Koh Samaesarn is a well known island at the moment regarding to multiple reviews in recent years. It is convenient to gather information by searching on Google. In less than a minute, you will get location, transportation and plenty details about the island. I therefore would like to skip that part. For this trip, I plan to fully rest and write a review about rewarded accommodation from README. Anyway, reviewing only accommodation would be a bit strange. So, I find a location to hang out in the morning before check-in at 2.00PM. I take day off for 2 days in order to avoid Chinese tourists. Let's do it. I finish working in the morning and directly heading to Sattahip. Buy a ticket to Thai Island and Sea Natural History Museum at THB300. Park at Khao Ma Jor Pier not far from ticket booth.

Koh Samaesarn today is still gorgeous as always with clear sky. Let's survey around island in my way.

There are less tourists because it is weekday. Within 10-15 minutes, the boat brings approximately 20 passengers to the island.

Then listen to explanation from staff. There are 2 beaches for swimming and diving consisting of Had Tien at the harbour and Had Looklom at the north. There is only one diving point left which is at Had Looklom since coral reef at Had Tien is already bleached.

Had Tien has calmer waves than Had looklom. It also owns peaceful area for relaxing since there are less people at the beach. Most of tourists go to Had Looklom first. Distinctive point of this beach is swings where you can take photos and shady Manaila Tamarind Tree.

Finish photographing at Had Tien, move forward to Had Looklom. Outstanding point of this beach is its clear white sand and full facilities for tourists.

Don't waste time. I swim with working clothes, too lazy to change. After satisfying the sea, I change the cloth and go to another highlight part of the island.

There is one location on Had Looklom where most of tourists don't think of. It is view point on a hill which is only 200m. away. The scenery is equally exquisite as islands in the southern sea. It takes me quite a while to collect bird's-eye view snapshot. Actually I wanna survey another mountain but don't know if it is closed or not.

I hang out on the island up to 2.00PM before returning to the land. In fact area at Mangrove forest is also interesting for cycleway around island which I haven't visit yet. Gotta come again, I guess.

May I cut from the island to my residence tonight. The lodging I choose to review in this trip called Z Through By The Zigne Hotel. I have exchanged my review points to get gift voucher for accommodation from README in advance 7 days. Also, README helps coordinating with hotel for making reservation which takes only a day to confirm. Super fast.

The resort is located in Soi Naklua 12 near its chained hotel, THE ZIGNE. At first glance I don't notice the differences. But after check-in and walk inside, the first scene is a sidewalk lining across private pools. It takes my eyes towards white villas with plain wooden edge giving moderate feelings and easy atmosphere. I firstly survey around the hotel. There are 4 types of rooms. One villa has 2 kinds of rooms divided into 2 floors which I get VIVA room on upper level. In addition, each villa has personal swimming pool.

Let's take a tour inside VIVA room. It is equipped with 1 bed, 4 big pillows and 2 tiny ones which I really like them. There is sofa set where you can sit or lay down to watch TV. Minibar is provided. Two bottles of water are free but you have to pay extra for the rest. Coffee machine with instant coffee. Wardrobe contains 2 bathrobes, 2 slippers and safe box for keeping your valuable belongings. WIFI is already installed in the room. Bathroom is popularly designed in open style where allows to clearly see bedroom. It is suitable for couples but extremely not if you come with friends, haha. Fortunately there is curtain to close. Inside bathroom is huge bathtub and TV. You can watch TV while relaxedly take a bath. However, it doesn't have rinse spray hose. Balcony contains sunbed. If you stay on first floor, you can conveniently walk to the pool from your room. Bar is built in swimming pool facilitating to drink. The pool is 0.77 dept. If you are thinking to jump into the pool from your room, please think carefully.

Outstanding feature of this place is ... Tada, private pool!! What are we waiting for? Let's splash around.

Resort in the evening, charming light.

As I swim all day, I'm very exhausted at night. So, I go to bed early. Next morning I pack my belongings and check-out before having breakfast. It is not buffet due to less number of guests. The food is served in set but salad and breads are still available.

So, this is the end of reviewing rewarded accommodation, Z Through By The Zign Hotel, In case you are thinking to come here, you can use this review as another option. Thank you for reading. See you next journey that I will bring you guys into the forest again ^^