Happiness means differently to different people

Each of us has different preferences

People also have different kinds of dreams……

…… My happiness is to travel to different places…….

No matter it is comfortable or not, no matter it is luxury or not

They will always be in my good memory .. every time I think of them

And if we talk about dream .... I have so many of them

Including my career, my studies, my family, and my travel

However, there is one certain dream … that I will make sure that it comes true .. and I believe that many of you share the same dream

"Sri panwa Phuket"

During the storm season in Phuket,

The wind is very strong … the rain keeps pouring down nonstop.

I don't hesitate to start packing anyway …. because my heart is already there right now.

And the day has come.

I arrive at Sri panwa around 3 PM and it is totally cloudy.

I overlook the ocean from the pavilion where I do the checking-in while enjoying the Welcome Drink.

Then I look back at the pavilion before starting to observe the area around me.

The Lobby is huge and it offers a warm feeling like home atmosphere.

There are numbers of sofas and they are nicely placed in different corners offering good level of privacy to different groups of guests.

The whole Lobby is surrounded by full-length window letting you enjoy the unbroken view of the entire surrounding area.

There are library, refreshing corner, and shop further inside the pavilion.

And it is finally the time to go to the room, where my dream will begin.

I used to think that a room here is very expensive and it is too much for me to afford.

Until Sri panwa introduces the new zone called "The Habita".

Even though it is not a pool villa that I always dream of, The Habita is very charming and it comes at an affordable price.

Let's get to know The Habita for a bit!

The Habita is a home-style accommodation.

There are 30 rooms with 2 room types including

10 Penthouses, and

20 Pool Suites.

I am going to stay in one of the Penthouses, Penthouse Number 9.

Once I open the door's room,

I shout Wow! unintentionally

Because of the extremely large dining area and living room in front of me.

And this is only a little part of the whole 140-square meter penthouse.

The bedroom is the next one.

The penthouse is in warm color tone including white, yellow, grey, and beige, creating a relaxing atmosphere which is perfect for a true rest day.

The wooden furniture and decoration have also made the room very cozy.

There are 3 major areas in the penthouse as follows.

1. Dining area and Living room

2. Bedroom and Bathroom

3. Swimming pool

Let's take a quick look inside the bathroom!

It is spacious and comes with a bathtub located at the corner of the room overlooking the outside scenery.

The bathroom and toilet are separated nicely as well.

The toiletries

Let's go back to the living room and have a look at it closely!

Look at the Welcome Fruits! This is very impressive. Bananas come in the whole hand.

There are also fresh mangoes and guavas.

As we all known that Sri panwa offers complementary mini-bar and its mini-bar set is amazing.

You can eat everything including snacks, drinks, etc.

And it will be replenished daily.

It is time to see the main pool of The Habita. The pool is very big and surrounded by trees.

The grass field down below has comfortable beanbags available for you to sit in.

It gets dark pretty early during storm season.

I will take you back to the welcome area of The Habita. I didn't show you earlier because it rained heavily during the day.

Some might find the darkness of the night scary, but I find it charming.

Now let's see how my penthouse looks like in the evening!

There is a huge sofa in the living room in L-shape.

You can sit or even roll around comfortably on it.

There are televisions in both bedroom and living room… Hence, you can watch it anywhere you want.

The staff told us earlier that this corner offers a fantastic sunset view.

But it has been raining cats and dogs today.

There is quite a lot of tree behind Penthouse Number 9.

Therefore, if you prefer the better view of the ocean, you better stay in Penthouse Number 6, 7,or 8.

The new day has come and I am kind of hope that the weather will be nice.

Although I love rainy season,

I prefer the sun … every time I stay close to the sea.

I woke up with full energy today and I feel totally refreshing once I open my eyes and see the natural beauty right in front of me.

A cup of coffee even makes the morning happier,

While my boyfriend chooses to have a glass of wine to energize the body.

I have no clue whether the world turns fast or slow.

But the day off with you … is always full with happiness.

My stomach is telling me that,

It is time for breakfast.

The breakfast venue is not far from The Habita.

Today we choose to sit inside because the weather is not that nice.

The restaurant has a charming lighting and the restaurant itself is mainly in white color, this offers such a relaxing atmosphere by the sea.

Apart from the buffet, you can order some more dishes from the menu.

And yes, everything is included …you can eat as much as you want.

Both hot and cold beverages are also available.

I choose to start my breakfast with a simple dish of Egg Benedict.

There are 2 recipes of Egg Benedict available including the ordinary one and Sri panwa's signature one. What I can tell is that both of them are delicious.

The sauce on top of the egg is mushroom sauce.

They have Thai Pasta as well …. since it is quite famous here in Phuket.

The dessert menu that you shouldn't miss to order is this Banana Pancake.

It is freshly made and the pancake is very soft and fluffy.

However, the tables outside are way more attractive on a beautiful day.

No matter how hot it is … , it will feel so good sitting outdoor right by the ocean.

I take a walk after the breakfast and I have arrived at another pool of Sri panwa.

This pool is called "Beach Pool", and I have got to tell you that the view here is incredibly amazing.

I really want to jump in right away.

I stop by at the Fitness Center before going back to the penthouse,

Where it is close to the breakfast venue.

There is also a very friendly fitness trainer here.

The Fitness Center is surrounded by trees, giving you a very refreshing atmosphere while working out.

It has a variety of fitness equipment as well as the boxing ring.

Well, firstly I have planned to go back to the penthouse but it is almost lunchtime when I arrive back at The Habita.

I have changed my mind and will go for some yummy foods instead.

There are two restaurants in The Habita including BBQ Hot Box, and Baba Chino.

I choose to have my lunch at Baba Hot Box today.

Baba Hot Box is not big. The seating is in bar-style mostly.

Then there is only one big dining table.

Baba Hot Box is famous for its quality and fresh grills they offer.

The grill is also imported directly from Spain that known for making the meat tender and look tasty.

Let's have a look at the side dish first!

One set will offer you a good amount of fresh vegetable for two persons.

I have ordered only a few dishes today.

I guess I won't be able to walk back to the penthouse if I order more.

This is Wagyu Kalbi.

The meat is very soft and juicy. It is also perfectly cooked just in the way that I like.

The second one is huge Giant Tiger Prawns.

Only two of them and they already can fill up the plate.

No need to talk about the freshness as we are right next to the sea, they are totally fresh.

And the freshness makes the meat extra bouncy and crunchy in texture and it tastes very sweet.

This one is Grilled Chicken. The meat is from the rump part and it was flavored with some pepper and salt before grilling.

The outcome of the chicken is crispy on the skin and not oily in overall.

There are five different kinds of dipping sauces and you can choose the one that you like.

This is the whole meal for lunch, will I be able to walk back to the penthouse after eating all of these?

I end my lunch with a nice glass of Margarita.

Then it is time to burn all those calories.

And I will burn my calories in the pool.

The pool of the penthouse is 10-meter wide and 1.2-meter deep.

The view from the pool offers you a very nice view during the sunset but the thing is that this penthouse has quite a lot of trees.

I would say that this penthouse is good for those who prefer good level of privacy.

On the other hand, you should stay in Penthouse Number 6, 7, or 8 if you prefer the better view with the main pool like I have said earlier.

I will treasure the time from now on in the penthouse just relaxing, watching movie, listening to music, and so on.

You can rent a movie DVD and you can listen to the music, as the iPod is also available.

Even though the sky is not completely clear, it is good enough that it is not raining in the late afternoon.

I don't hesitate to go to Baba Nest, the highlight spot of Sri panwa right away.

And I hope that the sun will come out soon, at least for a second.

For me, this is truly a spot you must not miss. The panoramic view up here is breathtaking.

And imagine, being up here on a beautiful day!

This is very romantic as well, so don't forget to take your special one here.

For those outside guests, they have to reserve a table like a few months in advance.

Because there are only 12 tables in total and the resort allows only 2 tables (4 people per table only) for outside guest per day.

Moreover, they have to guarantee to spend at least 1,000 THB per person here as well.

On the other hand, guests in-house have to spend at least 500 THB per person.

And you can spend those money on foods and drinks.

Baba Nest is opened from 5 PM - 9 PM.

You can wander around, lie down, or jump into the pool up here as you prefer.

Everyone has different preferences and has their own moment.

For us, we choose to sit down steady and chill until it gets dark.

It is so true that…happiness doesn't depend on where you are, but who you are with.

And once you have found your right one... always try to make everyday count and always be each other happiness.

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