One day trip at Koh Kret is possible for people who live in Bangkok because it is close to Bangkok, hence it is less time consuming to go to this place.

I must admit that I have heard this place for a while and this has inspired me to go to this place. For the accessibility, it is very easy to get for those who have their own cars and those who do not have their own cars.

My journey has begun... Most of people may know Pak Kret intersection in Nonthaburi Province... I may explain a bit for those who have not familiar with this intersection. Before reaching this intersection, you must pass Government Complex, Department of Consular Affairs, Central Super Store Chaeng Watthana.

There are various buses to get to Pak Kret intersection such as Public Bus route Min Buri - Pak Kret, route Rangsit - Pak Kret, route Chatuchak - Pak Kret or public bus number 52, 352 etc. The easiest way is to take taxi and get off at Lotus Super Store bus stop.

Once I get off at Lotus Super Store bus stop and I then need to continue with motorcycle service for THB 10 and stop at Sanam Nuea Temple. I walk inside the temple and heading to the pier to go to Koh Kret, the boat fee is THB 2 per person. Once you reach Pak Kret, there will bicycle available for rent or if you prefer to sit on the boat and have a sight seeing, this is also available but it costs THB 60 per person.

As I have mentioned earlier that if you do not prefer to walk or use the boat service, the bicycle service is also available.

Ps. In my point of view, it is quite difficult to ride a bicycle because we need to share the same space in the pavement. Hence, it is quite narrow.

It is time to continue our trip. My first destination is to pay respect to the sacred place for having good fortune. Apart from that, I also have a chance to enjoy seeing the spectacular view of the temple.

Furthermore, I am able to feed fish at the fish feeding point as well.

It is time to continue our journey.

This is the sign at the entrance, I can guarantee that you will enjoy shopping, eating and seeing along to the way.

Furthermore, there are homestay available too, the atmosphere is very nice. Unfortunately, I do not have much information about this point. But, I somehow say that this is nice place to escape from the hasty life.

I must admit that this place has been changed a lot from my previous trip, there are various menus and souvenir. I do believe that it will be also changed again due to its popularity.

These are the photos taken along the way. There are various products which I can buy at reasonable price.

I continue walking for a while, there are many interesting activities such as doing pottery. For those who are not so confident about their own skills, I would recommend to buy like me, I also buy.

But, if you want to try doing the pottery, it is also possible because there is the staff to give the advice of how to do that.

After enjoy seeing the pottery for a while, it is time to find something to eat any buy some souvenirs.

Well! I continue walking to the final destination Sao Thong Thong Temple but I personally do not recommend for walking as it is quite far.

Once I reach the temple and spend sometimes over there and go back on the same way to take the boat.

As I mentioned earlier, I go back to the same way to take the boat and then take a motorcycle service THB 10. I have informed the motorcyclist to go to Lotus Super Store and across the road and take the public bus.

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 Monday, October 31, 2016 1:46 PM