To mention about valuable historical site of "Buriram", it is definitely "Phanom Rung Historical Park" which is well known as symbol and one of the most important tourist attractions in Buriram. However, there is another interesting place and not far from the city. It is "Play La Ploen Park" in Amphoe Ku Muang, Buriram, 30km. from the city.

This is me first journey to Buriram which takes 5hrs. driving with no rush. I have a companion who locally born in Pae town. "Nong Tanad" is my guide touring around Buriram and facilitate cozy accommodation plus tasty meal from Jam Sai Family.

Start traveling at "Play La Ploen Park". It is the first and only flower park in south Isan. It displays varieties of plant in 6 houses occupying area of 100 Rai. Entrance fee for adult is THB150 and THB80 for children. Once entering inside "Play La Ploen Park", I find it well designed with multiple spots for photographing along the way. It also provides activity zone, sheep farm and various education zones.

Walk for a few minutes, I see entrance to flower garden "Holland Tulip of South Isan" which shows diverse plants inside 6 houses. Tulip here is mostly black. In addition, a staff already informed tourists that Tulip brought from Holland is black. Due to geographical features and weather, it turns to purple instead.

After touring all 6 houses, the park provides tram to Arun Farm and hotbed of seeding which will be displayed in the house. This south-Isan flower park trip doesn't disappoint me at all. Ticket price is reasonable. I'm certain that Buriram is a must-visit city.


 Wednesday, November 9, 2016 4:13 PM