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Sushi Hana

Discount promotion of 40-50% in July 2016

Hello, basically Sushi Hana, Japanese restaurant will arrange a monthly promotion. There is a special menu selling in a special price which discount goes up to 50%. This promotion encourages people to try new menu with a touchable price at Sushi Hana restaurant. There are many branches but I will bring you to a new branch, it is located at the first floor of Fifty Fifth plaza. This is a 2 floor air-conditioned medium size mall. It is simply decorated in a Japanese modern style, its style looks clean and proper, distinguished with long sushi bar which ready to serve almost 10 people. Let's taste a promotional menu of this month together.

Here is a promotion menu of July 2016

'Kumamoto Sashimi Mori'

A big piece of Sashimi like a fresh Tuna fish / a beautiful Salmon / a special sticky soft Hamachi fish / a big notable sweet shrimp / a sticky sweet Tara crab / a big Kumamoto shell pour with distinctive flavor concentration sauce which matches with the shell. I recommend you to eat it as a last piece of this menu. It is my recommendation.

'Tuna & Hikura Sashimi'

It is a raw material that chef has chosen on the day that I eat, a thick fresh fish slice, because chef has already chosen a Salmon eggs to be seasoned into a colorful, nice smell of Yusu orange which add a sweet and intense taste to the eggs. You can ask chef first to see the recommend special menu of the day.

'Modori Salmon Roll'

It is one of my impressed big salmon roll dish. It is served with a big Salmon piece and crispy fresh vegetable. Goose Liver smell is explicitly spread over the roll. The sweet and sour sauce is added to balance the taste of the roll which is a very inventive idea. I recommend this menu.

'Omakase Sushi'
It is a good looking, big special fusion sushi menu

1. Wagyu Sushi, it is a Wagu sushi. The beef is tender and topping with a scent of goose liver sauce which is a perfect match. I recommend it.

2. Salmon Freshy with Salsa Sauce. A premium salmons serve with Salsa avocado sauce that add a little oily taste to it which is a good standard of sushi.

3. Urangi Tamago, a sweet soft egg that the stuff is a sticky eel putting in the middle of the sushi. It might look strange but delicious and well cooked.

4. Salson Toro Miso Sauce, Grilled Salmon. Its meat is juicy add with a sauce which is a good standard of sushi.

5.Tako Sushi. Lightly grilled tentacle which add the tentacle to be more sticky, the taste is obviously become more mellow too. You have to eat with a fresh Wasabi which is a good standard of sushi.

6. Hana Sakan, various material including a sweet and juicy meat which is distinguished the taste by a spicy, oily sauce, outstanding and concentration sauce. I recommend this menu.

7. Ebi Hana Sushi , a big shrimp seasoning by a concentration ingredient. I recommend this menu.

8. Momiji Sushi, it is focused on a juicy and sticky of the material which make me can't stop eating it. I recommend this menu.

9. Okawa Sushi, Engawa (Halibut), a distinguished sweet and oily sushi which seasoning by various full of ingredients. I recommend this menu.

'Unagi Kaba Yaki'

It is presented with a beautiful big piece of eels. The sauce is good taste and concentration. A good standard of sushi.

Somkit Singtong chef, Chef Manager, one of the chef who invents various delicious menu of Sushi Hana restaurant.

A chill, friendly atmosphere. You can come with friends, family, couple or alone here. They provide a good, care service. The food material is fresh, clean, good quality. The food service in a big quantity, the taste is fusion, concentration and obviously outstanding but the taste of the main ingredients still touchable and recognition. There are many promotions of the menu which is very impressing.

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Restaurant detail

Sushi Hana

The Fifty Fifth Plaza 1st. fl., Thong Lo Soi 2, Sukhumvit Rd., Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110 Thailand
โทร. 08-5681-4240

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