Hi everyone! I am Tar. I am the one who is taking care of this Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/ReviewPapai/ Today I would like to share something great with all of you, especially those who would like to start writing a travel blog.

I always like to travel, love to take photos, but don't like to work. I just want to travel again and again... To be honest with you, I used to travel like crazy and sometimes I barely have enough money left to spend in my daily life!!! -*- It is always funny to look back at that time. One day I realized that I better create my own travel blog in order to be able to travel for free (maybe make some money sometimes). And today I will share something very simple with you, hence; you can start to write your own travel blog and get a chance to travel for free. There might be a lot of information here but I am telling you that it will be very useful. Traveling for free is actually possible by writing a travel blog, it is not just a dream. hahaha

I will explain mainly in 3 areas as follows.
1. Prize and Point Redemption Program

2. ***Blogger Matching (this one is fun), you can apply to write a review about a resort or hotel (accommodation and meals will be sponsored) *** And please be noted that, to register to write a travel blog with Readme.me or for Blogger Matching Program are free!

3. Totally easy to register, only need to connect with your Facebook

I believe that those who travel like to experience some fun and love to capture the moment into photos in order to keep as a good memory. Today, I would like to introduce you a website where travelers share their travels, interesting attractions, accommodation, and dining experience. It is https://th.readme.me/ where you can also get a chance to travel for free.

Why Readme.me is different from anywhere else?

Readme.me is totally different from any other websites. You can earn points from sharing your travel blogs on Facebook and redeem your points for many attractive gift vouchers here (every like, comment, share will be multiply by 2.5).

1. Let's start with what you can get!

The point will be calculated from both travel blog shared by yourself and by Readme.me : )

You can redeem your point for anything you prefer that are available for the redemption on the website (depend on how many points you have)

There are people wondering if I get gift vouchers for real?

Yes, this is for real. I have redeemed for 3 times already. I get 2 flight tickets from Jetradar (this gift voucher is not available anymore because it was very popular for the redemption, everyone like free stuffs hahaha), movie ticket, and a stay at Z through by the Sign.

This is a general idea of how it works here. You can get something for yourself or even give it to your loved one, or friends.

2. Blogger Matching, this program is completely fun, you can travel for free but only need to write a review later

What is Blogger Matching? Blogger Matching is a program that a resort or hotel seeks for a travel blogger to write a review about their property. The resort or hotel will sponsor for the accommodation and meals (some of them offer a transportation expense as well but some don't, it depends on the agreement).

These are the examples of resorts and hotels that join the program.

Application Requirements

1. Have at least 3 travel blogs on Readme.me (if you don't have, why don't you start now? :) )

2. Write a review about the resort or hotel that you have been chosen with Readme.me as the first website

3. Write a travel blog within one month after you go to that resort or hotel (there is not much condition, this is roughly what I remember)

Will I have a chance to be picked?

Yes, you do. It completely depends on that particular resort or hotel whether they will choose you or not. If you get chosen, you will receive an email from the resort or hotel directly (I have applied for some resorts and hotels as well, I have got both acceptance and rejection).

An example of the email for acceptance (sorry it shows in Thai but you can change the language to English as well.

3. To Register

You can register to write a travel blog now, you only need to go to https://readme.me/ and select "Sign in" on the upper right corner (it will connect with your Facebook account), then select "Create a blog" > fill in all required information and wait for the approval from Readme.me team, and you will be good to go and start writing your very own travel blog.

Have you tried? Do you want to try? Don't be afraid to start! If you never try, you'll never know ... Everyone starts from "zero". Everyone can do, why can't you? Let's try! There is nothing to lose anyway. Once you have made it successful, you will be famous, you will be able to travel for free, you will be able to earn more money. On the other hand, if it is not that successful, all photos and stories will stay with you forever as a good memory and you can say proudly that "This is my travel blog". It will always be your treasure as well, I bet you can't stop smiling when going through your own story (this is exactly what I thought at the end of last year). Who knows? ...One day, you might become a famous travel blogger. : ) Cheer up and start now!

Lastly, I would like to use this opportunity to apologize if there are any mistakes. You might find some of my writing difficult to understand but I really hope that what is written here will be useful one way or another especially to those who want to become a travel blogger.


 Monday, October 31, 2016 9:45 AM