[247Journey] Klong Wan : The Hidden Gems in Prachuap! written by 247journey

Did you know 'Prachuap Khiri Khan' is the province that contains the narrowest part of Thailand? ... Are you ready to explore? If we talk about Prachuap Khiri Khan, you may think of Hua Hin or Pranburi. This time I would like to show you new destination in Prachuap. This distr

[247Journey] Klong Wan : The Hidden Gems in Prachuap!

[247Journey] Klong Wan : The Hidden Gems in Prachuap!

Did you know 'Prachuap Khiri Khan' is the province that contains the narrowest part of Thailand?


Are you ready to explore?

If we talk about Prachuap Khiri Khan, you may think of Hua Hin or Pranburi.

This time I would like to show you new destination in Prachuap.

This district you may not have heard of. But it might be new destination on your list !


"Klong Wan"

Klong Wan is sub-district in Amphoe Muang, Prachup Khiri Khan.

The atmosphere is so good for relaxing your body and mind.

A small community that is surrounded by mountains and sea.

And it's so peaceful.


Let's see!

EP.1 Where to stay?

There are many types of accommodations from backpacking to luxury hotels.

But if you want taking a real rest with good atmosphere, there are only few options left!

For this trip I traveled with mum and a little girl, so I chose…

' AT T Boutique Hotel '

It isn't really boutique hotel like its name. But it's small luxury hotel.

The modern decorating style made us feel like we were on the condominium in city.

But the view outside the window isn't bad city traffic like we get used to.

Whereas it's beautiful sea view!

Hotel bar & restaurant is by the sea.

You can take a seat and have a sip your favorite drinks.


Let's see our room!

We stayed in a family room, which has a king bed and bunk bed.

We got good service from staffs.

The hotel is beautiful with well-chosen décor.

Very recommend for family!


Also there is a playroom for kid.

My niece could be there all day long. lol

I think this hotel is good for every types of traveler.

Price is reasonable for good service and hotel facilities.

If you are planning to visit Klong Wan, I think this hotel should be one of your top choices.

More detail: https://www.facebook.com/attboutiquehotel/

EP2. Where to go?

Although Klong Wan covers small area, there are many things to do.

This time I looked for family activities.

Let's go!

' Aow Prachuap '

After we checked-in, we headed for Aow Prachuap.

You can look up on Google Maps by click https://goo.gl/maps/avqE92p9Ffv

Everyone comes here when visits Klong Wan.

There is walking street every Friday and Saturday night.

The market was crowded with shops and people.

But the best part of that night was …

'Sunset Cruise'

The unforgettable 1.5 hours cruise to watch the sunset.

It enables us to discover the crystal clear Sam Aow sea, whilst enjoy the music and the sound of wind.

Such a beautiful sunset!

They have snack and water service.

Or you can buy foods from walking street to eat on the cruise. Alcohol drinks also available.

It's only 300 baht/person that is so value for money.

More detail: https://goo.gl/wKisZj

You can reserve the seat through hotel. So easy and convenience!

' Prachuap Walking Street Market '

There are walking streets everywhere in Thailand.

But the highlight of this walking street is food!

Eating here is a delight as there are a range of foods.

Everything is not expensive at all!

You shouldn't eat anything before you go there. lol

Let me walk you there in 1 minute…

' Klong Wan Morning Market '

The stalls are resplendent with fresh meat, vegetables, fruit and foods.

You may see monks wander along the street receiving alms from the residents too.

Everything is so cheap and made me mouth watering. :P

Last bowl of Mackerel Rice Porridge which is only 15 baht.

Local people are so friendly.

They welcomed us with smile. :)

This market closes at 8am. Don't be late!

About 3km from the hotel there is an aquarium

offering a number of impressive displays of marine and freshwater wildlife.

' Waghor Aquarium '

The aquarium is a part of the King Mongkut Memorial Park of Science and Technology at Waghor.

This science park aims to educate people on scientific marine nature and environment.

It was divided into different zones.

And it allows us to get a very close-up experience of this amazing underwater life.

There is a lot of information on each ecosystem displayed.

It's suitable for kids of all ages.

There is a very big tank.

The diver goes into this tunnel in order to feed the fishes 2 times a day.

I'm happy to see their smile. :)

More detail: http://www.waghor.go.th/

If you love the beach, you would love…

' Aow Manao '

Manao beach is actually in the Wing 5, the Prachuap Royal Air Force base.

It's always neat since it was under the supervision of soldiers.

It offers a beautiful beach and mountain scenery with lining up of deckchairs and tables.

More detail: http://www.aomanao.com/index.php

EP.3 What to buy?

Everything here is inexpensive!

Klong Wan is a fishing village. And indeed you should buy dried seafood.

Purchasing great quality dried seafood which has long shelf life can help you save money.


Another thing you should try is Klong Wan Cake.

5 flavors: Vanilla / Coffee / Pandan / orange / butter

Only 35 baht per box!

If you are planning a short trip near Bangkok,

I would recommend you Klong Wan.

I attached Klong Wan city map below.

Thank you for reading, I hope 'Klong Wan' would be your next destination!

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