What do people normally do…when in Pattaya?

I generally go to Pattaya to relax in a hotel and find a nice cafe to chill in most of the time.

That's why... I find Pattaya a little boring sometimes.

However, I will take you to have some good fun there today with some exciting activities.

This good fun will fade... your stress from work away.

And if you wonder what I would do in Pattaya this time, let's go and find out together now!

I rent a car through the service of AVIS once again. AVIS is actually the car rental service provider that I use the most up to now.

The rental fee is very stable and from my experience, I never have to pay over 1,000 THB. Therefore, I don't have to wait for the promotion. I can reserve and get a car right away.

I always choose Toyota Vios if available because it is in a good size, easy to drive and have it parked, and consumes less petrol than others.

I rent a car from Don Mueang International Airport this time. The service counter is at the arrival hall of Terminal 2. It is very easy to spot.

For more information for car rental service: http://www.avisthailand.com/TH/



This is the car that will take us to Pattaya on this trip. I have got to tell you that we are very lucky to get a very new car this time.

The staff told us that it just came in for not even two months with the driving record less than 6,000 kilometers.

It is over 100 kilometers to get to Pattaya from Bangkok, about 2 hours by car.

We drive there with no hurry ... I bet this is one main reason why Pattaya always comes up as the first choice when we don't know where to go.

Let's reveal what we would do in Pattaya this time!



We are going for the unseen Pattaya tour. We will fly on the parachute over

the sea, enjoy the view, ride a Jet Ski, take a banana boat ride, and walk under the sea.

It sounds fun already, doesn't it? I book the tour through mamybooking.com

And we choose this program https://www.mamybooking.com/th/tours/unseen-pattaya/

This tour is 2,100 THB.

This tour in Pattaya is a great choice when you would like to release your stress and,

You don't want to plan far ahead in advance and don't want to spend a lot of money.

It can even be considered as the better choice than going to the South.

Go and watch the video clip and you will see how much fun it is!


We need to take the speedboat at 9 AM from Central Pattaya Beach Soi 11.

We deposit our car in the middle of Soi 12 where there is a 24-hour parking service for 50 THB per car.

We have arrived at the meeting point a bit early and we don't hesitate to register for the tour right away.

I am wondered who else would join the tour today ... or maybe none.

Pattaya sea might be for watching only but not for having fun in it.

Guess what! …. So many people show up when the meeting time comes.

Where are they from???????

Then the tour guide starts to give the introduction of the tour program before let us board into the boat.

We bought the package so we can do all activities on the trip.

However, it might be slightly different for foreigners. Don't be confused!

And if you didn't buy an all-inclusive package like us,

You need to pay for the trip before boarding and need to pay extra at the specific location of the activity you want to do, no matter if you are Thai or not.

I have checked for the price and have found that our all-inclusive package is a better deal and we can do all activities.

There are many boats picking us up and people start to board into the boat now.

Our boat is huge. It can accommodate up to 39 people.

People on this tour today are mainly Indian. There are some Chinese and Westerners as well.

The first activity of today is flying on the parachute over the sea.

We choose to use GoPro Hero 5 Black camera on this trip because it is perfect for today's extreme activities. It is also good in recording a video.

The speedboat takes us to the floating pier in the middle of the sea which is about 5-minute far from the shore.

Once here, you will be given one coupon per person.

If you don't have it, you can ask the tour guide for one right away.

Then you need to present yourself before the activity gets started.

The photo below shows the time that staff working on the symbol.

This symbol written on the wrist will identify who can get wet and who prefer not to ...

The staff will also help you out with the life vest for safety.

And this is the first time for Ton and me to fly on the parachute over the sea.

If you ask me whether there is this activity in Phuket or not, my answer is yes but it is very expensive.

I feel totally excited before my turn. Doing thing for the very first time always gets your adrenaline pumping.

I completely forget about my work and the face of my loaner. hahaha

The most exciting part is actually when we need to queue up.

And I have ended up not knowing ... when I take off.

What! I am already up in the sky ... then I start to forget the world behind.

The view from up here is amazing so I keep taking photos continuously and forget about the excitement.

I feel excited once again when the parachute is going down into the water. I get wet a little bit but Ton gets wet the whole body.

I am not sure whether they can drop me directly at the landing point or not and that makes me very excited.

But everything ends up the way it should be.

Once landed … I can't walk straight.

Everyone has done this activity.

So now we will move on to the next one.

It is about 20 minutes (if I am not mistaken) to get to Ko Sak.

Ko Sak is where the highlight activity of the tour today is hidden.

That highlight activity is a Sea Walk.

A sea walk is to walk under the sea at about 4 - 8 meters depth.

And yes, it is our first time doing this .... I am not excited but I am scared.

The speedboat drops us off at this ferry where we need to queue up and learn about all safety instructions.

We need to learn how to use the equipment correctly and learn how to take care of ourselves while down there.

The baskets as you can see in the photo below are where you store your belongings that you will bring along into the sea and no need to be worried that your stuffs will get lost.

But please don't bring your valuable items into the sea!

You will be trained how to cope with the tinnitus under the water right before going down.

You will also be trained how to communicate with the professional divers who will take care of you down there.

And you will be asked not to step on and touch the corals.

Ton is now ready and I guess he must be very excited.

We have finally made it down here and it is very deep, about 8 meters from above.

We look excited, don't we?

There are quite a lot of fishes down here. Apart from the fishes is me who still look excited a little bit. Well, I guess I need more time to get used to everything.

Once I feel comfortable, I start to look here and there and have some fun.

Moreover, we need to hold hands of each other and walk in a row at all times when down here.

There are also 3 professional divers who look after us.

We stay not long before going back up.

There are many people who come down and go back up first because they are scared.

However, if you can overcome your fear, you will enjoy it very much.

I am back up on the ferry... and luckily that I don't feel dizzy nor have tinnitus.

The staff let us rest for a bit before moving on to the next destination.

We are going to Tawaen Beach on Koh Larn.

We have arrived at Koh Larn and will find our favorite spot right away.

The tour company has already prepared the zone for our seats. Here, we will take a banana boat ride and ride a Jet Ski.

We will have lunch here as well.

There are Fried Rice, Stir-Fried Vegetable, Clear Soup, etc on Koh Larn.

If you want to have lunch before doing the activities, you need to inform the tour guide because he can manage the program effectively.

Most of the people have different program from ours.

Our program is pretty flexible.

And we choose to eat first so we have energy to scream later.

I am very hungry and forget to take photos of the food though.

Our third activity of today is to take a banana boat ride.

I won't say that this activity is exciting because I have done this quite often.

But the fun is up to the driver and if you are ready, let's go!

Then we continue with the Jet Ski ride right away.

It is my first time but I think it won't be much fun because we will just sit behind the driver.

Guess what! It is not what I understand ….

I have a chance to drive it myself and I have got to tell you that it is so much fun especially with big waves.

I was a bit nervous at the beginning but once I get used to it, I go like crazy. Ton almost falls off the Jet Ski.

We are done with all activities so we will rest on the beach. One thing I would like to recommend is that you should bring some clothes along so you can take a shower and dress up here straight away.

There won't be any shower rooms back on Pattaya Beach.

We are hungry and we think Grilled Chicken would be the best choice at this very moment.

It is 30 THB per skewer but taste so good.

…. This chicken skewer is 30 THB so you need to eat it up, the bone is no exception.

And it is time to go back. Goodbye Koh Larn!

We are back on Pattaya Beach and we are going to drive to find a cafe where we can have some coffee and enjoy the view before going to our hotel.

I guess many of you familiar with this place, right?

This cafe is called "Coffee Break" located on the hill of Khao Phra Tamnak.

The cafe offers such an amazing panoramic view of Pattaya Beach.

The drinks here taste average. The price is not expensive either, about 60 THB for a drink (if I am not mistaken).

But trust me! The view makes the drink taste better.

Last but not least, this short Unseen Pattaya trip ends here.

I am sure that many of you have been to Pattaya but haven't done these fun activities before.

And I have got to say that, it is a pity ......

Life if too short ... so live it


If you are interested in an exciting fun trip like this, click here


There are many more programs available as well.

You can pay by your credit card or even PayPal.

What I like the most would be that you are able to pay by installments with no interest when you hold a credit card with Kasikornbank.

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