Today, I would take you all to the islands which I have hold this review for over a year.

Let's see which islands we are going to!! The review issues Vol.27

Thank you "Phukettourholiday" for this trip.

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This trip, we have travelled to Phuket for several days. However, today will take you guys to travel on One Day Trip to Similan Islands, Phang Nga Province.

Moreover, for this trip I have been awarded by participating with Phukettourholiday

In the morning on a journey day, there is a van comes to pick us up at the front of the hotel. When they pick up all the tourists, they then drive to the pier straight away.

When we arrive at the pier, around that area would have a food and refreshment provide for free because they already charge us in the tour price.

Before leaving, the staff would advise the itinerary to tourists.

08.30am. - Checking-in and get the diving equipment, then having some snacks and drinks. (Tea / Coffee / Ovaltine).

09:00am to 09:30am. - Departure from Private Thap Lamu Pier which is the best one in the Andaman Sea by speed boat

10:20am -10:50am. - Snorkelling at the first spot to watch the gorgeous scenery of underwater world, see fishes and colorful coral at the fifth and sixth islands.

11.45am. - Arrive at the fourth island (Koh Miang) where you can do the snorkeling or swimming at the Princess Bay and relaxing on the white beach.

12.00pm. - Have a lunch buffet prepare by the National Park at the fourth island.

01.00pm. - Depart from the fourth island and around late evening would do snorkeling at Koh Ba Ngu (Ninth island) at Christmas Point. It is the highlight of the snorkeling place for a spectacular coral view and a variety of beautiful colorful fishes.

02.15pm. - Reach the Donald Duck Bay of the Similan Islands (Eighth Island), where you can relax on the beach, swim, take a photo or climb up to the scenic spot on the sailing rock which is considered as the symbol of the Similan Islands. Otherwise, you could wash your body and change to the dry cloth at this island.

02:30pm. - Take you to the sailing rock, the symbol of "Similan Sea" at the Eighth island (Similan Islands) or you could choose to relax and swim at the beautiful Donald Duck Bay.

03:30pm. - Depart from Similan Islands (Eighth Island) to get back to private pier of SeaStar at Thap Lamu Pier,.

04:50pm. - Back to private Thap Lamu Pier and take a trip back to the hotel safe and sound.

***the itinerary would depend on the weather condition as well.

Depart from the private Thap Lamu Pier.

We travel by Speed Boat.

The staff teaches us how to use the equipment.

The first spot to dive (Too bad, I didn't do the diving)

They give us around an hour spending at this spot and then leave to another island.

It takes only a while and we reach the fourth island (Koh Miang) where we will have lunch which is prepared as a buffet by the National Park for us. This place is pretty crowed.

After finish the meal, we could go wander around, go swimming or go snorkeling as you prefer.

I want you all to know that the real scenery is hundred times much more beautiful than in my pictures.

Bright blue sky, clear blue sea and white soft sand, everything is wonderful.

We head out from the fourth island and continue to Koh Ba Ngu (Ninth island) which is the highlight place for snorkeling.

The staff says that at this area, there are many gorgeous corals and fishes to watch.

We continue our journey to the sailing stone, it is right in front of us.

Here we are, at the Donald Duck Bay of the Similan Islands (Eighth island).

Here, there is crystal blue sea water and white fine sand, yet the area is too crowded.

I would like to tell everyone that you should not miss out going up to the sailing rock which is considered as the symbol of "Similan Sea"

Today, it is dreadfully hot and our feet are burning but we have to put up with it. The walkway is a rock alternates with a wooden staircase. Alright, we can bare it, to get a great picture for all of you.

We reach to the top, and we will meet with the "Sailing Rock"

Looking down below, the place is captivating that we all forgot about the heat and the tiredness. This is really worth climbing up to the top.

We just lost in a time with this beautiful place; the staff calls us to be back on the boat right now so we need to rush.

We hurry down to the boat as we are afraid that they would forget us. Lol. However, everyone should not be worried about it as the staff could remember all of tourists' names.

During the trip back to Thap Lamu Pier, if you are lucky, you will meet with the dolphins. And fortunately, we are lucky enough to see the group of dolphins this time.

But we could only look from afar with our eyes. There are many dolphins jumping, however, I have a wide lens camera so I could not zoom to where they are jumping.

Finally, I would like to thank you to everyone for reading my review.

If there are any mistakes, I would like to say sorry in advance.

See you later.

Thank you all of you for the kind support.

S Travel My Story

 Monday, September 26, 2016 11:57 AM