Chiang Mai in Rainy Season by Motorbike written by Chanidsara Seemok

If you would like to travel to Chiangmai in rainy season by motorbike, let's see what you can do>>> Places - Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden - Mon Jaem - Mon Tawan - Wua Lai Walking Street (Every Saturday) - Wat U-Mong - Baan Kang Wat - Baan Hmong Doi Pui -

Chiang Mai in Rainy Season by Motorbike

Chiang Mai in Rainy Season by Motorbike

If you would like to travel to Chiangmai in rainy season by motorbike, let's see what you can do>>>


- Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden

- Mon Jaem

- Mon Tawan

- Wua Lai Walking Street (Every Saturday)

- Wat U-Mong

- Baan Kang Wat

- Baan Hmong Doi Pui

- Doi Pui


- Khao Tom Yung

- Mont Fresh Milk

- Kum Viang Yong

- Nam Chai Stir Fried Noodles


- Viang Nimman Soi Sai Nam Phueng

- Behind Chiangmai University

Before I take my mum to Chiangmai in October, I come with friend who studies here first. We fly with Thai Lion Air at 625 THB/Round (Brought from Thailand Tourism Festival). As it is my first time to fly with the airplane so it is very excited for me especially during take off and landing.

Landing at Chiangmai International Airport, friend comes to pick me up and suggest me many restaurant to try. As we arrive quite late so we just have some boiled rice at Khao Tom Yung (Near by Khao Tom Nai Dam)

Each menu is about 40-80 THB and boiled rice 5 THB.

For the taste is so so and the price is okay except spicy salad that seems expensive for me. The total for today is 185 THB.

This trip I do not pay for the hotel because I stay at my co-worker apartment behind Chiangmai University.

In the morning we meet around 8.00am. because we have to rent a motorbike. The shop opens around 8.30am. or 9.00am., my friend already contact them for rental.

The rental fee is 200 THB/day and gasoline has to be at the same level as when we take it out. So we buy gasoline 3 litres more I think it might not be enough but my friend said it should be fine. Then we start our journey in Chiangmai. >>>

The first destination is Mon Tawan. Actually, we plan to go to Doi Intanon but my friend has some training so we change to Mon Tawan instead. So that he has time to attend his session.

The taste of these dishes below are okay (total 90 THB)

We also pass Mae Wang Waterfall but the water is still red because of the rain and there is an entrance fee for 20 THB/Person and vehicle 20 THB/Motorbike so we do not enter.

Then we are heading to Queen Sirikrit Garden, entrance fee for 40 THB/Person and vehicle 30 THB/Motorbike (Total of 2 people 110 THB)

Inside the garden

Here is in front of the wooden house zone which will close during rainy season. They also prepare for winter flowers in front of this area. It should be very beautiful when the time comes.

Surrounded by mountains !!!

We spend a lot of time here even we have our own motorbike.

Inside the museum >>>

After having some noodles (total of 70 THB), we continue to Mon Jaem where everyone comes.

I do not take that many photos because there are so many people and surround by fog so it is quite hard to see.

Mong Car; single50 THB, couple 80 THB

My friend already played last time so just only me playing. It is not hard to control but I also fall twice.

After that we continue to Mon Tawan. I prefer here than Mon Jaem because I can see more view. The way up is quite high almost 90 degree but we can ride up.

That is my friend!!!

This label is for anyone who would like to stay overnight, you can see the rate and contact number as per below photo.

After enjoy the view, we come back to the city and go to Wua Lai Walking Street.

After riding around, it is time to find something to eat.

20 THB per set

Sesame snack 15 THB/Piece... small is so good^^

Durian and Mango Homemade Ice-Cream (Taste is still not tasty enough)

You can try, it is only 29 THB per cup.

Tonight I stay at Viang Nimman which I booked through Traveloka. It is located in Soi Sai Nam Phung 17. Standard room is 390 THB/night but when I arrive it fully booked so I get the room 790THB/night instead.

Over all is quite okay...

Actually, there is a big pillow at each bed. I am too hurry to take a photo before it complete.^^

After check-in, it is time to discover the taste around here. My friend always suggest me the famous restaurant and cafe and I believe him. So here we are MONT Fresh Milk a famous cafe at Nimman Road.

There are so many people here luckily that we still get a seat. We order hot fresh milk for 35 THB and my friend order Cold Chocolate 45 THB.

For bakery, we have to order at different counter and these what we order...look so delicious

Bread is very delicious especial when you eat with milk. It is so well matched (Total spending 149 THB)

In the morning, we return the motorbike and get back to the hotel for breakfast which I order fried rice. Moreover they also provide hot beverage and some breads.

After that I check out and borrow my friend to ride up to Doi Suthep but it is raining so I go to Wat U-Mong first.

I do not walk around the temple area because there is student activity of Ghost Festival.

Slow life of snail !!!

And continue to Baan Kang Wat which is a cafe and gallery.

Riding up to Doi Suthep again after the heavy rain has passed....

At the viewpoint before arriving to Doi Suthep, there are both heavy rain and fog so I cannot see anything.

I ride pass Phrathat Doi Suthep and Bhubing Palace because I used to visit there already then continue riding to Doi Pui and finally arriving at Baan Hmong Doi Pui.

It is raining heavier so I stop by and have lunch for a while. This is my lunch "Khao Soi", the taste is very good as well the price (only for 50 THB).

After a delicious lunch, I visit Hill Tribes Village Museum. The entrance fee is 10 THB.

I thought there are only these equipment in the museum. So I ask the officer and they told me that there is a garden in the back and 2 coffee shops up there. It is because of the fog so I do not see it clearly.

Let's have a cup of coffee to warm ourselves

There are Ka Dam Coffee Shop and Hmong Doi Pui Family Coffee. Moreover, there is Hmong traditional cloth for rental as well for only 50 THB.

I have a cup of hot mocha (65 THB) at Hmong Doi Pui Family Coffee (because I cannot find Ka Dam Coffee Shop...hahaha).

Smell good as well as the taste

Enjoy the great view with a cup of coffee^^

When the fog is gone, it is time for taking photos. ^^

Before leaving, I see that they have Waterfall Garden which is on the opposite way with the museum. It is the garden of winter flowers with small waterfall (the entrance fee 10 THB).

And these children come for taking photos with us.

"If you do not give me money it's fine, but if you give me some I will money to go to school" can I not give them.

(It is up to you if you want to give them some money)

They are so cute and funny^^.

Done and run back

Very beautiful view

After that continue to the top of Doi Pui. There are some people who also stop by for the great view as you can see.

There is a guy who comes here to wait for the sunset at 6.00pm. He said that it is the most beautiful sunset ever. But I think it is still cloudy, it is going to be hard to see what he expects for. Then I continue ride up. >>>

Then I decide to go down even I really want to continue to Baan Hmong Khun Chang Kian because I will meet my friend around 5.00pm. When I arrive at Doi Pui viewpoint, that guy is about to leave. He does not wait for the sunset because it is still 2 hours before the sun is going down.

The visibility is very low during the way down due to fog has covered all places.

When I arrive to my Co-worker room, he lends me slippers as my trainers are so soaking wet. Today, we have dinner at Kum Viang Yong for local food (actually I would like to try the noodle but the restaurant does not open until 9.00pm and close on Sunday).

After that go back to the room and have my other friend take me to the airport in the morning.

Again he suggests me to try Nam Chai Stir Fried Noodles, so we have it for breakfast.

Then go to check-in at the airport...Goodbye Chiangmai see you next time :)