This sudden trip starts when my friends ask me, 2 days in advance, if I feel like taking a journey with them. It's very easy for me to say yes right away since we are going to hitchhike and the number of trip members is limited. We have planned to travel by a pickup car so there can't be so many people to come with us for this trip. Our destination is Noen Maprang district.

Our traveling date is on the 3nd-5th of June 2016

Day 1

When we've got all members coming with us, we meet up at Kasetsart University and go to a perfect point to hitchhike which is the petrol station near Bangkok University. There are plenty of pickups coming to the petrol station. We wait until everyone is ready after the toilets.

One of us sees a pick-up car is leaving so she asks, "Where are you going, bro?"

A man: I'm going back home with my girlfriend in Pichit .

My friend: Can we go with you? We are heading to somewhere around Pichit.

A Man: OK! Let's go

Everyone: Thank you so much

We set off at 9.40 p.m.

We arrive at a petrol station near Pluaksoong Junction in Pichit at 01.30 am.

Thank you Bro who gives us a ride.

At late night like this, we'd better take some rest in the petrol station, wait until the morning and then continue hitchhiking.

Day 2

We wake up early in the morning before getting ourselves ready. After that, we go to the Pluaksoong Junction to find a pickup that go into Phichit town.

While we are walking along the street, there is a car parked in front of us and a woman asks

A woman: Where are you going? You can go with me.

We: We are going to Noen Maprang

A women: OK! I will drop you off at Samngam.

We: Thank you so much

When we get on the back of the pick-up, we see an old woman and a woman. They tell us that they are also hitchhikers like us.

We get off the car at a market in Samngam.

We find a suitable place for a car to pick us up for next hitchhiking. It must not be on road curves and it must be a noticeable point. After a moment of walking, there is a car stopped just like last time.

A man: Where are you going?

We: We are going to Noen Maprang

A man: OK! You can go with me. I'm going to Phetchaboon.

He is willing to drop us off at our destination but we don't want to cause him convenient to do so. Instead, we ask him to let us get off at Saklek Junction where we can travel with another car to Noen Maprang

We find something to eat at the junction. Sticky rice roasted in bamboo joints is a perfect choice for us at that time. We talk with an owner of a restaurant, where we have a meal, about going to Noen Maprang. She tells us about a car going to the town. So, we can go with the driver. He drops us off at the district office.

After we discuss about where to go, we agree to visit one of the most famous spots here which is Ban Mung.

Again we walk to find a car to go with. Then, there is a van parked on the street.

The driver talks to us.

Kob: Get in my van.

We: We are considering if it costs any money since it is one of the public transport.

Kob: Get in my van, come on. It's free. I will take you guys to Ban Mung.

We: Thank you

Kob takes us to his garage. He recommends us to visit many tourist attractions in Neon Maprang. He also allow us to leave our staff at his garage.

This place is called "Nangsibsong Cave"

One of the most outstanding tourist spots around here

We slowly take a relaxing stroll.

We wait for Mr. Pisanuchai Songput who is an administrator of the web page called "Teenee Amphoe Noenmaprang Pitsanulok" (Here is Noen Maprang District in Pitsanulok Province) to travel with us and take us to other places.

He say that normally this time of the year it is getting greener all over the paddy fields. On the other hand, this year there is much less rain causing inadequate water for agriculture activities.

People need to wait until July or August for succulents to come to this region.

This picture is from his Facebook (

Then Kob takes us to a junction where we can travel to Ban Rak Thai.

After a short time of waiting for the next car, we find out that the driver is Mr. Pisanu Songput's friend.

He drives us to Ban Rak Thai and recommends an accommodation called "Phu Rak Thai Resort" . At that time the resort is closed for refurbishment but the owner let us to stay there for free. We just need to pay 20 Thai baht each for our garbage.

We cook ourselves for dinner. An old lady who looks after the resort takes us to the market to buy meat and vegetables for our dinner.

In the evening, the old lady takes us to see fireflies at the rubber plantation near the resort.

We are stunned by such a large number of fireflies in front of us. I haven't seen this many of them before in my entire life and they fly all around us. These photos are all we can get because we didn't bring a tripod with us.

At night we lie down looking at thousands of stars, talking and listening to music. Living life like this is simply good. Everything looks easy and simple.

When we wake up, we walk around to take pictures and read a book. It is quite cold in the morning.

This picture show what atmosphere is like on the way down from Ban Rak Thai.

I have time to stay with myself in such quiet environment. It is a completely simple and relaxing trip.

On the way back to Bangkok, we can travel with a car going directly to Rangsit where we can take a bus to Bangkok.

Thank everyone that give us a ride on every stop.

The expenses for the whole trip includes

Bangkok – Ragsit bus fare: 30 Thai baht

The shared expenses: 300 Thai baht

Rangsit – Bangkok bus fare: 23 Thai baht

In total, we pay only 343 Thai baht.

Tiranon Tippayamongkongul

 Tuesday, November 8, 2016 5:10 PM