Singapore is one of the popular destination for the Thai's tourists and if speaking of the most popular attractions here would must be the Merlion, Marina Bays Building, Gardens by the bay, Orchard Road or the Universal Studios Theme Park, I think very few people have known this one of the most beautiful walking tunnels here.


An Unexpected Discovery.

It all begins with the pre-wedding photos we have seen from our Singapore friend, therefore, we want to seek the place that we have seen in the photos. This place do not have a specific name, all we know is that it's in Fort Canning Park and I have been to Fort Canning Park many times, however, I couldn't find the place. I almost going to give up until my third time that I wander around and find it by accident.

Sometimes, we try very hard to find something, however, we could not find it. On the contrary, if we do not intent to, it might just be right in front of you. #Loveaswell. Lol

Where is the Fort canning park in Singapore?? (From google map)

Fort canning park is in a public park on a hill near the city (very near) and there is MRT get pass the place which has many shady trees all around. This park relates to many historical events of Singapore since the 14th century, not just the walking tunnel that we are going to review today as there are many beautiful places here that I am going to review later on as well.

Who would have known that this beautiful place is very near the city and it is really easy to come here via MRT to Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station. It takes around 10 minutes by walk, the natural is right in front of you.

Very easy direction. (adapt from google maps)

We will start from Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station, exit B and up to an escalator.

When you take an exit B from the MRT, you will reach the Penang Road, cross the road and you will see the Park Mall in front of you.

Exit B, and walk straight up, will meet with Penang Road.

Cross the double traffic lights.

The Park Mall will be in front of you and then turn left.

After taking a left turn, then walk straight around 100 meters, you will pass the restaurants and chic coffee shops.

The chic coffee shop along the way.

We will come across the dragon head pond and walk along the way up the slope, then you will walk into the tunnel which is the walkway connected between Fort canning park and Penang Road and above the tunnel would be Fort canning road.

Now, if you continue walking a little further, you will be going to discover the beautiful view ahead.

Keep walking along the way, you will came acoss with the dragon head pond. (there is no water in the pond, you have to call it dried pond instead)

Up to the slope way, on the left side that connected to Penang Road.

We are going into the tunnel walkway.

Our destination is really close by....

Here we are.

At the end of the tunnel, if you look up, you will see the circle shape chimney with the golden yellow leaves tree and the green ivy cover around the chimney. Moreover, there is a bright blue sky as a background as well, it is the perfect layout by man-made and nature combine. I do not know how to call this place because there is no name for the place so let's just say it's the tunnel walkway that connected to a spiral staircases to the tree chimney then. (very long name Hahaha)

We are here now.

This is the famous spot for shooting pre-wedding photos of Singapore couples, hence, if we could take a photo with our loved one at this place, it would definitely be such a romantic scene.

Fort Canning Park Map.

The tunnel walkway (Adapt from google map)

If you keep walking up the spiral stairs, it would lead you up above to the park which you could breathe the fresh air.

Or if you choose to walk along the walkway to the right side, will be the corridor wall which is a slope way up to the entrance of the park as well.

Well, do not forget to walk back another way (on the red arrow) you will see the mouth of the green chimney look similar to the giant green tea donut.

The corridor wall walkway.

Golden yellow trees all around.

Golden yellow trees.

When you reach the garden above, walk back to the left side and straight up to the Canning walk. You will see the mouth of the green chimney on the left side look alike the giant green tea donut.

Walk up along the Canning walk.

Here we are to the chimney walkway.

In the front before we walk down the spiral stairs.

The way down to the spiral stairs which is surrounded by the green shading trees.

Spiral stairs.

The easiest way to get here - Coordinates 1.297379, 103.846323.

Take the MRT is the best way, no matter you take the orange line, red line or the purple line, just get off at the Dhoby Ghaut station. However, if you take the red line, it's the closest one to the exit way.

  • Then take the left side of the Exit B and you will see Penang Road.
  • Wait for the two traffic lights and cross the street.
  • After crossing the street, the Park Mall will be in the front of you.
  • Take the left side and walk about 100 meters and you will pass the restaurants and chic cafes.
  • You will see the dragon head pond and walk along the slope way next to Penang Road.
  • Then you will enter the tunnel walkway.
  • You could also take the Clark quay station but it will take a little more time.This station will be on the North side of the park, so Dhoby Ghaut station is more convenient.

As you see, "Singapore is not just a Merlion". Next time, I'll review other places in Singapore and I will assure you that it would be more interesting and you might not been there before. Please do not forget to follow me (:

If you would like to take a photo of a whole chimney scenery, you should use wide lens and set the camera right at the floor (I almost lie down on the floor). Yet, if you use just a mobile phone camera or ordinary kit lens, you will not able to take a whole picture of the chimney, but anyway, you could get a nice photo as wall.

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