Hello everyone, I would like to take this opportunity to say "Happy new year" to all members here.

This year 2015 year, myself, Tummeng Travel would like to start my first review of this year with my hometown once again.

This time I have an opportunity to travel together with Tourism Authority of Thailand, Chiang Rai branch, we travel to launch the new tourism route at Wiang Kaen district, the district that has spectacular attractions which its beauty is not less than anywhere else in Thailand.

And it is a nice spot to view Nang Phaya Sua Krong flower (Wild Himalayan Cherry) as well.

As for today, I will travel to 3 important places of Wiang Kaen district which are Doi Pha Tang, Phu Chee Fah and Phu Chee Dao. Phu Chee Dao is recently open for tourism attraction. So how spectacular gorgeousness will it is?

Let's go and have a look.

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Wiang Kaen district located at the north eastern area of Chiang Rai province, the landscapes of the area combine with plains area which has Ngao River flow through and the mountains area of Doi Yao and Doi Pha Mon. The border connects to Laos which has Mekong River as a natural boundary. Wiang Kaen district is located with many important places such as Dong Wiang Kaen Ancient City, Kang Pha Dai, Doi Pha Tang, Phu Chee Fah and recently open for tourism attraction, Phu Chee Dao. There are various ethnic group populations live at Wiang Kaen district which make its population have specific multicultural lifestyle. Moreover, Wiang Kaen district is also the place for producing important economic crop, pomelo, which is renowned in both provincial and national level.

After reading this review, you will know a lot more about this charming place called Wiang Kaen.

Speaking of the tourism aspect of Wiang Kaen, everyone must surely know Phu Chee Fah, Yep! I mean Phu Chee Fah, one of the most important tourism attractions of Thailand, nonetheless, only a few knows that Phu Chee Fah is actually located at Wiang Kaen district. Everyone may know that Phu Chee Fah is located at Tub Tao sub-district, Tueng district. Anyway, it is not wrong as the main entrance of Phu Chee Fah is in Tueng district, Chiang Rai province, but actually there is also another entrance located in Wiang Kaen district.

Therefore, in this review I will write and post photos of Phu Chee Fah from the Wieng Kaen district entrance.

Many people may question that since other people travel to Phu Chee Fah from Tueng district, so why do we need to travel to Phu Chee Fah from Wiang Kaen district?

Actually, the main purpose that I would recommend everyone to travel to Phu Chee Fah from Wiang Kaen district is just only because this area locate Ngao Ngao watershed management unit which is the place that has Nang Phaya Sua Krong flower (Wild Himalayan Cherry) profusely bloom every year between the end of December to the end of January.

At Ngao Ngao watershed management unit, they plant thousands of Nang Phaya Sua Krong flower (Wild Himalayan Cherry) all over the place.

The ascent of Phu Chee Fah from Wiang Kaen district side is situated at Rom Pho Thong village, it is a cement ascent way take approximately 2 kilometers long and we need to continue on foot, about 400 meters walk, it is nearer than the ascent from Tub Tao sub-district side, but only it is just not bustling like the other side. This way is suited for people who love peacefulness; there are resorts and the tent yard of private sector available for service or for those who would like to stay at Ngao Ngao watershed management unit, they could prepare and take their own tent and the unit will arrange the toilet and tent yard free of charge. Therefore, for those who stay on this area, they will find the pink scene according to the picture.

When finish watching the beauty scenery of Phaya Sua Krong flower at Ngao Ngao watershed management unit already, and then we climb up to view the spectacular view of Phu Chee Fah summit during the morning time.

Watching the morning light at Phu Chee Fah depend on fate as well. Sometimes some people came up here but they could not see the sun rise because of the cloudy sky, full of thick fog which floats up from Mekong River. For me, in my life, I have travelled to Phu Chee Fah for more than 50 times, but just only a few times that I am fortunate and could be able to see the bright beautiful light up here.

I wake up since half past five in the morning to climb up to our first photo taking spot and get this angle of photo before the sun arise form the horizon.

On that day, I am quite blessed as the fog does not diffuse, therefore, we could be able to see the beautiful sea fog scene beyond the horizon.

Along when the light come up, you could heat the low sound of unclear accent from the hill tribe children calling the tourist to take a photo with them for the exchange of a little of money. The usual word which they normally say "Do you like to take a photo with hill tribe children? take a photo with us and give the money as you please"

Every time I go, I never forget to tease them, I take a photo with them sometime and give them 20 baht for their pocket money.

While waiting for the sun light, I take photo and tease the hill tribe children at the same time. Time pass by so quickly with the climate temperature below 10 degrees.

Not so long, the sky is bright so that we can clearly see the surroundings.

When the sun rise beyond the horizon, my frozen hands are not free anymore as they got to press the shutter button to take the impressive photos which I am not sure when I could be able to see this kind of view like this.

After taking lots of the sunrise photos until I was satisfied, I then turn to take photo of the surroundings scene.

Before it is too late, let's take picture of the flowing fog at Phu Chee Fah a little bit.

After taking some rest at the watershed management unit, I once again climb up to Phu Chee Fah to take more photos.

In the afternoon.

and in the late evening.

I stay at Ngao Ngao watershed management unit for one more night due to in the morning I will travel to Phu Chee Dao which is the newly tourism attraction, located 7 kilometers away from here. Phu Chee Dao is the summit which situate between Phu Chee Fah and Pha Tang, it has 1760 meters heights which higher than Phu Chee Fah and Pha Tang.

The way up is at Lom Poh Ngern village, Por sub-district, Wiang Kaen district, Chiang Rai province. You can travel to the summit by drive 4x4 wheel car or hire the car from the local people who has the skill for driving on this ascent way.

I leave my accommodation around five in the morning, the village headman come and pick me up and drive me to Phu Chee Dao to watch the Phu Chee Dao view at the sun rise time.

After frightening of travelling in a pickup truck for 3 kilometers distance and continue to climb up the steep hill which is much steeper than Phu Chee Fah.

After all, finally I am able to stand up at the ridge of a mountain which the local people here called it "Phu Chee Dao".

The first scene that I saw, it is just only the darkness as that time there is no tourist, just only my group around 10 people was up there.

When the light start to bright up a little, I can see a beautiful sea fog view at Phu Chee Fah that day.

I start to question that why such a beautiful place like this just recently came to our acknowledgement? And then I found out the answer from sub-district headman that is because of Phu Chee Dao had the border dispute with Laos and there had been a point of engagement for a long time. Moreover, this place just completed with the border demarcation in recent years. Thailand takes helicopter carrying supplies up to make a boundary post of Thailand here.

That makes Phu Chee Dao become Thailand and will become to be a new tourist attraction.

I have a question rise up once again that why this place is named Phu Chee Dao or it is same as Phu Chee Fah which has an indicative point?

Anyway at that time when I look around, I could understand right away as I can clearly see one hilltop which has a straightly point at the sky appearance.

As Phu Chee Dao is nearer from Mekong River than Phu Chee Fah, so the fog here is thicker than Phu Chee Fah

The beauty of sea fog at Phu Chee Dao not just only there is a thick fog but there are also the summits which emerge over the sea fog make it looks like isles and rocks in the midst of sea fog. it is a different kind of beautiful, unlike the sea fog that has only the long white fog scene.

The sunrise at Phu Chee Dao is beautiful not less than other places.

When there is enough light, I try to climb up to the top of the mountain, on the Phu Chee Dao summit.

Walking on the summit of Phu Chee Dao, I have to be extra careful as the walking path is slope. On Phu Chee Dao summit can only accommodate not more than 50 people as there is not much place to stand around here.

When walking up to the summit of Phu Chee Dao, you will see this view and if you observe closely you will see Phu Chee Fah summit in an eye distance.

Looking back and see the ascent way.

Watching the sea fog and the sunrise here is considered to be a superb atmosphere; at least there is no one blocking the view, as there is only a little people climb up here. From all the reason I have explained earlier, for those who still have energy climbing up here, you have no reason to miss out to travel and conquer Phu Chee Dao once in your life time.

After climbing down from Phu Chee Dao, I have had breakfast and then travel to Doi Pha Tang next. It is another great attraction in Wiang Kaen district. During this time Doi Pha Tang is filled with the flourishing Nang Phaya Sua Krong flower which bloom all over the mountain. My main destination is Banpod Vittaya School, the place that have Nang Phaya Sua Krong flower the furthermost.

Anyhow along the way there are few Nang Phaya Sua Krong flower to be seen.

When arrive at Banpod Vittaya School, the scene that we see almost makes everyone shout out. We grab the camera and rush to get off from the car.

At Banpod Vittaya School, is the first places in the country where Nang Phaya Sua Krong flower has been planted. They planted Nan Phaya Sua Krong for more than 20 years already, Nang Phaya Sua Krong trees here is the old trees and theirs flowers are brightly pink.

No any description could able to be compared with the picture. Therefore, I will just post the picture for everyone and better lets the pictures depict the nature itself.

I choose to come to this place to take a photo of Nang Phaya Sua Krong flower every year since I am back to stay at hometown 5 years ago. The blossom time and the appearance of blooming flower is different in every year.

Hence, it depends on the fate of each person that what type of beautiful you can see in each visit.

Every year during this period Banpod Vittaya School, Doi Pha Tang, Chaing Rai provice would be the school with the most beautiful atmosphere as there is Nang Phaya Sua Krong flower blooms all over the school area. During the lunch break, the student will come and sit below the Nang Phaya Sua Krong tree enjoy chatting each other.

Tourists who come to watch Nang Phaya Sua Krong flower here, please remember that this place is the education institute, therefore, should dress politely, don't make a noise disturbing learning session and do not destroy the governor possessions. Or if anyone is generous, you can take food, clothing and school supplies for the student and school, which would be very welcome.

Besides having Nang Phaya Sua Krong flower, there is also the sea fog, sunrise and sunset view point at Doi Pha Tang, the view point here is beautiful no less than other places.

This evening I will take everyone to watch the spectacular sunset scene at view point hill no. 103 before.

No. 103 hill need to walk 900 meters distance from the parking area, for those who cannot walk up, there is also horse riding available for service.

When arrive at No. 103 hill, you will see many mountains and there is Mekong River flows through at the bottom.

if you still have an energy, you should try to travel here once.

Come and touch the sky once, leave everything at home and come to see the beautiful things in front.

Before going down and have the dinner, we may take a short visit to the highlight spot to take some photos of Doi Pha Tang.

After watching the sun, we get back to have some rest and have some Chinese Yunnan dish at Chinese Village. The next day, I wake up early to take a picture at the morning atmosphere of Doi Pha Tang at No. 102 hill once again.

Another highlight spot of Doi Pha Tang is this place, Chong Pha Khard.

The point which the rock cliff has been separated like someone chop it into two pieces and when you walk into that mountain pass you will discover the beautiful sea fog which is hiding behind.

If you are a traveler who loves taking photos, you must never miss out this spot ever.

At last, I would like to tell everyone who still does not have any travel plan in 2015 yet or still cannot figure out where to go, you can try to look around and maybe you will find a beautiful place hiding nearby or you could try to travel according to my review. Travel to my hometown, me together with people of Wiang Kaen district and Chiang Rai province, we all always welcome everyone.

Let's go out and embrace Thailand together.

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As for tonight, I would like to say thank you to everyone for reading my first review of this year.

Thank you everyone for all your encouragement and I promise that I will take everyone to travel in other places again in next review.


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