Samaesan Island becomes more famous to both Thais and foreigners tourists because it is not that far from Bangkok and the sea here has plentiful of sea animals and corals.

There is limited number of visitors here as it is the conservative tourist attraction place and under control of Royal Thai Navy. Moreover, this island do not allow tourists to stay over night, otherwise you can stay overnight at the main land only.

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The first point that we will see is the pavilion of Tien Beach.

Tien Beach Pier at Samaesan Island

Another corner of Tien Beach

When everyone arrives at the island, we all have to attend the speech from the officer about rules and regulations while on the island.

After that, for anyone who interested in diving please prepare yourself>>>

Tien Beach

After that we take the bus which prepare by the officer to Luklom Beach.

Luklom Beach is another peaceful beach on Samaesan Island, a good place for relax and can do many activities.

Such as Kayaking>>>

OR photographing

OR Swimming in the sea>>>

OR even play Beach volleyball>>>

Some might find their peaceful corner to sit and relax.

OR snorkeling to see corals

OR walk to the other side of the beach where there are many stones that also can give you another feeling.

If you like something more challenging, you can go up to Luklom Beach Viewpoint. To walk up there we have to be very careful because it is quite sheer.

The small island over there is not to far from Luklom Beach, it is where people go for diving.

From Samaesan Island, we go to Nam Sai Beach.

If you are looking for a beachfront resort, here is another choice for you.

Nam Sai Beach

Before go home, we stop by Prince of Chumphon Shrine, Udomsak at Khao Pu Laem Jao, Sattahip, Chonburi.

Ending the review with this photo>>>

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