A pleasant trip with friends

Wandering and having a chill time at Koh Phithak (Chumphon province)


This would be the first trip that I have a chance to travel with my university friends. Although, we knew each other for 4 years already, yet we still don't have an opportunity to go travel together once. After discussing, we all agreed to go to "Koh Phithak", during last weekend.


There would be 5 of us in this trip which are Nutty, Muk, Poppy, Tukta and Meen. We are all gather up at Muk's home first as she is our tour guide who will facilitate this trip for our group.


Day 1: We set off to Koh Phithak pier at 12.00pm. There will be a boat from a homestay that we have reserved the room came to pick us up. At the pier, there will also be a wooden bridge as a landmark for us to take a chic photo during the time we are waiting for the boat and we do take some photos till we feel worn out a bit. And from this point, you could see that Koh Phithak is rather near.

It takes us only around 5 minutes to reach the homestay that we have reserved and this trip Muk has managed to reserve the room at Mae Nom homestay for us. Upon reaching at the accommodation, we then go and keep our baggages first and when we reach the room, inside will include mattress, mosquito net, blanket and fan. After we are done keeping our baggage, we then grab the camera and go wandering around the island and along the way to the beach, there will be coconut garden and grassland for us to take a nice photo as well.

We prepare all the necessary accessories with us including hat, umbrella and many more to add some fun in a photo shoot competition within our group. The first spot where we stop the photo competition is at coconut garden located at the greenery grassland.

Continue walking a little bit further, and we will meet with the beautiful beach. Wow! The view is rather captivating that we could not help ourselves in continue working on our little photo competition, we take photo everywhere in water even on a rock, single shot and group shot. The funniest shot is the multiple shots that we set the camera for capturing the photo of us.

The road on Koh Phithak is paved with brick worm that we could walk around the island freely and conveniently. If you guys would like to watch a nice view, you could walk to the north as there is a viewpoint with around 200 meters height. Moreover, at the viewpoint also has a pavilion for sitting back to admire a beautiful scenery which visitors could watch a view to a far distance at Koh Tao, Koh Samui and Koh Pha Ngan. Although, we feel exhausted and sweating as we walk up on high and slope staircase, yet we did not give up, we use all of our powers and attempt to continue walking up until we reach at the highest viewpoint. The view above is wonderful and there is also a pavilion to take a rest to watch the sky, sunshine, blue sea and a light breeze, the beautiful view makes our tiredness disappears completely.

After finish watching the view, we then head back to change our clothes for the paddling and swimming for almost 2 hours. Personally, I have never paddle the boat in the sea before but when I actually try it, I found it pretty fun indeed, paddling the boat while swimming in the sea.

After we are done with the swimming, it is time for dinner. I have to tell you all that the dinner is served in a large portion, moreover, they serve a very big portion of seafood which we could inform the menu that we would like to eat to the homestays. Having dinner along with admiring the sunset scenery is pretty awesome that I could not explain into words, you guys should try it by yourselves. Lol

After the meal, we do some light activities which is taking photo in 9 shots. I think even the famous TV model competition would even surrender to us.

In second day, we set the alarm at half past 5 in the morning to watch the sun rise view on the beach. The thing is that we did not hear the alarm Lol. We wake up at 06.00am instead, yet we did not give up our intention and head to the beach to see the sun rises up. Luckily, we could make it in time, the activity during this time could not be anything else apart from taking photos as usual.


After that, we head back to eat breakfast and this time the meal we will have is a light meal with Fish Congee that tastes really good. Before we go snorkeling to see the corals and giant clam that we have to hire a boat to set out around the place where many people come to follow the track of many famous TV series which is around Koh Khram area. Everyone except me are pretty excited, as for me, I feel worried and scared as I can not swim, yet until we reach at the diving point, I am willing to jump into the sea together with all of my friends. They try to teach me how to dive which I eventually could watch the beauty of underwater world. I would say that it is really beautiful and this is my first time snorkeling which I feel pretty impressed.

When we return from snorkeling, we then go to eat fresh seafood before we sail back to mainland at noon. As always, our homestays did arrange a big meal for us that we could not finish all of it. We are pretty full that I think we might get bored with the seafood for some time. And before leaving, we will take a chic photos at the wooden bridge again.

At last, I would say that this trip is pretty worthwhile.



    • Learn way of life of local community and fishermen.
    • Go snorkeling to see the corals and giant clam
    • Fishing squid (depends on whether there is a squid for fishing or not as during we travel, it is not a period for fishing squid, thus we did not go fishing squid).
    • Paddling boat and swimming.


  • 15 homestays in total
  • Tour boat
  • Souvenir shops
  • Visitors could park a car at Uncle Khao place (at Koh Phitak pier) 50baht/car, could accommodate 20 vehicles in total and 20baht/motorcycle, could accommodate 50 vehicles.



- Accommodation, Boat and 3 meals cost 600 baht

- Snorkeling equipment and life vest cost 50 baht per set

- Hire a boat to go snorkelling which costs 700 baht (could accommodate 10 people)


In this year holidays, if you guys are planning to travel with family or friends, I would recommend "Koh Phitak", a tourist attraction that could answer everyone's needs with its tranquil natural atmosphere. Furthermore, at this place, visitors could also have a chance to learn way of local life style. Koh Phitak is regarded as one of interesting communities and the island where the beautiful environment has been well-conserved. The island starts to be a popular place for many tourists and Chumphon is also ranked as one of twelve cities that should not miss out. So what are you guys waiting for? Let's keep your bag and go on a journey.


For additional information please contact Nutty at telephone number 095-0367545 or Facebook:

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 Thursday, December 8, 2016 10:12 AM