Hello everyone!! After I have been disappeared off the face of the earth for quite sometimes since Taiwan trip, today I am back again in one of the trendy travelling route, moreover, it is one of most people's dream destinations during the latest few years and the journey is not pretty far from Thailand at all which is "Indonesia".

Speaking of Indonesia, most of people might think of the pleasant and chic relaxation time at Bali, taking photo of pagodas and the sea or some people might think of the bad traffic at Jakarta. However, in this trip we will head to Java Island which is the location of the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta and it is a place that our journey is about to begin. Let's just follow up and read my journey right now.

At Don Mueang Airport, Terminal 1, we are getting ready to travel to Jakarta airport, Indonesia.


- As flight schedule plan, we will start the journey from Don Mueang Airport at 08.55pm and will reach at Jakarta airport at 00.25am, yet the flight is delayed from 08.55pm to 09.15pm instead. Nevertheless, it is not bothering me at all, as I have to stay overnight at Jakarta airport anyway. The departure time was changed to 09.15pm, thus, we will reach at Jakarta airport around 01.00am, it is alright as I have mentioned I need to stay overnight at Jakarta airport for waiting to connect the flight to Surabaya. The details of the trip is according to the below information:

Searching for a Breath of the God Trip.

Travelling Period : 15 - 20 July, 2016.

15-07-2016 Heading to Don Mueang Airport to take a flight to Jakarta airport, Indonesia.

Around 01.00am at Jakarta airport, we will wait to take a connect flight to Surabaya at 05.55am, hence, we will not need to rest anymore, instead we will take photos and do the chatting, then we will deadly sleep on the bus afterwards.

In the airport, there is a convenience store called Circle K located in Terminal 3.

This is the atmosphere at Terminal 3 of Jakarta Airport, we are pretty lucky as we have a connect flight at Terminal 3 which is rather convenient. However, we get confused with the check-in procedure here, as the staff tells us to do self check-in at kiosk machine before get our baggage load. I think why it is so complicated here?? I am pretty confused, anyway there is also a good point as Air Asia of Indonesia is quite generous with giving 15 kilos free baggage allowance. Why Thai Air Asia doesn't have this awesome offering??.


Reach Jakarta airport and take a connection flight to Surabaya Airport, Indonesia. Then, continue making a way to Kawah Ijen.


Take a journey to the mouth of Kawah Ijen volcano's crater at around 01.30am and will finish around 09.00am. Then continue a journey to Bluwan waterfall to stay at Probolinggo City.


Travel from Probolinggo city to the our final destination which is Cemoro Lawang to go searching for a breath of the God at Mount Bromo. Yet, before that we will stop by at Madakaripura waterfall, the second tallest waterfall in Indonesia.


From Cemoro Lawang village, go to the Penanjakan viewpoint to watch Mount Bromo, Mount Batok and Mount Semeru, then walk to watch breath of the God. After that we will head back to Surabaya city.


Travel back to our hometown, Bangkok.

Our first meal in Indonesia is at Juanda International Airport which we decided to eat at a fast-food shop called "Popeyes". I order chicken burger and it comes with a large piece of chicken, yet it seems that the spices are not much absorbed into the chicken and as for the french fries, it tastes quiet alright. After that, we will travel to our first destination, Kawah Ijen, our trip plan for this time is going to the farthest destination first then gradually travel back to the nearest destination so that we would not be inconvenient or have a problem of catching a flight back. Since this trip is not a backpack trip as this time I travel with other groups, it seems like half tour half backpack, thus, I will have quite some spare time in each locations for taking photos.

After we are done with the meal, it is time to travel to the farthest destination of our trip which is Kawah Ijen. Getting to Kawah Ijen takes around 8-9 hours and this does not include the time that we stop by for the restroom, buy the sim card, having some food and many more. And since in this trip we have to wait for another group of fellows from Kuala Lumpur as well, unfortunately, their flight is also delayed from Malaysia so that they reach at Surabaya Airport almost noon already, thus, our plan has to postpone and be adjusted. Nevertheless, it is alright, as the real hardship is going to happen next after this.

After we face the problem of the flight delay that makes our trip to Kawah Ijen late in time. Well, we reach at Kawah Ijen around 01.00am and we do not have time for take some rest or shower, as we need to continue walking to the mouth of Kawah Ijen volcano's crater right away. We don't have other choices but need to change our clothes and other equipment right in the van.

Throughout the route that we have to walk up to the mouth of Kawah Ijen volcano's crater is considerably alright, it is not very tough and we could walk along easily. Yet the thing that makes us feel tired is the slope way of the route, it seems like it has almost 90degrees slope as I have see the flashlights ahead arrange in a straight line. Before we start to climb up, the weather is rather cold, yet after we gradually walk up, the weather begins to get warmer that I would like to take out my sweater and jacket right away.

After we take sometimes walking up to the mouth of Kawah Ijen volcano's crater, and since I hardly take an exercise (actually, could be said that I never do the exercise) so I feel exhausted and did stop by for some rest along the away from time to time, we then walk down to the Kawah Ijen volcano's crater which the descending route is considerably dark and sliding, thus, it is pretty dangerous somehow that we need to walk very carefully. Along the way, we will see a crowd of people waiting to see the blue flame, yet the day that we travel here, it has a little rain during we walk, so there are thick fog and smoke cover the area.

Blue fire or being called Blue flame, do you think it rather looks like the map of Thailand somehow? Well, I think the imagination is more important than the knowledge. Lol.

Suggestion: If you like to watch the blue flame, I suggest you guys to hurriedly set off and start the journey around 01.30am in case someone might have to take some rest frequently along the way and you should reach at the place around 04.00am in order to see the blue flame. Because if the sun starts to rise up, the sunlight will fade away the blue flame and it will be difficult to be seen.

After that the sunlight of the new day is shining to the the below area of the Kawah Ijen volcano's crater which let us clearly see piles of yellow sulfur that located around the area.

When the sky is bright, now we could see the landscape of the area around Kawah Ijen volcano's crater. From the picture, if you guys look up above to the mouth of the crater, even though it seems not far at all, yet the distance that we actually walk is pretty far that makes us feel really exhausted. I did read other reviews of the trip here, and I think walking down is not so far which is different from the fact that I have experienced. How do I get this far!!

These are sulfur bars which are in a yellow color. The miner will carry them from here up to the mouth of volcano's crater and a kilo just costs few bucks that makes me understand the truth fact that life is unable to choose to be born or avoid to do something, however, we have to keep on with our life as what I have seen from these miners, apart from carrying these sulfur, they also take a role as tour guides for a part time job as well.

Seem like we stand in a straight line which is really a coincidence.

When the sky is bright, the blue flame is disappeared and another wonderful thing is appeared instead, it is a sulfur lake or turquoise lake.

Turquoise lake is pretty captivating, yet in the beauty is hiding with danger as this lake has been measured its pH values and found that this lake has a pH values at 0.5 which is considered as a strong acid value or an acid that has strong concentration, therefore, do not immerse your hand inside the lake.

All the picture of the lake, I captured it from near distance, if you guys like to see the picture in far distance, you could also see in other reviews.

After we continue exploring the lake only for just a little while, there are fog and smoke cover all around along with the smell of sulfur is beginning to get stronger, hence, we better get ready to continue climbing up to the above area of the crater. Well, it is time to be tired from the gravity of the earth again.

The atmosphere around Kawah Ijen volcano's mouth during a bright morning time.

This is the area at the mouth of Kawah Ijen volcano's crater.

In my mind, I am surprised that how can I climb up here, because the vision during the night time is pretty bad and I have only the light of the torch and people who walk in the front that leading my way to here. Anyway, when I have seen the nice atmosphere during the morning like this, it did lifting my hearth somehow.

After I have breathed in the fresh air that mix with the sulfur, it is time to walk down to the below area and then take a ride back to the accommodation to get some sleep before continue our journey to the next destination. We stop by to take photo along the way while we walk down to the area where the car is parked which I have to admit that the atmosphere at Kawah Ijen is rather beautiful apart from watching blue flame or sulfur lake, the atmosphere during morning time here is nice as well. Let's check out from the pictures then.

The morning sunlight is starting to shine through the mountain valley.

Do you agree with me that the atmosphere during the morning time at Kawah Ijen is rather beautiful? In fact, I think Indonesia is a country that has a lot of natural resources, only if the tourism management system here is still not good as it should be.

The sulfur bars that the miner carries up from Kawah Ijen volcano's mouth have been brought to craft into various shapes according to the picture above.

After that we leave Kawah Ijen and head to our accommodation to take a shower, eat some food and then sleep before continue the journey to Probolinggo village.

After taking some rest, we continue travelling to the place that is located near to Kawah Ijen to take some photos and change to travel in the stream atmosphere a bit. This place is called Kalipahit river.

When we finish taking some rest at Kalipahit river, we then keep going to our next destination which is the Kawah Wurung Ijen. It is a place of grassland which seems like Savanna grassland at Mount Bromo (but it is not the same place). Moreover, this place used to be volcano's crater before, yet it is completely calm and becomes to be a grassland which is pretty nice for taking a photo here.

- การเดินทางไปยัง kawah wurung Ijen ถือว่าค่อนข้างลำบากรวมถึงค่อนข้างซับซ้อนเพราะต้องรถต้องเข้าไปในหมู่บ้านที่ถนนค่อนข้างแคบ รวมถึงถนนไปยังkawah wurung Ijen สภาพค่อนข้างแย่มาก เป็นหลุมเป็นบ่อ รวมทั้งบางช่วงก็ติดเหวนิด ๆ ให้พอได้หวาดเสียว แต่ถ้าถามบรรยากาศว่าสวยงามมากไหม ตอบเลยครับ ว่า "เฉย ๆ " ไม่ได้ตื่นเต้นอะไรมากมาย แต่เนื่องจากตอนที่ไปบรรยากาศครึ้มฟ้า ครึ้มฝน และมีฝนตกเป็นช่วง ๆ ทำให้มีไอหมอกตัดยอดเขาทำให้สวยไปอีกแบบ หลังจาากนั้นก็ไปสถานที่ต่อไปที่หลายคนเริ่มจะคุ้นเคยผ่านตามาบ้างในรีวิว นั่นคือ นั่นคือ

- Getting to Kawah Wurung Ijen is rather difficult and complicated as the car has to ride into the village that has a very narrow route as well as the road to Kawah Wurung Ijen is in a really bad condition with has potholes along the way. Moreover, some part of the route is close to chasm which makes us feel frightened somehow. And if you ask me about the beauty of the atmosphere here, I could answer you right away that the atmosphere here is not good nor bad, I am not that excited of this place. However, since during we come here, the atmosphere is pretty overcast and has a rain periodically, thus, there is a fog contrasts with peak of the mountain and this scenery looks pretty nice in a different aspect. Afterwards, we continue travelling to the place that most people start to get familiar from some reviews that is the Blawan waterfall.

Blawan waterfall is located not far away from Probolinggo village. Getting to the waterfall after parking the car, just keep walking along the way and you will find the atmosphere like this at last.

After finish watching the atmosphere of Blawan waterfall, we head back to our accommodation, taking some rest and get ready for a next trip tomorrow.

The tourism map of Probolinggo.

Breakfast at our accommodation is Nasi (Fried Rice) served with Chicken Soup, it tastes just normal, could be acceptable. After finish eating, we then go out to take some photos in the city before go on travelling again.

On a bright Monday morning like this, Indonesia students (Probolinggo City) would wake up early to go to school, some groups of student are sitting at the roadside enjoy chatting together while some students are riding on the bicycle and it really reminds me of the childhood life.

Our destination today that we are going to is the Madakaripura waterfall which is regarded as the second tallest waterfall in Indonesia with the height of 200 meters. Getting to Madakaripura waterfall, visitors would have to ride on the motorcycle into the waterfall area. Yet, the motorcycle service could just send visitors at the entrance of waterfall only, then we have to keep walking to the inside area by ourselves and it is pretty far, I would say.

From the picture above and we need to walk further inside in a far distance. What a trip!

We walk continuously further inside along a seemingly endless way until we find the waterfall.

When you see the waterfall in a far distance, you then need to prepare to wear a raincoat. Raincoat will be sold in 2 places which are at the parking lots before entering the waterfall and another place is a place in the above picture where there are vendors selling raincoat. Or you could also bring it with you from home.

Now, upon walking inside, you will be able to feel the wonderful of the nature like you are getting into an ancient world with the waterfall's water falling down from the sky and it indeed seems like the falling rain.

I did some adjustment in the above picture to be seen like I was blessing by the waterfall, it is heavenly beautiful and it is pretty refreshing.

After the explore by doing some climbing and indulging ourselves with the Madakaripura waterfall already, we then leave the place by riding on motorcycle service to the parking lots. Now, while I am waiting other trip fellows who still not yet get back from the waterfall, I will go to find something to eat during this time and the food could not be anything beside a famous Mee Goreng.

Killing time by eating Mee Goreng which make sme feel quiet full. Well, it comes to the time that we need to say goodbye to Madakaripura waterfall to continue our journey to Cemoro Lawang village where the breath of God named "Bromo" is located. When we arrive at the Cemoro Lawang village, the rain falls down which makes the evening time at the village is covered by the fog and humidity. Therefore, please do not ask me whether I have seen the sunset scenery at Bromo or not, because the answer is definitely is "The place is filled by the mist similar like Phu Thap Boek in our country"

And this is the scenery of Cemoro Lawang village in the evening time after the rain which creates the fog in the village. It instantly makes me recall to some movies like "the mist" or "Silence Hill".

A little house among a lettuce garden of Cemoro Lawang village during the evening time.

This is a spot for watching the sunset scenery here and if there is no fog or rain, we surely could have seen the sunset at Mount Bromo and Mount Batok. Nevertheless, it is pretty pity that we could only see the fog sea instead.

The view of Mount Bromo, Mount Batok and Mount Semeru must be spectacular, but we could not see anything at all. The fog sea is covered all around, we give up and head back to our accommodation to better prepare ourselves to continue on tomorrow's journey at the peak of Mount Penanjakan. In this trip, we wake up early every day, thus, today I better say goodbye to go taking some rest and finding something to eat before, the atmosphere in the village now is freezing cold with the thick fog all around.

The dinner meal in Comoro Lawang could not be anything apart from Nasi which the picture above is a fried rice with shrimp, it looks similar to Tom Yum fried rice in Thailand, yet its taste a bit bland in Indonesia that I would like to have sauce to eat with it so much. Moreover, the thing is this meal is the best meal ever since we leave the airport (exclude the meal that we eat in Surabaya airport and on the way in the city)

We almost come to an end of our trip in East Java, we make an appointment with each other that we will set off to the peak of Penanjakan around 02.00am in order to go reserving the space for taking photo. The scenery during the morning time is rather dark and freezing cold, we could only wait for the sky to get bright in around another 3 hours. Now, the light of the new day begins to shine above the horizon which it will be the sign that the beauty of the breath of the God is about to appear.

Another side next to Mount Bromo and Mount Batok, it looks like the fog stream flows slowly and endlessly.

And in another side, the fog stream is flowing to the Comoro Lawang village which looks beautiful and wonderful.

The later the time is, the more beautiful of Mount Bromo, the fog and Comoro Lawang village are.

Once I turn my back, I am surprised as at the peak of Mount Penanjakan now is packed with the crowd who are waiting to watch the sunrise view here. While I am climbing on the fence to take a photo of Mount Bromo and the village, suddenly there are hands stretch through between my legs to take photo which make me rather surprised.

The sky starts to get brighter now, I have recalled that when I arrived here during around 03.00am, I still could see the peak of Mount Semeru which is the highest mountain in Java. Nevertheless, when the sky is getting brighter, the fog from Mount Bromo has covered all around and completely faded away Mount Semeru from our sights, I feel very sad.

This is the sign indicated that we have reached at "Penanjakan" already. As the time flies, the sunlight is getting hotter. Well, let's watch the beautiful pictures before.

After we have admired the beauty of Mount Bromo, Mount Batok, Mount Semeru as well as the fog that is clawing to Cemoro Lawang village, then it is time to travel to below area to get closer to the great nature.

As we walk down to the below area, the fog is still cover all around which makes me think whether I could see Mount Bromo or not? Well, what I could do is praying to the God.

After a jeep car stops, people around that area has brought horses for us to ride on, but, we have to pay for the service. I will pass this service as I am afraid that the horse will not be able to carry me. Lol.

Moreover, if it is possible, I suggest you guys to wear a mask as when the wind flows by, it will take dust, sand as well as dried horse dung with it as well.

The atmosphere of Mouth Batok and the fog during late morning time that palely contrast with each other.

From where the jeep is parked, we gradually walk further while the fog and smoke from Bromo volcano's crater is still not fading away which make the atmosphere looks so dim. I pray to the God, even that we are not attending to visit here, and coming here by chance, please have mercy on me in this trip.

Then, Mount Bromo has a mercy on us as during we walk, the fog is gradually fading away and the sky is suddenly bright. Well, from this point, I will let the pictures tell the story by themselves.

Mount Batok is the mountain that located in the front, it has a refreshing greenery look.

Hindu temple where the worship ritual is performed is located in the far distance from our sight and the parking lots could hardly be seen from here now.

Before going to my next picture, I would have to tell you guys that I have travelled there during 15-20 July 2016 which recently Mount Bro has just erupted again on 11 July just before we are going to visit the place. And it makes us feel worried whether we could go up to visit the place or not, which also including our main highlight in this trip which is Breath of the God.

Luckily, God blesses us as we travel on 19 July and the place has opened for visiting. Nevertheless, the stairs up is covered with the dust which makes the floor rather slippery both walking up and down. Especially, it is much difficult on the way down, moreover, our tour guide tells us that there is one Filipino falls down. As I heard that, I feel rather scare as in fact I am also really afraid of the height. Lol.

What do you guys see in this picture? If you look closely, you will see a man sits beside the yellow canvas, I don't understand is he not scared of falling down into the Bromo volcano's crater? As even I am standing after the fence, I still feel scared. Well, I really respect in his fearless courage.

But at this moment, it seems that breath of the God is not quiet beautiful. It has a brown color and the atmosphere is so gloomy. I think it might be because that recently the mountain has just erupted, thus, there is a brown smoke all over the area.

The photo at this area, I would adjust the picture a bit to be looked gloomy as I think it considerably suits with the atmosphere.

After admiring Mount Bromo, we will walk down to the below area preparing to head back to the accommodation.

This is a Hindu temple, normally there is no people inside as it is used especially for worship Bromo God which I remembered (as always) that the day I visited, there will be a worship ritual in the night time and it is pity that I could not see it.

From Mount Bromo, we continue our ride on a jeep car to Savanna of Mount Bromo. Well, it is not the same one with the first place that we visited. When I see the place, it directly gives me a feeling like this place is "The Lost World".

The grass color in Blok Savanna is contrasting to each other between fresh green, light green and dark green color by having the sun that helps to shade the color in the back. The scenery is very spectacular, it is a simple beauty that takes my heart.

This picture I adjusted it, but the scenery also seems like this while I am there, it is very cloudy all the time.

Lastly, before I leave Mount Bromo, I would like to say that "Just only you open the door and step out, there is a wide world out there waiting you to explore and find the answer". It is just only you dare to step out from the place or atmosphere that you usually live or spend your life with, you will find a wonderful and amazing story to fulfill and be a color of your life.

However, do not expect that everything will be ending happily like it does in the TV dramas. Everything must has a difficulty to obstruct us as while our jeep car is climbing on the hill, its engine suddenly stops. My plan to hurry back and have a shower to get ready to travel to Surabaya is collapsed, how could I do? Well, I could not do anything beside get off the car and walk along the way waiting for a new car to pick up.

During the walk, I have found a new natural corner which I named it as "Three Hearts of the Mounts" that includes Mount Bromo, Mount Batok, Mount Semeru. Nevertheless, the fog and smoke are completely covering the highest Mount which is Mount Semeru. However, the view now is rather nice, we could say that we are lucky that the car is broken, thus, we have time to wander and watch the view around. Afterwards, we then wait for a car to pick us up to our accommodation and then continue traveling to Surabaya later.

Surabaya city

After watching a view of Mount Bromo and get back to the accommodation for setting off to Surabaya city, we then reach at the city during night time. Now that we are in Surabaya already, we need to know about this city for a bit. Surabaya city is a second largest in Indonesia and Surabaya is filled by the metropolis atmosphere with a bad traffic condition. This city used to have a significant role during the year of 1945-1950 in the event of Indonesian National Revolution which is considered as one of the brutal fights of independent war that happened in this city. Moreover, for that reason, Surabaya city is given a name as a "City of Heroes" of Indonesia.

The name "Surabaya" comes from "Suroboyo" which is from the word "Suro" (means shark) and "Boyo" (means crocodile), hence, if you guys happen to travel to Surabaya, do not miss out to take a photo with the symbol of this city.

Now, before leaving Surabaya city, we will take a visit to see a submarine first. Well, let's follow me to travel around.

Surabaya Submarine Monument (Monumen Kapal Selam)

It is the place where the submarine is situated which has 76.6 meters length and 6.3 meters wide in size. Since we reach Surabaya city considerably late almost 07.00pm, therefore, we could only visit shark and crocodile monument and Surabaya submarine monument where the submarine is situated.

If you would like to know how the sailors' live, you could simply take a visit to this museum as it could tell the stories very well.

Since the submarine is in a linear shape, thus, we will have to walk pass through round doors to get to each rooms like above picture. It seems like a cartoon like time-machine to me somehow.

Inside the submarine museum, from the above picture, it is a section where Torpedo has been inserted which is quiet awesome. I come this far to Indonesia to see this. However, since this trip we are quiet rush in time that we use most of the time in the car and have a sleep just only almost 20 hours which make my body condition right now is almost shutting down. Thus, it is time to head back to the hotel in Surabaya for taking some rest and get ready to fly back to Thailand in the next day.

I get into a sleep almost 10.00pm at night, nevertheless, I need to wake up early at 02.00am to take a taxi to Surabaya airport as my flight will depart around 05.00am. I still have not enough sleep, yet I need to hurry to go to the airport in early morning. We fly from Surabaya airport and connect the flight at Jakarta to head back to Don Mueang afterwards.

See you again INDONESIA

Now, we are at Jakarta airport, we will head back to Thailand in a while. See you again Indonesia. I feel stunned with the rich and wonderful nature here that await everyone to come and explore it.

Lastly, let's summarize the expense on this trip:

  • Travelling to East Java at Surabaya-Bromo-Kawa Ijen, I would suggest you guys to contact with Indonesia's local guide as each places is pretty far from each other and taking the bus might be inconvenient. As for me, I travel with a tour guide names Hadi, he is a chubby man that is pretty friendly and cool-headed.

A cute chubby man in the right side is Hadi, he is our tour guide who travels with us throughout these 4 days 3 nights trip from Surabaya to Kawa Ijien and then back to Mount Bromo at Surabaya.

  • Travelling cost + transportation cost to each places + accommodation cost would be totally 8,400baht per person (I am not the one who manage the expense, other person does), I think the cost is acceptable.
  • For air transportation, you could travel from Bangkok (Don Mueang) and connect a flight to Surabaya at Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta or Bali as per your convenience and preference. For me, I fly from Don Mueang to Jakarta, then connect a flight to Surabaya. (The air ticket price this time is considerably expensive as I did not reserve in advance)
  • Air Asia Indonesia is pretty generous for domestic flight as they give free baggage allowance for15 kilos. Moreover, the kiosk machine at Jakarta airport also has Thai language provided.

Lastly, I will end this review here. See you guys soon in the next trip.


 Monday, November 28, 2016 3:16 PM