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Parlour Restaurant and Bar by Scenery is located in the Cristal Design Centre, Building E (The first phase). It is decorated in English Country Style, which is very beautiful and gives a feeling like we are in European Farm. The restaurant has a lot of space with chairs and tables that are matched with the restaurant design. For the outdoor area is sitting near by fountain pool and enjoy fresh breeze. So come with me, you will see what I really mean>>>

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'Crab & Co'
A lot of crab meat dressing with Mayonnaise and eat with bread which are well matched.

'Chicken Pate'
Another well matched is a Tasty Mashed Chicken Liver and Crispy Bread.

'Zapp Salad'
Soft meat with fresh vegetable and seasoning Special Mayonnaise (Thai Style sauce with Mayonnaise) Recommended!!!

'Salmon Abnormal'
Fresh Salmon mix with Mayonnaise and tasty seasoning...Yummy yummy!!!

'Flow's Spirit'
Smell good and taste good...Recommended!!!

Big portion, smell good and very tasty...Another recommended!!!

'River Prawn'
Big fresh prawn dipping with spicy seafood sauce^^

'Chicken Stein'
A portion for 3-4 people with smell of herbs and spices which is very tasty :)

'Parlour's Steak'
Big piece of steak, soft meat, and smell of Truffle from Italy... Tasty ... Yummy ... Recommended (I suggest that you dip with some sea salt to make it more tastier).

'Super Parlour'
Pork Bone Soup... Distinctive on the soup (Recommended)

Smell of Truffle is very distinctive, very tasty and taste of crispy bacon...Recommended!!!

Desserts are not too sweet together with Marriage Frères tea, very well matched.

'Coronita Cocktail'
This big glass is not to strong cocktail, a little bit sweet and sour mix with Corona beer. Recommended!!!

Moreover, there are also others beers, wines and cocktails for you to order to drink with your meals.

This is a very cute restaurant, good atmosphere and good service. Over all for food are great, taste good, smell good and using fresh, clean and good quality ingredients. If you have a chance to visit the restaurant, do not forget to bring your camera. So you can keep beautiful scenery and good atmosphere as you memory.

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Grilled River Prawn size 3 Prawns/Kilogram, normal price 750 baht per Prawn discount to 580 baht.
Parlour's Steak normal price 650 baht discount to 550 baht.
Coronita Cocktail 360 baht per glass discount to 260 baht.
Wine Promotion more than 25% discount.
PARLOUR Tea Set serve 11:00-17:00 of everyday normally 700 baht per set discount to 525 baht.

Restaurant Details:
Parlour by The Scenery
Crystal Design Center, Building E, No. 104, 1420 Praditmanutham Rd., Klong Chan, Bangkapi, Bangkok 10240
Open : 10:00-00:00
Tel. 0-2102-2566 , 0-2102-2599
Facebook : Parlour by the Scenery
Instagram : scenerygroup

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