Grand United Hotel


On the last day, we have breakfast the hotel and check out, ready for moving to the next destination. During the way, I have seen the traditional way of life of people here. Most of people still wear sarong but some people start to dress up as western. People carry their lunch box to work. Every taxi has air condition but they do not use it, they frequently drive with window open (It will be different rate for using air condition), favourite car color is white ^^.

We take the coast to Syriam which takes us about 45 minutes. Syriam used to be a port city of Portugal since the period of General Phillip de Brito Gi Nicote until 1613. We still can see some remains of wall in Lusitanian Baroque Style which is located at the coastal of Yangon river and Irawadee River. Nowadays, Syriam becomes an industry city. Mostly, people are working is petroleum factory and beer factory. Local people are Burmese Indian because during the British Colonial Syriam was a center of port city that produced food to Yangon and England also took Indian labor to work here. So they settle down here until now. At the pier to Kyaik Hwaw Wun Pagoda, there are many vendors selling flowers and shoes keepers as they do not allow to shoes to the temple.

Kyaik Hwaw Wun Pagoda, Syriam


Kyaik Hwaw Wun Pagoda or Pagoda in the water, the story said that this pagoda was built over a thousand year ago. There was a monk who dreamed that there is a beautiful pagoda in the water so he told the king that he would like to build the pagoda. He also wishes that if there is flooding, it will not be over the pagoda and when there are many people come for worshiping, there will be unlimited space for people. If there are any activities here, it can contains about twenty thousand people. There are many boat service around the pagoda island as well as vendors who are selling flower, candles and joss sticks. The entrance is a beautiful sculpture wooden door. We worship to an old Buddha image which is located on a gold wooden throne.

Most of the temples have glass to protect the Buddha image and people will bring coconut, banana, flowers and victor leave for worshiping. The most important of this pagoda is the porch that protrudes to the back of the pagoda where is Upagupta located. The story said, King Asoke Maharaj does not believe in Upagupta power so the king sends the crazy elephant to hurt Upagupta. He can stop the crazy elephant so King Asoke Maharaja gives him food and pray more respect. While he eat, the sun is going to midday so he tall the sun to wait until he finish his meal and the sun really stops for him. So in Myanmar, people believe that Upagupta can give them luckiness and comfortable life. There is a stone in front of the Upagupta image, life the stone twice if your wish will become true, you will feel it different weight.

After that we go to have lunch at Polo Club with premium menus such as lobster, Peking duck and river fish. Then go to buy 3 in 1 tea that very famous in Myanmar before leaving.

Bodatown Pagoda, Nadboboyi God and Amadormer Goddess


Next is Badatown Pagoda which was built by a thousand soldiers to contain remains of 8 Indian Monks since 2,000 years ago. In 1943, the pagoda was bomb so they found hair relics and Buddha relics moreover there are Buddha images in gold, and silver as well as baked clay record. The pagoda decorates with colorful tiles and there are meditation corners. Nadboboyi God and Amadormer Goddess are also located inside for people to pray for their luckiness.

White Elephant, Insein, Yangon


We stop by to see the white elephants, there are 8 white elephant in Myanmar; 5 in Nay Pyi Taw and the other 3 in Yangon. Names are as below>>>>

1. Rajagaha Thiri Pissayagaja Raja at Insein Township, Yangon

2. Theingi Malar at Insein Township, Yangon

3. Rati Malar at Insein Township, Yangon

4. Bhaddawady at Uppatathanti, Nay Pyi Taw

5. Nandawady at Uppatathanti, Nay Pyi Taw

6. Ngwe Saddan at Uppatathanti, Nay Pyi Taw

7. Haymawady at Uppatathanti, Nay Pyi Taw

8. No name : a daughter of Bhaddawady at Uppatathanti, Nay Pyi Taw

Marble Buddha, Yangon


Marble Buddha is a temple that has the biggest Marble Buddha Image. The marble Buddha was built in General Tanchuay period as they found a very big marble in Ya Kai State. So they sculpture the marble in some part and send to Yangon to finish the rest. They keep the marble Buddha in a glass room with air condition on because if the marble absorb heat, it will be broke.

Bogyoke Aung San Market, Yangon


Bogyoke Aung San Market or Scot Market was built by Scottish during British colonial which look like a long building. Mostly, they sell silver products, traditional fabric, painting in Mon and Burmese style, jewels, etc. The market opens everyday 10.00am. – 17.00pm. ***If you buy jewels or any high value items, you should ask for receipts every time because the customs might check on it.***

For me, I do not do much shopping so I just walk around and find a coffee shop for tourist so I try it out (taste of milk than coffee that's why Burmese do not like coffee). Then walking from there a little bit, there is a tea cafe where Burmese people are enjoying so much.

And it is time to go back...Thank you everyone in the trip, thank you Smiling Holiday that service us as a professional and bring us safely home. And last but not least are all of you who come to visit my long review.

See you on my next journey^^

Thank you very much...

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