300 Baht which is very cheap and surprised me because I book the ticket 6 hours in advance which the price is the same rate as booking 2-3 months in advance. I find a cheap ticket+ I loss control of myself so I book the ticket, go to the airport and fly immediately without consciousness.

While the plane is landed at Phuket. I open HotelQuickly App to find the accommodation near the sea. I find out one place which is recommended by Lub D Patong Phuket, so I click to see it. OMG, the accommodation price starts at 375 Baht. This place is Hotel & Hostel which is served in both hotel and hostel in the same building. I book it but I book the one that more costly because I want a cozy and comfortably stay like other people do, hahaha. Actually, not like that. This is a low season, the accommodation price is really cheap. They give a discount from 2,000 Baht to 1,000 Baht so how can I ignore it haha.

I travel from the airport to Pha Tong by taxi. It costs 1,000 Baht but I negotiate to give me discount at 800 Baht. Taxi at Phuket in Thailand is the most damn thing which I think I would never ever use it again. I will rent a car tomorrow then.

It doesn't take so long to travel from airport to accommodation. No traffic jam, spending around 30 minutes only. I hand in my phone to check in and take a sleep. Tomorrow I plan to rent a car and go for surfing at Kata beach and then go on to Flow wave in front of the beach before I go back. I plan haphazardly, go or not go is okay for me. For tonight, I will take a break at my room and go to sleep.

I stay at Deluxe room. Right now it is in the middle of the low season and the end of high season. 2nd and 3rd floor is the best floor to see the view. It is close to a boxing ground. My room is no. 1310. Who want to see a view like this, you should choose this room no. I wake early in the morning because of the sound of the rain fall that impinge the balcony. The atmosphere makes me want to stay at my room, lying in the room but I arrive here so I have go out then.

At Lub D Patonh Phuket, they are very good at Breakfast Set. I really like it, I pay only 175 Baht and I can stay there for over 24 hours. In a set, there is a standard food provided to choose for example fried egg, bacon, bread and so on around 4 - 5 dishes. And they will set a limit piece per dish like a limit 20 pieces of bread per dish. But you can order it within 24 hours. I can say that you don't have to go anywhere, just sleep in the hotel is enough.

There are a lot of activities to do here. Manager says that please don't go out anywhere in the evening and come back to the hotel because it is very lively here. People will go out for swimming and an Activities floor will turn on the music EDM to dance. Many foreigners will come here ><

During breakfast, I have a chance to meet with one Chinese guy. He is playing pool so I ask to join with him. We play for 2 sets and I am a loser for all 2 sets. Since I have been here so many times so I ask them where they want to go and listen to their plan so that I can give them recommendation. Finally, I haven't gave them any suggestion, I just only invite you to share my transportation fee haha. I also share my idea to them after listen to them and they seem to feel interested so I ask them if they interest to join with me or not?

I don't know whether they want to join or not but their one of their girl friend already decide to come with me so she invites other too. And finally we go together, we rent a car which cost more than 2,000 Baht and then I drive for them to see Phuket city. We departure at 12.00 pm. I familiar going to Thalang road so I want to take them to eat a local food like spicy curry or ice tea that is well known in Phuket.

More than that they buy Durian to eat here too haha. It is foul all over the car. It's rain during the period we go there so we haven't go out to take a picture in the olden Portuguese city. But actually I can take picture there but I am lazy because I have visited there 5 times now. What I wondering is my foreign friends, they are not taking any picture so why are they travelling haha. After we have lunch, we then go to eat dessert near an olden Portuguese.

Just eat a small dish after they are fulled then I bring them to go surfing. I drive back to Kata beach to play surf. Not many people know that we can play surfing during Monsoon or rainy season in Thailand. The tide is very high around 2-3 meters which is suitable for people who play surfing in the country.

I think that surfing is both hard and easy at the same time but you have to endure for a period of time because you have to swim against the wave to find a bigger wave. I recommend Boat House Re Ka Ta. There is a team of Jimmy and Tim waiting there. They teach free and board rental fee is only 150 Baht/ hour.

We play for a while then I feel so tired and exhausted, the tide is so high and I can't stand for that so I request to go back to Surf House to play a fake tide. This is another activity that I quite like it. I play it until night on that day. Surfing fee at Surf House is 1,000 Baht for the first time and pay only 800 Baht for next time.

That's it. I am now going to hurry back to hotel. They say that this place is lively in the evening and I like that small party with the guest who stay in the same hotel too. If anyone who often go backpack abroad, you will familiar with this activity which is a really good activity to build up relationship. For me even if I have so much money, but I still want to stay a hostel like this because I can get new connection which sometimes it is more important than money haha.

After we park the car and go in front of the accommodation, omg! I really like atmosphere like this. I tell my Chinese friend to live stuffs at the room and meet them down here. Today we are going to join a small party.

Having foreign friend is good but one thing that I really like is that they are not care about anything. They dance, kiss, do anything they want. They are really confidence which is difference from Thai people that aware of many things around. Sometimes life has to do thing extremely. So travelling with foreigner sometimes give more sense of enjoyable than travelling with Thai people.Don't feel slight but this is my real experience except from my close friend haha.

Last night party is in moderate level so I can still wake up early. I wake up and go to exercise at the activity court by released my emotional to a sandbag haha. Sometimes you have to throw away your strain in a difference place which is also one of a good idea. I can release the strain and re-energize. Just imagine that the sandbag is a damn guy that's all hahaha.

I buy a package crusing package via Medsye Travel which is coordinate with Discover Catamaran. cruising Yatch from Mai Ton Koh and have dinner at Sri Panwa. You really can't miss this program. I also invite my Chinese friend to go together while waiting for the time but they invite me to their room first. Their room is a Dorm type, so cute.

Yeah!!! Finally I can see a hostel of this place now. The room looks good and there is a small shelf to keep one's own stuff too but you have to bring your own key. This place has 3 types of room which are Dorm, the price is around 400 Baht and around 1,000 Baht for Junior room. The room that I choose is Deluxe room, the price is almost 2,000 Baht in some season and this place is just opens last month ago. So, I can say that I am one of the first group to stay here haha.

I tell my Chinese friend that today I will go on a cruise and ask them if they interested or not blahh blahh but they say that they have already booked Bungee jumping and I don't know where they are going next, I forget that. So I tell them that it is ok, I will go there alone so I invite them to have breakfast downstairs and swim together.

Swimming pool here is a mirror. You can see friend swim which I think it is very cool but don't prank under the water haha.

It is time to move on. I plan to play Flow board 1 hour before cruising so I say goodbye to my friend. They are going to fly to Chiang Mai so I give them some recommendation of the place they should visit, thing they should do. We give a hug and exchange Facebook before I drive the car to Kata beach to train Flow board.

Happy Hour of this place is very good. They give a discount and add more time. Normal price is 800 Baht/ 1 hour but if you come during 9.30 - 11.00 am, you can play 1 and a half hour and pay for 500 Baht only. And this is the reason why I leave my Chinese haha but I pay for almost 10,000 Baht now but I still can't settle myself on the board for 10 seconds. I fall down every time when I unhand the rope.

I drive to Dolphin port at Kata Beach. Not so far away, around 30 minutes to arrive. This package is BH14. Detail of the trip is

  • Go to Mai Ton Kho
  • Snorkelling
  • Fishing
  • Watch dolphin show
  • Dinner at Baba Pool Sripanwa

The ship departure at 13.30 pm. Not so long to reach Mai Ton Koh. I see 3 dolphins but I can't take it picture haha. I just shout out to make everyone notice. This trip is a private trip, there are only 7 people which are 6 Thai people 1 foreigner haha.

There are a Fin and Snorkel put together on the boat which all these things are included in the package. Then we dive to see coral reef. I also see a star fish but I haven't took its picture haha. But, there are a lot of fish there. They swim around traveler like in the postcard that sell in the book store.

They let us play with water and diving at that area around 45 minutes. You are free to dive, swim or take a chilly sit on the boat. There is a beverage sells on the boat. An atmosphere likes this, so I should order 1 can of beer now haha.

After that I take on a boat back to the back of Mai Ton Kho to go for fishing.I don't think that I can fish it but then I realize that I can fish a lot of fishes, more than 10 pieces. At first I think that they will cook for us but no they split the fresh fish and dip with Wasabi and eat like a Japanese Sashimi haha.

I want to add some detail about the BH package. There are 2 rounds which are morning round BH10 and evening round BH14. I suggest you to choose the evening round so that you can see the last light of Sri Panwa in a romance atmosphere. The package costs 4,000 Baht/person including everything. Dolphin Pier is the meeting point.

They are cuddling that is the feeling that single people would not understand. I also quickly force myself to sleep because I understand the atmosphere is good but please don't cuddling in front of single people like me to see haha. By the way, I also happy to see thing like this. You would be so chill out, if you come here with your lover. Anyway, the atmosphere that you see is really cozy during the journey to Sri Panwa.

Cruising for a while, tour guide comes to wake me up and tell me that we are reach now. Omg, I have seen only on television. This is called Laem Panwa Phuket, its really look elegant. The boat stop at the pier. Our guide recommend some briefly detail and then go to hotel, Baba pool zone.

I like this place very much since I enter the entrance. The hotel is like a shady forest which is very to the surrounding atmosphere. I don't think that the ivy would be threaded the building or walk way like this. It is really beautiful and if you look at another way, you will see a mountain and sea. Hmmm....I really love it.

At Baba Pool, we can play with water, use towel and other things from Sripanwa. You can home here without stay over night at Sripanwa but it is good enough when you can do thing like this. Going up to the deck to see view from another side is also look great.

Our guide will let us choose the food menu since we are on the boat. We are choose what we want to eat which are Starter, Main, Desert periodically. There are many yummy foods. This is a service of 5 start hotel so they definitely give us a full and delicate services.

I have a meal for a while then I ask to go for soaking in the pool and see Sripanwa view. It is once in a lifetime but it would be better if I can have a cocktail with me but I am already fulled and can't stand eating something anymore haha.

When I am in water, I see many girls sitting here near the table then I make a glance at them. They are so nice and cute but I do like I ignore them but they seem like looking at me and make gossip about me so many times. So I feel eagle and want to know what they are talking about so I directly go toward them haha. I ask them where they are from, why they come, what their name, blahh blahh.. We add each other LINE account after we have a chat. I add their LINE because they live in Osaka and I also have plan to go there during New Year holiday. They will definitely be my best guide in that trip. Now it's time I have to go back, I drive back to the airport, return the car and take a plane with a question in my mind that when should I return to Phuket again...

Mi Palapilii

 Thursday, December 8, 2016 9:49 AM