Today I've got a chance to visit Phuket in rainy season with my Huawei P9 of whch is just nearly launched.

It is said that this mobile can take beautiful photo as it's got camera lens from Leica.

So today, I will take it to take photo around Phuket. Since it is a monsoon season, we can't go enjoy the sea.

If you wonder where we will take you and whether we can still roam around during rainy season, let's go find out together!

For this trip to Phuket, we are traveling with Air Asia which has the flight of Bangkok-Phuket all day long.

We choose the early flight as we can still roam around once we reach Phuket. Let's start by checking in.

To save time, I've checked in online already at

Once we reach the airport, we just need to print the baggage tag. To save time, you can print it yourself too.

Oh wow!! this trip is going to be great! Just by seeing the muscled check in staff, is already made our day, haha.

The rain welcomes us since early morning. It takes about 1 hour and 20 minutes flying from Bangkok to Phuket.

Before reaching Phuket, we could have a higher angle view of Phang Nga Bay consisting of small and large islands as well as beautiful river.

When the sky is clear, the view would be certainly much more beautiful than this as the sea will be blue and green from the shining light of the sun.

Once we reach Phuket, the first thing to do is to pick up a rental car from Thai Rent A Car.

This is the first time we rent the car when coming to Phuket. We do so because we could easily travel around.

It's fairly easy to book a car. We just need to visit and make a booking. It's very simple and we will definitely have a car to drive......

We simply give them our information and fill out some document when receiving the car. Soon, everything is done. After that, we are going towards downtown Phuket.

Our first stop is the scenic viewpoint of "Khao Rang". It is the high angle viewpoint where we can have the entire view of Phuket and the sea beautifully.

After that, we are going for lunch which is quite close to the Khao Rang Viewpoint.

We are going to "Kin Suk" restaurant for lunch. It's a healthy food for health-conscious people.

From using Huawei P9 to take food shot, I'm quite satisfied. It's colorful and looking appetizing.

After lunch, it's time to roam around downtown area.

Where can it be but the photogenic area like the Old Town and cool Street Art.

One thing I like about Huawei P9 is the fact that we could choose to focus on certain area and either make the front or behind area focused when taking photos.

We could do it via the mobile application from the photo taken from 2 phones in order to make a comparison.

Street Art and Old Town Phuket indeed provide us with a lot of cool photography corners that we forgot all about our exhaustion for a while.

Another great advantage from taking photo from mobile phone is that we need not to carry the heavy big camera, it's so relax and nice, haha.

Then, we found this looking delicious Roti shop.....

He's taking so much time to cook, but we still didn't get it, wait........haha...:P

For those who are interested in taking chic photos from Street Art Phuket, please refer to the map below.

For more information, please visit:

Thank you P'Mot from 9MOT-Photography for providing us with the map and location and that we could enjoy our time so much here.

Let's end this trip with the relax atmosphere at our hotel from Huawei P9.

We are staying at Casa de Le Flora, Phang Nga Province. This hotel here is very beautiful. It offers excellent atmosphere and fully equipped facilities that we didn't want to go anywhere else.

The photos taken are rather clear. I just realize that now mobile phone is so capable, so ashamed of me!

Usually, I'm not so updated with the mobile phone and never thought of replacing the big camera with it.

Now is the last part of this review, let me talk about the Huawei P9 features according to what I've used.

Starting from F Effect Mode or as we know as clear at front and blur at the back mode.

We need not to set this F mode, but we could actually choose where we want it to be clear or blurred.

And we won't have the problem of wrong focus anymore. Also, our photo would look much more interesting.

When taking a portrait, we could make a person outstanding from the background by choosing the Wide F Effect Mode.

When taking the food photo, the color is also bright and colorful that make us feel hungry, haha.

For Auto Mode that we use to take the landscape view is also great. I love the photos.

Huawei P9 also offers another interesting function where we could choose the color tone we like to match with our personal life style and preference.

The same goes to Black and White Mode which is also interesting. It gives us another option of photographic idea for those who love this style of shooting.

All of these make our trip more fun with different style of photography with various modes.

The mode that I like the most for Huawei P9 smartphone is the Wide F Effect Mode.

It's very easy and convenient for taking photos where we don't have to worry about F Effect setting.

We just need to select the Wide F Effect Mode and take the photos we want accordingly.

After getting the photo, we could choose to focus and make a certain area blurred as we wanted.

Lastly, let me summarize the pros and cons of Huawei P9 from my personal opinion after using it.


- The materials look durable and the size is perfect for holding.

- The photos are clear and colorful as per the Leica lens should do.

- It offers several interesting mode which makes our photo taking experiences even more fun.

- The photos quality is quite good, we could edit afterwards both from the application and computer.


- After taking photos for a while, the mobile is hot too quickly.

- If we plan to use it as a main device to take photos, the battery could quickly die out.

** All photos in the trip are taken by Huawei P9 to show its actual effect**

Overall, I think Huawei P9 is another interesting smartphone which is quite outstanding for photos taking.

It's suitable for those who love to take photos and travel.

With the good quality lens from Leica, it makes the photos look bright and colorful.

I hope this review is more or less useful for you guys. I really hope you all enjoy and are happy when taking photos.

For more information on Huawei P9 :

Thank you and Sawadee Krab!