Sawaddee Kha

This is my first time that I am by myself on the journey...

This journey start from the word "Let's go to Phuket next year together^^" but we cannot make it. So it is just only me here now T _T.

Let's start my lonely journey>>>

Flying to Phuket

The hotel that I stay is quite far from the airport however there are many car rental shop that we can rent to the hotel.

As I will be here for 8 days so I decide to rent a motorbike in some days and ride a bicycle. However, you should check direction before heading otherwise you might get lost...(because I did) ==

A nice guy help me with the bicycle chain...thank you very much.

This trip I did not check-in to famous places where are a lot people going as I really want to rest and relax. The place that I go is Nai Han Beach which is my favourite because there are not many people and very peaceful. Moreover there is a very beautiful sunset in the evening. I spend mostly of my evening here ^^.

Next is Kata viewpoint where we can see the three beaches; Patong, Kata, Karon. There are so many people here. You can ride or drive here.

Next is Promthep Cape

Next is Ya Nui Beach which is a small beach with less people....I did not spend that much time here.

Other famous beaches such as Patong, Kata, Karon, I also visit but I do not spend that much time there as there are a lot of people. I just ride a motorbike around and stop when tired^^.

For food, some shops are cheap and some are expensive.

Phuket beer is something you need to try...

Lastly, this is what I see in the bathroom at the hotel. It is a small house 500 THB/night.

In every journey, there are both good and bad things so just keep the good one.

I have come here I said, it is a good journey that I have to take care of myself and do everything by myself. It is the starting point of my next journey>>>

The 8 days here for me is very valuable even I have not gone to many places but I travel to learn^^.

There is still one more place that I want to go...Koh Payam....One day I will to go there....

" Let's go to the sea let's go see the sunshine "

ME' Art X Traveller.

 Thursday, October 6, 2016 3:46 PM