After seeing several friends going out for travel, I got inspired to find cheap flight to Singapore. I have to thank webpage for this 2300 THB Jetstar promotional ticket (excluding processing fee and carry on luggage of 7 kg.)

The morning of 10th June.....We arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport to wait for our 3K512 flight which will depart at 9.25 a.m.

Before that, we stop to pick up our Pocket WiFi which is cheaper than buying the sim card. We got the promotional price of 480 THB for 3 days.

Personally, I think the seats of JETSTAR are bigger than other low cost airlines, so it's a bit more comfortable.

Then, Let's Go .. ++++

@ Singapore We now arrive!! Singapore Changi Airport!!

Singapore time is an hour ahead of Thailand time, so don't forget to adjust the time.

The Jetstar lands at Terminal 1 so we must take the Monorail towards Terminal 2 in order to go downtown.
But before that, once we walk until the end of the walkway, we must go through the immigration (sorry, the photo is prohibited and I just saw the sign later).

The basic problem is how to fill this form, here is some guideline.

After we went through the immigration, now we are going to take the Monorail to Terminal 2 and out for downtown.

Here is the Monorail.

Once we reach the Terminal 2, we take the MRT to go downtown.

When we are at MRT Station, I highly recommend you guys to buy the EZ Link card as it's very convenient.
The ticket price starts at 15 SGD which can be divided as follow:
The basic fare of 15 SGD card includes 5 SGD card fee, SGD deposit (it's refundable upon returning the card) , 7 SGD spendable balance. We can use this ticket at several other places like 7-Eleven, McDonald's, vending machine and some food shops also.
This ticket is valid for 5 years after the last used date.

Well, actually, if we put 10 SGD more, it's already more than enough. The transportation fee is really cheap.

From the Changi Aiพport MRT, we get off two stations later at Tanah Merah (EW4) in order to change the train to Aljunied (EW8). When we get off at exit A, we walk along the way and find the bus stop.

P.S. The fan is so huge at this station.

Food shops at the ground floor of this station is quite cheap.

After that, we take the bus no. 21 in order to go to our hotel at Fragrance Hotel Emerald. We got a not so cheap price, it is 1,800 THB per night. If we book in the right time, it could be cheaper (I booked it via booking).

The room is a bit too small but the staff is well taken care of us and the room is very clean (P.S. we could also leave our luggage here on the last day).

Cr. I copy the room photo from somewhere else as I forgot to take it, hehe.

After finishing unpacking our bag, it's time to explore the city!!!!!

Like I mentioned earlier, public transportation here is very convenient and so is the EZ Link card. The MRT is similar to the one in Thailand. We can also use this card on the bus and I recommend you to tap the card at this machine, otherwise, we will have to pay full fare.

I highly recommend this application as it helps me a lot. I actually survive because of it.

P.S. We must also turn on the GPS on our phone. This application informs us about direction, the buses number, distance, fare and the time spent. We just need to key in the information, it's very easy to use and most importantly, it's free ^^.

While waiting to visit the Garden by the Bay in the evening, we go to enjoy at MRT City Hall (after this, I won't explain of how to get to here and there as this application directs us all. You can also try it out. You can use it almost everywhere except Sentosa area).

MRT City Hall has lots of food but the taste is........not really my taste. And you will find lots of Thai people here. I heard that this shop is much cheaper than the one in Thailand.

Then, we take the MRT to MRT Marina Bay in order to enjoy these trees at the Gardens by the Bay.

In fact, we can go up to the connecting bridge above. It has show times as below.

Here is another angle of the Sands Sky Park.
On the way back, let's stop for food at China Town ^^

Here is the famous strip pork shop.....oh well, they really have a lots of customers!

Enjoying a chill walk to the food zone...

Here we arrive!

After that, it's time to go back. I'm so exhausted now, so I didn't go to see Merlion as planned.

Warning: the look of the food doesn't translate into deliciousness, I think the food here is not so my taste.

Day2 Universal Studios

Someone said that if coming to Singapore but miss the Universal, we are yet here. So why not, let's go enjoy it together! (How to get here: Take the Sentosa Express --> go up the third floor of Vivo City Mall ( Harbour Front Station) and then get off at the first stop at Waterfront Station.

Ticket booth of going to Sentosa is at the third floor of Vivo City Mall. This express train has 3 stations and we must get off at Waterfront station.

If possible, you should visit here during the weekdays, otherwise, you will see the big crowd on the weekends (it is like this in every station as Singaporeans also go out to enjoy here).

Finally now we Universal Studios For more information, please click เพิ่มเติม

Keep walking in and we will see New York zone.

Followed by Sci-Fi City and the Transformers is the most popular attraction in this zone.

I'd like to recommend two most popular rides here which are Mummy and Transformer.

Water World Show is another must not miss show.

Then, we get out of the Universal and take the sky train to another stop: imbiah station to see this.

At this station, in addition to Merlion, there's also a Merlion Walk.

Well, that we are already here, let's go to Beach Station and enjoy Singaporean beach -*-

.....And here it is......I think Thai sea is much more beautiful......

On the way back, there's a lot of people again T^T Let's go back to our hotel.....getting tired....

Oh, and for those who find the food here is not your taste (including the legendary Khao Man Kai), I recommend you to try the food at B2 of Vivo Mall. It's cheap and delicious.

P.S. Do not exchange cash for coupon as it can't be refunded (as per I experienced, cry cry). You can directly pay with cash.

Here is our last day, so quick! The program of today are the S.E.A. and Cable car.

Cable Car: We take the MRT to Harbour Front Station Exit B going towards the Harbour Front Centre.

After that, we walk across the bridge near the KFC in order to get on the Cable Car at the Harbour Front Tower Two.

Here is the water park from a very high angle.

After that, we go on to take the bus no. 1 to S.E.A. Aquarium (the same station as the Universal).

Then, we travel back to Changi Airport.

Here, we can easily apply for tourist tax refund. It's very easy and convenient.

It's also easy to check the flight information.

We won't get lost also.

Well, I really want our country to also have this kind of easy and convenient system.

Finally, I'd like to thank everyone for reading until this line. I hope my review is more or less useful for you guys.

Expenses: Flight ticket for two people is 4,600 + Booking fee is 800, altogether it is 5,400 THB.

Universal + S.E.A. + cable car package by singaporefanclub is 2,700 THB each and two people is 5,400 THB.

Hotel is 1,800 THB per night and two nights is 3,600 THB.

Other and food is 3,000 THB.

In summary, it is 17,400 THB for two people and each person is about 9,000 THB excluding shopping and souvenir ^^