One Day Trip to prove our heart strength at GRAND CANYON @ Chonburi Province.

GRAND CANYON, Chonburi Province. When the traveling mood comes, we have to go on a journey. "Because life never stops traveling"

GRAND CANYON, Chonburi Province, this place originally used to be an old mine that has been abandoned for a long time which later becomes to be an area that has a stagnant water inside which somehow looks like the Grand Canyon in a foreign country. Moreover, the area around the edge of the mine is considered the most beautiful scenic spot of the place.

GRAND CANYON, Chonburi is located inside the Khiri Quarry which you could take a turn at Khiri junction (The mine is located next to the railway) which the location is Moo 7, Huai Kapi Sub-District, Mueang District, Chonburi Province. Getting there, you would have to travel to downtown Chonburi, then head to Khiri junction and drive straight until you cross the railway. From there, turn left at Khiri 8 alley and then continue straight until you find the railway again. But this time, you do not have to cross the railway, but make a right turn to the road along the railway. From Bangkok, it just takes a little moment to get there, however, you have to park your car and walk inside. (There is a parking lot with 20baht fee)

Do not feel discouraged and turn back home right away as the distance is not far as you think. There might be glasses grow along the way, yet you can still walk easily to the destination.

Finally, we arrive at the GRAND CANYON, Chonburi. Today, the weather is terribly hot with a bright blue sky.

It is not far from Bangkok and if you are free, you should try to take a trip here. You will definitely get a really great pictures to show everyone for sure.


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 Tuesday, September 27, 2016 4:45 PM