It has been said that "travel companion(s) is(are) more important than the destination". A trip to Suan Phueng with my old-school friends would be a proof of this statement because "Dinsor Khor Khan" (myself) has been to Suan Phueng many times but this time is quite special since I have been there with my friends from a primary school.

This is a trip that includes our old-school friends for more than two, after planning a trip to another province for many years. This year, our dreams finally come true. We begin our journey with 2 cars and drive straight to the first destination, which is "The Scenery Vintage Farm", one of the most popular tourist attraction in Suan Phueng.

This is the 3rd time of visiting "The Scenery Vintage Farm". This place has changed a lot since it used to be just a small resort with restaurant and a small sheep farm. Nowadays, this place has become a big sheep farm where tourists can visit, take pictures and feed sheep. Moreover, there are many activities in the farm such as archery, horseback riding, taking a tour around the farm, etc. Anyway, let's have a look inside the farm!

We enjoy taking a lot of pictures here. Traveling and spending time together with close friends gives me such uniquely happiness.

Then, we continue our trip to "Baan Hom Tien", another destination in Suan Phueng where we shouldn't miss. We can enjoy our time here with many kinds of candle bars. There is also a chic corner to take some pictures with. For any of you who want to have your own special designed candle bar, there is a workshop to design and make your own candle bar as well.

After spending our time traveling the whole day, now it's time to take a rest somewhere. This trip, we are going to stay in "Baan Maison Resort" and I really want to thank to one of my friend who booked this resort because it has such a great location, delicious food with inexpensive prices. Moreover, the resort is located next to a small stream, so we would have a chance to enjoy playing water like when we were children. Ha ha ha.

The next day is the day that we have to go back home. We make a pause at "Veneto Floating Market" to take some pictures. This place is a simulation of Venice, where has such a romantic atmosphere. It's located on a land over 20 rai (1 rai is equal to 1,600 square metres) with a big lake. Featuring a spectacular white architecture contrasts with the blue colour of the lake, surrounded by green mountains. Of course, we enjoy our time taking many pictures as usual because there are many cute corners to pose with, such as fountain squares, gardens, and lakes. This place is one of tourist attractions where we shouldn't miss.

Many thanks for this fantastic trip as well as all of my lovely travel companions. Let's travel together once again if we have a good chance.

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 Friday, September 30, 2016 9:28 AM