A short thought can lead us to do something without consideration which sometimes brings negative outcomes. But some bring so much thankful result ....

This trip arises from 3 days of weekend. Where should I go? ... It rains recently. I have been wanting to see fog after rain at Khao Khor. Shall I go? Depart in the morning, around 8.00-9.00AM, and go on ... Take a shower. Pack belongings. Incoming call from respected person orders me to do something which requires the whole day ... Oh, arrive home at 8.00PM. ... I'm so tired. Go to bed.

Wake up in the next day. Hey, I can't stay like this for 2 days and 1 night. No. I gotta find time to enjoy longer than that.

"Koh Sichang" .... is the answer at the moment. Grab camera and purse ... and leave (well, bring mobile too).

- Ferry port of Sriracha has been changed from Koh Loy Port to Jarin Port ... Since it is under construction for 2 years starting from June 3, 2016.

- Ferry ticket is THB50 per round. There is a lady asking your traveling details. No matter you are staying over night, rent a motorbike or SKYLAB, she can arrange everything. I rent one motorbike with her. (When you get off from the ferry, there will be villagers asking if you want to rent a motorcycle or not. I said I already have one. Actually most of tourists already have one which is from that lady. Many villagers complain that they can't get any customers) .... So, my recommendation is don't worry about vehicle. You can rent at the island. I am a victim of local mafia, haha. Poor villagers. (personal opinion)

- While on ferry, I tour around. The sky is beautifully clear. I like it. Local white bird comes to say hi. It flits over the sea, very lovely. I laugh at it the whole way.

- The road on island is main road. The only one road around isalnd with alley going through each other. Quite difficult to lost. If you are not sure, you can ask anyone you see. They are all kind and willing to help. I guess they understand that female can get lost everywhere.

- Most of motorbikes are auto system. If you don't know how to ride it, you can ask for normal system, like me. I bring personal map but I'm still confused which way to go .... As I mentioned earlier, a small lovely island. I'm lost ...

- Wat Chao Por Khao Yai is a viewpoint where allows you to see beautiful landscape across the island. I like the view in front of toilet considering premium one.

- Buddha's footprint was installed by King Rama V. His Majesty's name was written on it, together with blessing poetry for visitors. Landscape above Wat Chao Por Khao Yai is 270 degree view.

- Ao Atsa Dang or Had Tham Phang, I'm not sure if there is a cave or not. However, you can swim at the beach. There are rocks on both side of the beach. Please be careful. Try observing for the sign. Canvas beds are provided every Monday to Friday for free but I'm not sure about weekends ... There are plenty of food with lower price than other beaches. I didn't try. Don't know about the taste.

(The black spot is a dust, haha. This is original photo, no filter at all.)

- During the way, I ride as well as watch the view. Sky is clear. Sunlight? No affect to me because I won't avoid it. (How can I avoid? I'm riding a motorbike.) LOL

- King Rama V's palace (Can't remember its full name and too lazy to search in Google) is gorgeous and shady. However, it requires very strong legs and level 8 tolerance to sunlight. So, I didn't go. I choose to go to Baan Kaew which is a cafe restaurant opening every weekends. During weekdays, grab drinks in the fridge then .... At this point, let me have a long rest and charge my mobile. I didn't bring power bank. I'm weary. Play with the kids.

People here have good sense of humor, right? (A word on the rock says "don't lift".)

(Isn't the sky so beautiful?)

("Is there anything I can order?" // "Drinks in the fridge and ice-cream in freezer." // "Okay, thank you.")

("We fully open on weekends, so these are all we have during weekdays." // "Okay, thank you.")

(While charging my mobile, I play with the kids.)

- Saphan Asdang is a beautifully romantic highlight location. If you bring someone to take photo together in the middle of the bridge, you will be super pleased ... But what I find is people sleeping here because the wind blows strongly. Only taking selfie seems to be more difficult than usual.

- No matter how hot it is, there are villagers walking along the beach to find shells ... It's their livelihood.

- From the palace, there is a restaurant at corner on the left. I don't know its name. I try to remember but when I recall, I realize that I forget. The food is tasty. Restaurant is open air style.

- Go slightly further, there are guesthouses on the right and a lovely coffee shop on the left which is suitable to shade. However, I didn't stop by since I have a mission to visit Paree Hut ... Follow me. Asking from locals, they tell me to go the same direction as Had Tham Phang. Then follow the signs passing oil refinery. Just keep following the boards, not difficult ... That's what they tell me.

(I go further and here I am. I don't know where it is, haha. What's next? Okay, just keep going till the end.)

(I return back and find a sign. Now I get it ... Who would think this is a road to gorgeous resort. Look through the mirror. That's the way to resort. I am good at riding. I stumble on a rock but I'm expert. I don't fall down, haha.)

(Finally!! I arrive. This place has clear bound for visitors.)

- Paree Hut is a must-visit location before leaving ... Entrance is quite tough but once I arrive. Oh!! ... So lovely. Super cool wooden huts. Visitors can walk only within provided area but that's almost ll of the resort. You can see every corners. Landscape beside the sea. There is a restaurant which on weekdays sells food and softdrinks. On weekends, it opens as coffee shop ... So, I come on the wrong day, right? Never mind ... I order Pepsi and watch beautiful view, giving 10 out of 10 ... It takes me more than an hour without intention. Look at the watch and it's time to get on ferry. Otherwise there will be traffic jam in the evening.

(This is restaurant and cafe at Paree Hut. It doesn't fully open on weekdays, so I don't have food review, haha.)

(Asking myself, how pleasant it is.)

(There might be too many photos but I really can't cut off any of them.)

- Ride around isalnd once again going through each alley. Now I'm not afraid to get lost because I will appear at main road anyway, haha. Small fresh-food market is next to the pier. There is one 7/11 store and multiple grocery stores everywhere. Guesthouses are located at each important attraction of the island. Large resorts are mostly at capes or beside cliff along the beach in order to get sea view.

See you soon "Koh Sichang".

#My heart says it is so good.

Encourage everyone to take a journey ... It will help you get to know yourself and be able to be happy with yourself ..

If you are afraid """""" Being afraid will block us from new things that we think to start.

Expenses Approximately THB500-700 (This is based on one person. If you come as a group, transportation coat and renting fee will be divided. Total expense will be lower.)

For personal car, gasoline fee is THB200-300. / Bus is THB100 per round.

Mimi-bus in and out THB60 per round.

Renting motorbike THB250.

Make merit on your preference.

Food on your preference too. Mine is THB100.

The whole period 10-12 hrs. Unfortunately on return round, I face with Friday traffic jam plus heavy rain.

Round trip 4 hrs. (From Bangkok)

Crossing to the island 30 minutes. (Waiting for the ferry another 30 minutes, haha.)

Relax travelling on Koh Sichang 4 hrs (Mine is 12.00-4.00PM).

PS. Many readers look surprised once they know that I travel alone ... But that's what I want ...





 Wednesday, November 9, 2016 4:10 PM