This trip, we are heading to Chantaburi province.

It takes around 3 hours to drive from Bangkok.

Take a motorway, go straight and take an exit to Baan Bueng.

Then, drive through the highway number 344 (Baan Bueng - Klaeng).

Continue driving on the highway number 344 and turn left to Chantaburi. Let's go!

This trip begins with the fondness of eating fruits from mum and Eie (Actually, it's not just about fruits).

Both of them are really willing to eat fruits right in a farm, including taking fruits back home as well.

I can see that mum has brought a container with her (It looks like a combination of a big bowl and a tray)...Ha ha ha.


Therefore, we won't focus on tourist attractions in this trip.

We will only focus on eating fruit buffet (extremely)!!

Don't wait for anything...Just go!!!


KP Garden Chanthaburi

In fact, I choose this farm because I have been here last year but it was a beginning of the season (beginning of May).

At that time, the farm had just opened a few days ago, so some fruits were not fully ripe. And therefore, there were not many types of fruits to select. I think I will have to eat a lot of fruits at this time...Ha ha ha.


* The perfect time to visit this farm is between May and July.


For the price issue, the price of buffet is 320 baht per person without additional charges.

We can eat whatever we want in 2 hours.

On the day we visit, there are various kinds of fruits to choose, such as durian, rambutan, mangosteen, longkong fruit, and salak fruit (snake fruit).

Also, the fruits have such high quality. They are naturally sweet with unique smell.

It's really worth to drive from Bangkok for 3 hours to taste these fruits!

Apart from fruits that are the highlight of this place, there are some activities that visitors can do together as well.

One staff is making a contest by asking all participants to eat rambutan quickly. The quickest one will receive a fresh durian that has been picked from its tree just minutes ago.

PS. Our table also sends a representative to participate in the contest. He is a hope of our family. Ha ha ha.

Ping Ping is concentrating in eating fruits without talking to anybody. Y_Y

And mum is eating durian without making a pause!

Wow...We will eat them all!

Aside from eating fruit buffet, we can buy some fruits back home from the front of the farm.

The highlight of this place has not yet finished.

There are also some activities in the farm such as taking a tour around the farm and learning how to do farming (E.g. a process of growing fruits, looking after and classifying different types of fruits, etc.)

Another highlight is that every body can pick fruits directly from their own trees.

Anyway, let me help them to pick some rambutans. He he.

I just realize that the taste of fresh rambutan after picking up from the tree is so delicious...I confirm!

Let's have a look at some other trees.

As I have mentioned that this place is a mixed farm, therefore, taking a tour in the farm for 30 minutes is quite exciting. Because it's mixed with many plants...Ha ha ha.

Look! There is also chilli here.

Next to the chilli, we will see such a weird-looking fruit.

We found out that it's called 'Kuranda'.

Karanda is a Thai herb that helps to relieve sore throat. You guys can search for other properties of this herb on the Internet.

The taste is sour and a little bit acrid.

I am thinking that it's such a perfect combination. Ha ha ha.

The farm opens only Saturday-Sunday and public holidays

There are 4 round for fruit buffet. It starts at 9 a.m. /11 a.m./ 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.

In my opinion, the best round is 3 p.m. because we can take a nap after eating fruits...Ha ha ha.


Address : Tambol Thaluang, Amphur Makham, Chantaburi

GPS : 12.720988, 102.131415

Telephone : 086-566-2419

Website :

After finished having fruit buffet, we make a pause on a viewpoint, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Chantaburi.

Noen-Nangphaya Viewpoint

This place has been claimed to be the most beautiful viewpoint of eastern region in Thailand, and it would be in a wish list of many people. Today, we are visiting here!


Address : Tambol Sanamchai, Amphur Nayai-am, Chantaburi

GPS : 12.591446, 101.881158

For the accommodation, we choose to stay in a resort close to Chaolao Beach.

Since we went to Hua Hin last time but we didn't have a chance to feel the sea, this time we won't miss this feeling again.

Blue River Resort Chantaburi

Actually, there are many resorts close to Chaolao Beach to choose.

However, this resort has been decorated in garden style and we think that it's such a perfect place because it's located next to the beach and surrounded by many big trees.


This is the view from my room!

Next to my room is a swimming pool zone. The swimming pool has both adults and children areas.

Actually, the atmosphere of the garden is just one of the highlights here.

Another highlight is the location of the garden, which is located next to the beach....So good!

The resort also opens this restaurant to public, for anyone who is not staying at the resort but wants to have a meal here.

Having dinner on the beach and watching the sunset is the real happiness we've ever had.


Address : Tambol Klongkhood, Amphur Thamai, Chantaburi

GPS : 12.562088,101.912764

Telephone : 039 433 141

Website :

Actually, there are many travel destinations in this province.

Some famous tourist attractions are Chantaboon waterfront community and the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception.

If we come to Chaolao Beach, Noen-Nangphaya Viewpoint and Ao Khung Kraben Development Study Centre are also tourist attractions in this area.

However, we don't concentrate in travelling at this time. In fact, our aims are visiting the farm and buying fruits back home, so you guys can see the result from our trip. :P


I would like to recommend you guys to consider Chantaburi to be one of your travel destinations. Especially, if you guys feel bored with Cha-am, Hua Hin and Pattaya.

You just drive further from Pattaya but you will feel different atmosphere from there.

Local food in Chantaburi is also famous. Moreover, you guys can try eating buffet here, either fruits buffet or seafood buffet. You can eat as much as you can.

Now, you guy can understand why I used to say 'If you want to gain weight, go ahead to Chantaburi'.

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