Hi everyone, today we would like to introduce you a one day trip to Grand canyon@chonburi which is not far from Bangkok and located in Kiri Nakhon Stone Mine.

Leave the car at the entrance and pay for the entrance fee 10 THB. The weather is quite hot so do not forget to bring your own water. After walking for a while, we arrive at the viewpoint.

At the viewpoint is a deep chasm so you must be very careful.

Next is Stone Mill

We walk along the red fence to the entrance of stone mill. It is quite far and very hot.

If you allergy to sunlight and easy to faint, we suggest you to wait at the entrance because it is very hot in here (do not forget your umbrella)....hahaha

Do not expect for any shops and any places to rest because there is nothing.

In the space there is a space -"-

Do not waste your time, hurry up and find your right point to take a photo and go because it is very hot here.

Alright let's go back ...

..Thank you for reading until the end..

If you pass by this area, you can stop by a nice photo.

Just pay for a parking fee and anyone who brings food into the area pleas do not forget to bring it out.

We do not know, it might be a famous place in the future so help each other to keep it clean.


 Tuesday, November 8, 2016 4:14 PM