Where are we going during New Year's holiday? Let's go chill out and watch stars at Nan Province then.

This trip would be during the night of the 30 th December till the morning of the 1st January with just only two of us. It is a trip during New Year time on the beginning of 2016 that we intend to travel to Doi Samer Dao, Nan Province. We have not planned the trip in advance and did not book any tickets in advance as well; therefore, we would travel to Nan by car. We start our trip after finish work on the 30th of December, take a shower, have some meal, now we are all ready and also the vehicle, then we take off around half past eight at night. We exchange the driving around 1 o'clock in the morning and head straight to Doi Samer Dao non-stop. During that period, it's a long holiday and we head off slower than others. Furthermore, we drive at night time and luckily we didn't face any traffic along the way. We drive easily and reach Doi Samer Dao around 6 o'clock in the morning which the place is already packed at that time. We have been informed by the officer that we have to wait for the people who sleep on the mountain last night coming down first and then the place would be opened for visitors at 10a.m again. Consequently, we decide to go to Phachoo which is near Doi Samer Dao first.

Here, it's Pha Chu,the name of this place is interesting, I was wondering who named it?!!

During on the way back from Pha Chu, we have seen this sign; therefore, we take a photo to show that we already arrived at this place.

Then we head back to wait at Doi Samer Dao, yet we are really hungry so we stop by for some food first. As at the top of Doi Samer Dao would not have any food selling there, thus, we need to bring some foods by ourselves or call for delivery. There would be many choices of restaurant for us to choose from and this is the place we choose. (the cuisine's name is similar to the name of Doi Samer Dao)

Finally, the officer opens up the place. We hurriedly ride the car to queue up to choose the place for our tent and park the car at the above area because they would not allow to park the car at the tent area. They would provide a space to park the car which could fit only around 20 cars. For others who come in late would have to park their car downstairs and would have to take a long walking distance to come up here for sure. That's why we need to rush. Lol.

The scenery of Doi Samer Dao during the afternoon, the sun is burning.

And this is where we do the camping (our luxury accommodation tonight).

This is Pha Hua Sing (Lion Rock) scenic spot (the cliff located next to the tent place, only turn around our bodies and we could see it right away)

After occupying the tent area already, and the weather is really hot during the afternoon so we go to see the scenic view at the opposite side of the tent area.

During the late evening, we hurry to take a shower because as soon as the sunset, the place would be replaced with the cold breeze instantly. After finish taking shower, we go to have something to eat at the cuisine which is not far from our accommodation. We order the grilled fish in advance since we came up here or for anyone who would like something else could order from the restaurant at below area (the area that we have our breakfast). There would be a delivery guy delivers the meal to you. (We didn't take any photos as we are so hungry and the food just disappeared right away as a blink of an eye).

As we are very exhausted from the drive, we have a really deep sleep that night. We wake up again during the morning time and miss out to watch the stars. We did not take any photos of the stars, yet we could take photos only the morning view at Doi Samer Dao instead. This morning, there is not much mist to be seen but there are a lot of people waiting to watch the mist up here.

After finish collecting our stuffs, getting down from the mountain and then finish our meal, we then continue travelling to other places that I would review all about it in others post for you guys.


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 Tuesday, September 27, 2016 4:44 PM