Escape the rain to face with the rain ....

Enjoy life with small weekends ..... at 'Bang Sa-Re'

I arrive in the night and meet with this very nice ambiance.

I depart on Friday evening which there are lots of cars. So, I arrive quite late. Resort located moderately far from main road. It could be because I am not local, so I feel it is far. Actually it's not that much.

I come to take some rest. So, I instantly go to this corner. Very relaxing!! Fortunately it's not raining. I lay down with a book and light music from fisherman bar. I sit there till midnight when the rain is coming. I can see lighting from far away which I can take a snapshot. I run to my room just in time.

There's still a beauty inside fearfulness.

It's time to go to bed. I didn't take a photo of my bedroom since I mostly spend time at common area. So, I totally forget about bedroom ... The bedroom is equipped with air condition, fan, shared bathroom or private bathroom based on price. I have tiny budget, so I choose low price room ... LOL

I sleep together with lighting and northern light. Actually if I open the door and window, I can relaxedly watch northern light. However, I'm afraid I would be heavily bitten by mosquito. I therefore gotta say goodbye to it.

Next morning I wake up with pouring rain sound. Very much like sound therapy. In morning time, I can now open the door and watch gorgeous view. I fall asleep and wake up again quite late, with sunlight and clear sky ...

The owner is very kind. He immediately serves breakfast like he knows my mind, haha.

This set is for me ... Everything is consumed except beans and rind ..... I am full till evening.

That's not enough. I drink another glass of coffee .... Haha, I'm afraid of myself. #RepleteTourist

After dealing with my stomach, now it's time to deal with my mind ....

If I have something to think, I'm always absent-minded for very long time. Time flies. I'm aware when it's time to check-out. I hurriedly pack my bag, haha. Then I sit leisurely and photograph .... for a long time. Combination of the atmosphere ... Can't get enough of sitting here. I am catching on it ... Till thunder storm comes.

Can't believe that clear sky like this will rain in few seconds later ....

I lay down at this hammock since last night ... So much pleasure ... I'm stick to it. Can't get up.

The only thing I regret is missing evening time. I want to see the sky telling stories through colors ...

Additional journey ... Changes story in my mind.

Returning back from every trip ... My thoughts change too.

If I'm making a trip again ... Try going to same place without any stories.

Go to create my own story at that place .... Give it a try.

Thank you.


 Wednesday, November 9, 2016 4:09 PM