To go to Kanazawa city, we need to start from Kanazawa

The weather is quite cold in April, you can enjoy seeing the blossom

It snows in February, the weather is quite cold at Kanazawa

Kanazawa Tsuzumi-mon gate is imitated as Japanese local drum, it was completely built in 2005.

Furthermore, it is symbolic Kanazawa train station.

The big tea pot in front of Kanazawa is covered by the snow in the early morning.

For those who come at Kanazawa for the first time, I highly recommend you buy the whole day ticket @ 500 Yen for Kanazawa Loop Bus. The ticket is available at Bus Ticket Counter in Kanazawa Train Station. From below photo, it is on the right hand side.

Once you get on Kanazawa Loop Bus, we must scrape the number on the ticket in according to that date.

The first destination is Higashi Chaya Districts. We take Loop Bus and turn right (Right Loop) around 10 minutes from Kanazawa train station and get off at Hashibacho (koban - mae) number RL5. Then, we continue walking for 5 minutes.

Below is the map of Higashi Chaya Districts, this photo is taken at Higashi Chaya Kyukeiken Rest House (The yellow highlight)

We do not take Hokutetsu Local Bus not Loop Bus from Kanazawa train station but we could not remember the precise bus number. This bus has passed Omi- cho Market and stopped at RL6. It is the different stop from Loop Bus, hence we need to walk back to where Loop Bus stops about 200 meters.

We enjoy seeing the beautiful view along the way back to Loop Bus stop, we have passed Hashibacho Ryokuchi Park as well.

To cross the bridge

To turn left at the small block to go to Higashi Chaya Kyukeiken Rest House, it is built as Machiya Style in late Edo era.

To continue walking till we see junction, there will be the sign indicated to turn left for going to Higashi Chaya District

We pass the ice cream shop, the ice cream of this shop is very unique because it is topped with gold foil, it costs only 891 Yen.

There is also the sign noticing us to not eat or drink while traveling in Higashi Chaya District, we must finish our meal before start traveling.

We take the photo with local people who wear Kimono

Higashi Chaya District is the biggest zone of tea café in Kanazawa.

Chaya is the place for celebration and entertainment, it is where Geisha (the person who has entertained guests ) has performed the traditional performance and played local music instruments since the middle of Edo Era.

There were various tea cafés in Kanazawa in former time, however those cafés were moved to other 4 cities in 1820
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This placed is called Former Kamiya Main Building and Storehouse

For those who like to see the performance of Geisha, it is also available for someday.

From below photo, it seems this bird wants to build its nest here.

We continue walking till the end of the block, want to take some more photos as the souvenir.

To walk till the end and turn left and come back. This corner I quite shady, hence we are not reluctant to take the photo.

Sugawara Jinja Shine

The map of Sugawara Jinja Shine

Once we arrive at Higashi Chaya District, it is time to find something to eat.

After finishing the meal, we need to go to Bus Stop RL05 for taking Loop Bus. The opposite side is the Bell Tower.

We are waiting for the bus that will take us to 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art

This review is the part of Snow Wall review, we travel with Air Asia

The 1st day, we arrive at Narita airport at 19.00 hrs, we send some luggage to Takayama. We stay at Narita Airport Rest House for the first night.

The 2nd day, we exchange the train ticket at Tokyo station, then connect with the bus at Shinjuku to go to Matsumoto castle.

The 3rd day, we go to Japan Alpine in the early morning to travel at the dam. We take cable car to Snow Wall for the whole day and sleep at Toyama.

The 4th day, we visit Toyama castle in the morning and Hida Furukawa in the afternoon. In the evening, we ride bicycles toTakayama.

The 5th day, we roam around the forest at Kamikochi and return back to Takayama

The 6th day, we visit Shirakawako for half day and go to travel in Kanazawa in the afternoon, we have visit Higashi Chaya Districts and 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art.

The 7th day, we visit Kenrokuen & Kanazawa castle in the morning. Then, we go to Osaka in the afternoon

The 8th day, we visit Nara in the morning and do shopping in Osaka before going back to Bangkok

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