..When the rainy season is coming, it rise up all wild life both animals and forest. Moreover, it is also attracted all hikers to come in to the forest. For this trip, we plan to camping beside the waterfall in Khao Yai National Park, Prachantakam, Prachinburi where there are so many falls.

The place is not that far from Bangkok, it takes us about 2 hours to get here. Once we arrive, we directly contact the National Park Office for entry permit and the guild which we already contact them in advance.

Our destination is located in the middle of Khao Yai National Park in Prachinburi zone, called The Bubbles Waterfall and Takondam Waterfall where we can only walk to get there. From the starting point (Takor Waterfall), we can walk to many other falls in this area but we have to contact the national park staffs for guide and leader because there are many wildlife animals live here which they might come out and harm you.

There are 8 of us together with 1 national park staff and 2 carriers. We start to walk up to the hill behind the national park office which it is quite overgrown. Sometime we have to clear the way for ourselves to walk pass.

The advantage of hiking in the rainy season is we do not feel so hot with some light rain. Even we have to walk up and down small hills or crossing the river, the route is not that hard with the distant of 8 KM.

After 5 hours, we arrive at our camping point. As it is raining everyday, the officer afraid of flooding so we move up a little bit from the stone area beside the fall. Later on, we go for shower then having dinner and chitchat until the late night. The weather tonight is quite hot even there is light rain all night long.

Tweet in the morning is so nice.

Wash our face, have a cup of coffee and take a camera out with us to take photos of the fall.

This fall is created from big rivers that flow through the forest and fall to the stone hills. It becomes beautiful fall.

We spend sometimes at the beginning of the fall but we cannot go deeper as the water flow is quite strong. We ask the officer why people call "The Bubbles Waterfall"??? The answer is when the water falls to the stone below, it creates a lot of bubbles. After packing everything, we continue to another fall which is "Takondam Waterfall"

We walk back to the same route as yesterday for about two hours, one of our friends is missing because we separate into 2 groups. One group walks follow the river and the other one cuts the way and walk up to the other walk path. As they walk pass the river, so we do not see each other. We notice that one of us is missing when we do the group count. So the officer goes to find him at the same place. If you anyone missing from the group while hiking, please stay at the same place do not try to continue walking because the officer will try to find you from route where we walk pass.

Yeah!!! We are here at Kontadam Waterfall, the big cataract that locates on the same river flow with The Bubbles Waterfall. There are many falls above here such as Saladdai Waterfall, Tadhinyaw and so on.

We take only few photos then it is raining. However, we are wondering why the officer so hurry to get us back to the national park office, he said that I does not feel comfortable and something is not right so he better takes all of us back as soon as possible. This is the wild instinct so we must listen and do as the officer suggested.

We come out from the forest in soaking wet !!!

Thank you everyone for following our review, you can see me in my next adventure journey.

Thank you very much