… " Mae Chaem" The raining night embraced with the slowly soft wind… the raining day with the memorial photos of the past… written by Forzanu

Here comes the rain but please do not be worried ♫ and complain about the tolerance Many seeds are pretty much on the ground ♪ they are awaiting for the shining light of the new day in order to generate the beautifully young plants. Many people might have various feeling and emotion

… " Mae Chaem" The raining night embraced with the slowly soft wind… the raining day with the memorial photos

… " Mae Chaem" The raining night embraced with the slowly soft wind… the raining day with the memorial photos of the past…

Here comes the rain but please do not be worried ♫ and complain about the tolerance

Many seeds are pretty much on the ground ♪ they are awaiting for the shining light of the new day in order to generate the beautifully young plants.

Many people might have various feeling and emotion once the rain is falling from the sky... but it will only the song which pops up in my mind during this particular memory. The songs are automatically alternated without spending some time to think about the song relating with rain and it is required to hear the rain only. The song has partially represent the refreshment of rain. However, if we would like to really feel with real touch is to "step forwards to the heavy rain"

I would like to take this opportunity to invite all fans to sit on the time machine backwards to September 2012 or around 2 years ago. The journey started from Bangkok in the afternoon and we arrived Chiang Mai in the late evening. We found the place for resting at Doi Inthanon tonight before continuing our next day.. Our destination was Ampur Mae Jam.

In order to save time, we will start our journey.

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Today is one of the cheerful day and it does not differ from the other days. You are able to feel the refreshment and warmth of the nature which are awaiting for you to discover in a few minutes.

We drive following the actual route to Doi Inthanon till the intersection and turn left to Mae Chaem District. On the way to our destination, we also pass the beautiful place called " Mae Klang Luang" and we alo decide to visit this place.

We park our car and look for the nice the coffee café to indulge and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the early morning. We spend sometimes inside and outside the café for taking the photos while it is raining. It is only me who has carried the camera to collect some beautiful photos of the nature without concerning about the breakfast.

We are able to definitely enjoy the nice view with 360 degrees Panoramic View.

We have seen many new things for each trip. I have ever been to Mae Klang Luang 10 years ago once the rice spike was yellow. But, it is still green for this trip, it somehow creates the beauty differently anyway.

The area is not that wide at Mae Klang Luan, thus I am ale to walk towards all areas to enjoy the spectacular view of the greenery rice field, the fields are neatly arranged on each step. It really makes my day be perfect and refreshing.

The rain is still raining but it is not heavy rain. I use my jacket to cover my camera and find the nice corner to take the photo.

I have taken the photos by covering the camera with my jacket. I continue taking the photos till there is no obstacle of photo taking.

I spend almost 1 hour at Mae Klang Luang, the time flies so fast.

After having a walk, it is time for recharging our energy. We have some breakfast and get some rest before continue driving to Mae Chaem. The beautiful nature along the side is awaiting us to discover.

The rain is heavy and light on the way to Mae Chaem.

The way from Mae Klang Luang to Mae Chaem is a little complicated. For your safety reason, please drive carefully during the rainy season.

To remain the sky as usual and keep the mountains ♫ throughout the sky.

To remain foggy morning ♫ to be touched with the high hill to reflect the shining day ♫.

Below photos are well described the song, the chilliness has gathered together and become the fog, they float till the top of the hill, this creates really spectacular photos beyond expectation.

Both side along the way, I have sometimes to park the car and take the photos. Please be advised to be careful to park the car in some location.

The front hill represents the chilliness from the greenery fields which are covered by little grass and big trees.

Even though, the sky is not absolutely clear but the greenery fields still compensate the refreshment as well as create the surrounding atmosphere being more meaningful.

The white cloud and green hills are the happiness which is easily enhanced by the nature, this is obviously visible by our eyes. But, the happiness is somewhat we can actually keep it in our deep memory of our heart.

If you wish to seek for the delighted love, please do not struggle ♫ please do be afraid of the cheerful rain and do not get stuck in the former thinking ♫

According to above song, it is well described about the lady who is afraid of falling love, she tries to protect herself from loving the man. Eventually, she could not find any soul mate. And this has been picking up as the comparison for this trip that I and my colleagues choose to travel even it is rainy season.

The is rain is just to make you wet but it is not heavy to be flood. It might somehow make your trip inconvenient. However, once the rain stops, it will always make all areas be very beautiful.

We have decreased the level of the mirror to let the cool and fresh air into the car... Meanwhile, we have also slightly reduced the volume of the song that we open all the way to Mae Chaem.

To only maintain the pure voice from the nature.

We continue driving. Even though the view of mountain, hill, sky, fog, wind and rain are not different respectively. But, they never bore us.

On the other hand, this view has fulfilled our heart to be cheerful and happy even more.

Mae Chaem is the small lovely city, the general geography of Mae Chaem is lacuna, it is surrounded by mountains.

The spectacular view not only factor which represent the beauty of Mae Chaem but people life style, culture and infrastructure are also charming. All of them are still sustained since the former time.

The plentiful nature and view have faced out along the way.

It seems like I am watching the television and the pictures have been faced in and faced out all the time. The wind has blown thoroughly our body softly, it makes so fresh once I take the photos. I keep telling myself that today is also a beautiful day.

Once we move backwards to this beautiful photo set, I have ever been to Mae Chaem last year. It was during the yellow field but most of the fields were harvested by the farmers. Only a few fields which were under the process of harvesting.

The photos of those days were surrounded by the yellow field. Even though, the period is different but the happiness still remain for the same.

Dew is kept on the leave ♫ it is slightly disappeared by the sun ray.

To keep the love, to remain it there ♫ to leave in the middle of the heart.

I have stepped in various areas as well as carried my favorite camera with me. Meanwhile, my eyes have always indicated and satisfied on the area. My heart will be as an indicator to measure how much happiness I actually receive.

Once we reach Mae Chaem, we find out that there are many routing which we are able follow to various attractions. Some routing lead to Mae Hong Sorn Province.

There are various accommodations with reasonable price. Even though, the new accommodation are built to serve for tourists but there are not as much as the ones in popular tourist attractions where only focus on commercial purpose. But, Mae Chaem still sustains and preserves the nature well.

The tourists do not generally travel in rainy season due to many factors such as uncomfortable accessibility, cloudy sky etc.

However, we choose to travel in Mae Chaem because the accessibility is very convenient as the route is completely flat without roughness. It will be only a route at the stepped rice field during rainy season where you need to be careful while driving.

On the way, I visit the grocery to buy my favorite drink and have a sip while driving. I decrease the level of mirror to find the nice position to park the car safely. Then, I take some photos before continue driving.

I have repeated doing the same for many times but it never bores me.

I am really happy and enjoyable with purely fresh air.

My colleagues who join this trip, they have done activities differently. One brings mobile phone with the camera to take the photo. And another one just stands still to enjoy seeing the nature. Till now, we realize that the happiness depends on the satisfaction of that particular person.

It is still raining even the sky is a bit clearer. But, I can feel some rain drop to touch with my skin.

... Stream... Stream still flows ♫ Wind .... Wind still blows

.... Rain.. it is still falling, blowing.....♪ it gets wet every way.

.... Stream ... Wind id love ... ♫ it is passed through the rain, it will be always beside the person heart

... For love...fulfill .... Refresh ♪

We have spent times on driving from the morning till the afternoon.

The journey performs slowly, it is compared as the clock pointers which work consistently. It might stops sometimes once it is tired but it continues afterwards.

.... The cloud is also elegant against the stream where flows along the city ♫ Wind flows through the hills.
... To travel upon desire and routing ♪ there is no any happiness that I could ask for

... To be so confident but we are elegant in ourselves ♫ we have mountains as our accompanies so why we need to fear.

Big mountains and small hills are overlapped, it really creates the warmth for our eyes. We really feel the nature elegance.

So, this is time to change the mode of mountain view to the green field in non wide areas.

The sky starts being clear at this moment.

Before we will start and turn the 4 wheels of Ford Everest to the new routing and enjoy the atmosphere.

For me, I always think that I would like to do something to compensate the nature... The nature always provides us the good benefit, it is the present from the nature.

Likewise this time, the sky starts opening, it makes us see the blue sky again. As we remember, we have not seen it since this morning.

Even though, it is not the elegant sky or outstanding cloud.

... Once the sun sometimes shines towards the field, this really make us delighted.

Which one do you prefer between the drought or humidity ♪ wealth or poverty which one of those do you prefer.

Many people know the importance of nature conservation but they have not taken it into the action. For instance, people buy 2 pieces of product, some of those have requested for the plastic bag to contain the product. This is an example to well illustrate about the people notice but they still ignore to preserve the nature properly. The ignorance will harm nature little by little.

I never forget the moment when the sky is opened clearly.

Even, it is the short period of time around 20 minutes before the clear sky will disappear. It is bit funny when we recall situation of clear sky on that day but it is useless to search for the answer because we have utmost spent time over there worthy.

Even this is not hard journey and adventure. Our bodies are not much dirt but our cloths are wet due to the rain.

... From the long duration of journey, the day has passed ♪ the picture is still remained in my memory.

... It passes so fast like the dream, the picture of the past is never out ♪ it is always in our mind.

The mountains are the origin of many important streams which are beneficial for local people of Mae Chaem and tourists.

The complement of nature has its own life cycle... there will be only 2 things never come back which are " Time and Tide" they will leave only the memory.

... To keep it for you and to let you praise for it ♪ to know its beauty, it is beautiful more than I can say ♫

... To let you see this together ♪ to share the beauty inside the heart

...To give you.. and it is only you ♫

It might be useless if we discover for the beauty and complement of the nature without attentive caring.

On the other hand, if we have our big heart to attentively concern to conserve the nature. It is no matter elsewhere you visit, the complement of that place is still sustained and awaited for the discovery.

...The world is beautiful with love ♪ it is necessary for us to continue conserving.

...Please do no let the nature to be destroyed ♫ we still need to survive on the world as long as possible

This journey is one of our happy which we extremely satisfy. If we compare this trip as a meal, it can refer to the simple dish where you are able to enjoy it slowly till you are full. Once fullness has been appeared, thus it is time to seek for the new dish to refill happiness as well as compensate the losing energy. Please stay tune for our next album.

To close the journey of traveling to Mae Chaem, it started from 2012 till 2014, all pictures are kept in the beautiful memory. We are extremely curious to return back to this small city " Me Chaem"

Thank you for 6 trip joiners, it is such a beautiful journey.

Las but not least, we would like to thank for all fans who come to view this photo album... please take care the nature.

…Story : Photo / Forzanu