Hi everyone, in this review I will take you guys to travel abroad at the place where is not far at all.

Well, this review would be my review Vol.38.

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It is the country in the South East of Asia which has an area of 329,758 sq.m. In the present, Malaysia consists of 13 states and 3 federal territories which are Putrajaya, Labuan and Kuala Lumpur which is a capital city of the country.

This trip we would be travel in 2 cities which are Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur.

Getting there:

Since Malaysia is our neighbouring country that borders with the South of Thailand, thus, transportation is pretty easy as we could travel by land, air and ship. And this trip, we would use a service of Airasia which we arrive at the Airport early since 5 o'clock in the morning, however, the flight time is 8.30am. There would be five of us in this trip and everyone is a teenager. Lol (Me, my mom and 3 of my friends)

The journey takes around 2 hours flight time to Malaysia which Malaysia's time will be one hour faster than our country.

Now we have reached at KLIA 2 Airport.

First, we would stop to buy SIM card at the airport.

After that we will go to buy bus ticket of Sky Bus (red color). It would take around 1 hour and 15 minutes ride.

(KLIA2 >>> KL Sentral) 11RM per person.

Now let's cut across to the hotel that we are going to stay in this trip.

Le Apple Boutique Hotel @KLCC

The direction starts from KL Sentral station and take LRT train (pink line) to KLCC station.

We continue walking approximately 5-7 minutes, the hotel would be nearby the Twin Tower (400 meters distance)

The reason which I have chosen this hotel is that I would like to take pictures of Twin Tower every night while I was staying there.

Moreover, this hotel is pretty close to KLCC station which is at the underground floor of the shopping mall.

Well, we would place our baggage at the hotel first as it is not time to check-in yet.

We leave the hotel, then walk straight to the shopping mall to find something to eat and we will go somewhere else.

We look around for awhile and finally choose this cuisine "OLDTOWN WHITE COFFEE".

This menu is quite testy, it feels like our roasted-pork over rice.

When we are done, it is time to check-in at the hotel. Therefore, we decide that we should go back and freshen up a bit at the hotel and then continue travelling to the next destination afterwards.

Room for two person.

Triple room.

The view from triple room.

Bukit Bintang is our first destination of the day.

Getting there:

First: Take the LRT train (Pink line) from KLCC station >>>> to Dang Wangi station.

Second: Walk up to the monorail (Green line) from Bukit Nanas >>> to Bukit bintang station.

There are lots of shopping malls around this area, however, we have limited budget so we just only do the window shopping. LoL, and we indeed go to every malls in this area.

Time to do some shopping !!!!

- Pavilian Kuala Lumpur

- Starhill Gallery

- Fahrenheit 88

- Lot 10 Shopping Center

We are quite exhausted, hence, let's go back and take some rest.

Day 2 Today's goal would be visiting the Batu Caves

Getting there:

First: From the hotel, take the LRT at KLCC station >>>> to KL Sentral station "The central of the transportation hub in Kuala Lumpur"

Second: Take the KTM Komuter train (Red line) to Batu Caves station (25-30 minutes)

There are many seats available.

KTM Komuter (Red line) from Sentral station to Batu Caves station, last station and hop off.

From then, walk along the way and you wouldn't get lost for sure as there are so many people going to this place.

Continue walking.

Batu Caves is a large limestone mountain which nowadays is one of the prominent symbols of Selangor state where many visitors like to come to worship the Hindu gods.

My mom wants to take a picture so I would take it for her. Lol.

Walking up the stairs, make me sweat a little.

In the cave, the weather is alright as the wind blows all the times.

You must be careful if you bring a child with you as the monkey here is pretty scary, I would say.

Getting down is alright for me. Chills.

When we reach at the below area and look at the time, I am surprised that we take quite some time here as well. Lol.

It is not my "MOM" that worn out, it's "ME" instead. Lol

We are done with today's mission, and during late evening would be shopping time.

Before going shopping, we should fill up some more energy by eating something so let's head back to KLCC station first.

From the underground, it is a shopping mall but I could not remember the name of the place. We walk around for a while and then this place just catches my eyes as the smell of Kimchi strikes my nose. Then my mom asks me that we travel to Malaysia and are we going to eat Korean food? I quickly answer my mom "YES" and bring them all inside the place.

Kimchi Fried-rice. Very yummy.

We really enjoy the food, it feels like we are having a meal in Korea and the meal is affordable as well.

If anyone is interested, I would recommend this place. Lol

Facebook page of this cuisine is https://www.facebook.com/B.bap.my/

And now since the hotel is close by the shopping mall, therefore, we would take some rest at our hotel first.

Until around 5pm, we all walk out from the hotel and get into the mall to get through the other side of the mall and what we see in front of us is the main destination of this trip, I am so excited. It is the Petronas Twin Towers which the area would be surrounded by a lot of big shopping malls.

We have reach our destination, I would like to take some pictures with my mom then.

What we are waiting for finally comes, the night light at the Petronas Twin Towers. It is stunning and it is like my dream comes true.

Moreover, I have taken my mom to see the place with me. It is really beautiful beyond any words to describe. You have to come and see by yourselves.

Two days went by like a wind. It likes they said that "Happy time is really short"

Our last destination of this trip is the Putra Mosque.

Getting there:

First: From the hotel, take LRT (Pink line) to KL Sentral.

Second: From KL Sentral, you could buy KLIA TRANSIT train ticket at this counter.

If anyone would like to go to the airport, you also travel by this KLIA TRANSIT train and buy the ticket at this place.

Now we will go to Putrajaya, thus, we tell the officer that we want to go to Putrajaya >>> get off at Putrajaya & Cyberjaya station.

It would take around 30 minutes ride.

Upon getting off from the train, then we will transfer to the bus

Before getting on the bus, please ask the bus driver to ensure you are in the right bus first.

Riding for a while, we will see this view. I am so excited right now.

Crossing a bridge for a bit and we would reach the destination. Then, the driver nods to us meaning that we reach our destination now (body language again. Lol)

Upon getting off from the bus, we then keep walking further. Well, today is pretty hot but the sky is really nice.

For Pink Mosque or the Putra Mosque is the place where the Muslims perform their ritual practice and it is not opened for other religious followers during the time that they perform Islamic worship rites. Thus, for anyone who are interested to visit inside the Mosque, you could take a visit according to the schedule which would be in rounds as follow:

Saturday - Thursday from 09.00am - 12.00pm / 02.00pm - 04.00pm / 05.30pm - 06.00pm

Friday from 03.00pm - 04.00pm / 05.30pm - 06.00pm

Dress code - Men have to wear long sleeve T-shirts and long pants. Women have to wear long pants and there would be coats provide around the entrance way as well.

Inside, it is splendid. Yet do not forget to get the coat before going inside.

For the men who dress properly, the officer would not give them coat but if you want to wear, you could ask the officer.

The exterior outside the building is great, however, the interior inside is more stunning.

It takes us a just a little while inside as this place is pretty crowded and there are many restricted area.

However, before leaving, we would take some pictures with us.

Actually, this area still has many attractions but since we have a flight back to Thailand in late evening so we could only come to get some air-con and ask for more travel information at the information center.

During we walk to catch the bus, we would take some photos along the way.

Finally, our mission is complete. We grab our baggage and head to the airport which is the same route when we came here.

First we will start from KL Sentral station, we would buy a ticket for Sky Bus (Red line) to KLIA2 airport.

When we arrive at the Airport, you should do some shopping first and then load you baggage as if get into the terminal, there would be nothing to shop there. I warn you from my experience. LoL.

At last, it is now the time to head back to Thailand. I ask my mom whether she is tired or not and she says "Not at all, I could still continue travelling" LoL

Finally, I would like to thank you all for following my review and see you next time.

Let's see where am I going to travel next or where would I take you to eat next.

Thank you.

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