This is the first blog here, let me introduce myself a little bit...I am a person who really like to travel and to get new experiences. Alright get back to the story, this trip is about Trat and Koh Kong Cambodia. In AEC, it is very easy to cross the border. We decide to go during rainy season because there are less people and it is low season here. So everything is cheaper than high season and do not have to wait for food order...Alright then let's start our journey>>>>

From Bangkok to Trat is can be around 5-6 hours. There are many activities for you to do and many places for you to visit. As the other said, first thing to try is Pa Sri Noodles at Sukhumvit Road, it is a small restaurant that is very famous. Luckily that we arrive before the prime time, there are still not many people...Enjoy Lunch!!!

After that we continue driving a long the road. It is so amazing that there is the road to separate mountain and sea along the way until the end of main land at Baan Had Lek. There are many beaches that you can stop by such as Sai Kaew, Mai Rood, Baanchuen and the most famous beach is Ratkarun. If you do not have that much time to visit every beach, you can just stop by at Ratkarun Beach. You will not be disappointed as it is the beach that is under responsibility of Thai Red Cross that's why it is clean and peaceful.

Then we are heading to Klong Yai District. At Had Mai Rood Intersection, we turn to the beach along Ruam Jai Anusorn Road, have been passing many beaches and resorts. The road will come to connect with Trat - Klong Yai Road again and Baan Ta Nuek School. This way the road is not smooth but you can enjoy the beautiful. We also stop by at Mango Beach Resort at Baan Chuen Beach and have dinner here as the owner is very nice and the atmosphere is also great.

Then we are looking for place to stay and it must be next to the beach... So we choose Pob Talay Resort then keep everything in the room and go out take photos before it get dark.

....Good morning... Today is going to be a long day with the journey from Klong Yai to Koh Kong, Cambodia. Before leaving the town, we stop by at Chao Mae Tubtim Shrine to pray for our luckiness. The story of the shrine is someone found a women sculpture on the wood floated at the fishing pier. So villagers pick the sculpture up and built a shrine for her. When people come to pray and make a wish and their wishes become true, those people come to build a new shrine and make it bigger and beautiful as it be today.

It is raining a little bit and make the weather cooler suitable for travelling.

Then continue drive along the road to the border and stop to take some photos at the most narrow point of Thailand. There is only 450 meters from Thailand - Cambodia border that is Thailand part.

Here we are at the border market "Baan Had Lek". We do not have time for shopping let's contact the immigration for crossing to Cambodia. For Thai citizen, you only need ID card or Passport. For the guest of Koh Kong Resort, you will not have to do anything because the resort has already contacted the immigration for you. From Trat to Klong Yai district is the eastern border between the 2 countries. So we cannot see the sunrise but when we cross the border, every thing is open so I would say that this is Sun Espace; open the eastern world.

For your information, they drive on the right in Cambodia which is different from Thailand so be careful when driving. It seems people here are quite used to with people driving in the wrong lens^^.

At Koh Kong, there are many tourist attraction places both nature and culture places. First destination is Wat Pak Klong which has a relationship with Thailand long time ago. During Vietnamese War, there was Luang Pu Muek who did incantation amulet for soldiers to go to the war and they win even we have less soldiers. Moreover, people choose to visit this temple because of its charming and beautiful especially it is located beside the beach that make it even more attractive.

After that we go for lunch at Cafe Laurent, Koh Kong. It is fusion restaurant that has Vietnamese, Cambodian, and French menus for us to try.

Then we continue drive on NR48 road which is the main road on Koh Kong. Next is most amazing place that you should visit, Tatai Waterfall, it is a very big fall can be reached by boat that make us closer to the nature. Tatai Waterfall is quite similar to Papeng Waterfall but we can take a boat here. It is so wonderful and amazing, everyone is so excited with the fall especial when we take a photo and sprinkle of the water is all over us.

Everyone takes photos with the fall until the last second, no one want to leave the place. However, the trip has not end yet, we have to continue to the next destination which is the natural trail of mangrove forest. So we see that our neighbourhood country also bring up mangrove forest to be the tourist attraction place. This mangrove forest is Bang Kayak which the biggest mangrove forest in Asia with the area 25,000 Rai. We have to walk cross the bridge to the forest. Moreover, here is also the place of breeding source for sea animals and very important for ecosystem.

After having so much fun around the island, it is time to go back to resort (we stay at Koh Kong Resort tonight). Ending today trip with the sunset at Koh Kong Resort....and good night zZZ.

This is the first time to stay in a luxury hotel in foreign country. Koh Kong Resort is a very beautiful resort with good location. The resort is located beside the beach but there is no one goes into the sea. It might because of the water is not clean and clear so people choose to go the pool instead.

Today we have to go back to Thailand which does not take that much time to get back and we still have one more night to go so we decide to go to Koh Kood by taking the boat from Laem Sok. We still travel in the concept of Espace; Sea Espace, Sun Espace from the last two days and Sand Espace today ^^.

Arriving at Laem Sok, we take a ferry boat to Ao Salad then take the hotel shuttle to Ao Praw Resort where we just book (It is very easy to travel during low season, it is cheap and always available). Koh Kood is another big island that has its own hospital. All main tourist attraction places are located at Ao Praw. You can rent a motorbike or just take a public shuttle to go around the island. If you do not have that much time to go around, you can spending a day at the resort. Next time we have to stay here at least 2 nights to discover the island as we do not have enough time today. Actually we have been to every beach on the first day so we might have to go to Koh Mak, Koh Kam and Koh Chang for the next trip. ^^


Thank you very much for reading until the end...see you on the next journey....Sawaddee Krub


 Tuesday, November 8, 2016 4:11 PM