How many journeys in life can create enjoyment, excitement and unforgettable impression. For "Dinsor Kor Kien", I give it to this biking trip at Chiang Rai.
Personally "Dinsor Kor Kien" likes biking a lot. I start riding since G.1 probably. However, after moving to Bangkok, I don't have a chance to ride a bicycle at all. But I still like biking. This time is my good fortune to join biking trip arranged by "Singha".

Today's program is divided into 2 routes; a route along Kok River and Chiang Rai downtown. Depart from "Singha Park". The natural route along Kok River is a road beside river with beautiful landscape. There are multiple interesting attractions to visit including Pha Prasert Hot Spring which offers large outdoor mineral hot spring. Additionally, there is also indoor hot spring to serve tourists separately. We enjoy boiling egg in the pool and delighted with our boiling skills.

The route today is switching between up and down hill giving amusement to new biker like "Dinsor Kor Kien" a lot, especially during down hill. It's super fun. Let it go freely along the way. Just slightly touching the break is fun enough. During the way I get to watch panorama view of elephant camp. Highlight of this route that everyone must take photo is "Ar Lae Ja Suspension Bridge". It is an ancient wooden bridge that villagers conserve for traveling between riversides of Kok River. From this point, I can see another gorgeous scenery view of Kok River.

Once crossing Ar Lae Ja Suspension Bridge, we arrive at "Karieng Ruammit Elephant Camp". This place provides Mexican Sunflower field tour in winter which they fully bloom all over the hill. And the last stop for this route is "Karieng Ruammit Village" to experience livelihood of each origin consisted of Akha, Hmong, Yao and Lisu. Enjoy shopping souvenirs especially local woven fabric which is selected as "Handicraft and Tourism Village OTOP 2003".

Move to the second route. This route is an easy way since it's a flat road in Chiang Rai downtown. Bike pass well known site such as Chiang Rai Clock Tower. It is considered as beautiful artistic work of the province designed by Chalermchai Kositpipat. The clock indicates time hourly. On 7.00, 8.00 and 9.00PM everyday, light inside will change together with playing Chiang Rai in Live song or instrumental music in the middle of city center. Tourists and passers can see this exquisite art displaying gorgeously light and sound. Welcome all visitors.

Then we move on to "King Mengrai Monument" who built Chiang Rai as the first town in 1262 and firmly founded Kingdom of Lanna. His Majesty brought harmony to all Thais.

This monument is respectful place of locals and all tourists. We don't moss a chance to visit for good luck.

And the last location of the day is "Rong Khun Temple". The temple with gorgeously fairness architecture and portrait designed by "Chalermchai Kositpipat". He is a Thai artist who owns so many painting works that he is praised as national artist in visual art field in 2011.

Highlight of Rong Khun Temple is "ubosot" with amazingly and uniquely outstanding architecture no matter the gable apex or toothlike ridges on the sloping edges of a gable. Hall of the temple is mostly pure white representing the purity of the Buddha. While glitteringly sparkle white mirror means the Buddha's wisdom that brilliantly shines all over the globe and universe.

Before entering into ubosot, we have to cross a bridge that means passing cycle of rebirth. It is believed that the way to Buddha is foregoing temptation, greed, and desire into serpent's mouth in order to wash our mind before moving on.

Another highlight of the temple is "toilet". It is a eye-catching golden building that "Dinsor Kor Kien" can't believe my eyes it is a "toilet". It is attractively decorated.

And these are all the bang and impression that will forever stay in "Dinsor Kor Kien" mind.

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 Wednesday, November 9, 2016 4:12 PM